Chapter 124-1: Rose’s choice

The pattering autumn rain softly landed on the swimming pool in the courtyard, causing ripples after ripples to appear on the surface.

Two large banana trees swayed along with the wind. The broad leaves blocked away the already dim light, causing shadows to form on the floor behind the glass door.

In the early morning, Rose’s room seemed chilly and quiet. The antique-style bedside lamp had been on the entire night. Because it was a cloudy day, the lamp felt just as bright as it was during the night.

Yang Chen who had been changed into a bluish-white linen pajamas laid on the bed with his eyes closed. Although his breathing was faint and stable, his thick brows were still knit together.

The coffee colored bed sheets, which looked like a large piece of chocolate, was incredibly creased. It seemed to tell the story of the man in bed doing many intense body movements last night.

At this time, the room’s door was quietly opened by Rose who had a bowl of congee and a dish of roasted garlic. She had already changed into a milky-white silk nightgown. Her beautiful face was filled with sorrow and worry, and she quietly walked over to Yang Chen’s bedside and put down the food. She then leaned over to pull up the blanket for Yang Chen.

At the bedside, Rose looked at the deeply asleep man with complicated emotions. She hadn’t slept the entire night. She brought Yang Chen here after getting him a check-up at the hospital and called in a private doctor to treat him. When it was concluded that Yang Chen was in a stable condition and in no danger, Rose went to settle the matters regarding the banquet.

After speedily making decisions on a series of plans which would decide the fate of West Union Society, Rose rushed back home to personally take care of Yang Chen till this morning.

This man completely blew her mind yet again, but at the same time, she felt the wide gap between them!

Rose didn’t like this feeling, she had many doubts which she needed Yang Chen to wake up to answer.

While Rose was going through these complicated thoughts. Yang Chen who was originally asleep, drowsily opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

Rose was sharp enough to notice this. She was immediately filled with joy and grabbed hold of Yang Chen’s hand with force, “Hubby, you’re awake?”

“What’s time is it now?” Yang Chen dully smiled, sending her a consoling gaze.

“It’s early, just seven in the morning, don’t you want to sleep more?” Looking at Yang Chen’s pale face, Rose felt bitter inside, but she forced a smile, “You nearly frightened me to death because you suddenly turned so strange, I haven’t slept for a whole night!”

Yang Chen supported himself up with both hands, then kissed Rose on the cheek, “I’m fine now. What happened after I fainted last night?”

Rose tactfully understood that Yang Chen had no intention of explaining himself to her so she cleverly kept herself from inquiring about it. Gathering her thoughts, she answered, “Yesterday I brought you to the hospital, after a simple checkup, the doctor said there was nothing wrong. You were just having a high heartbeat rate, seemingly very adrenalised. After giving you a tranquilizer shot, you became a lot quieter. Afterwards, I brought you back here, and called for my private doctor and had him give you some soothing medicine. Because of this, you’ve slept till now.”

“Is that so…… I forgot it all.” Yang Chen rubbed his head with a forced smile. The fact was that he only remembered one thing, the acute pain in his head that made it feel like it would explode.

He thought that with a year of training, and another half year of leisurely days, even if he was forced to make a move for real and kill tens of people, he wouldn’t find it as hard to control as in the past. However, he didn’t expect that his old ailments didn’t turn any better.

Fortunately, following the constant improvement of that strange martial arts of his, he was able to forcefully contain that terrifying berserk state. This made it possible for him to call for Rose to knock him out, otherwise……

Yang Chen was a little fearful. It seems like he got lucky and that in the future he would have to maintain a relaxed state for his nerves and heart. He couldn’t be allowed to get too tired. Otherwise, if he lost control of his state of mind, or if he couldn’t bring it under control it in time, it would be impossible to make amends when he makes big mistakes.

Rose continued to say, “As for the banquet hall, only Situ Mingze and four bodyguards are alive. I’ve already locked Situ Mingze up. West Union Society has now turned into a big mess, due to the fact that practically all of the important people have been killed by you. I’ve already had my subordinates cooperate with Zhang Hu deal with West Union Society’s forces. There will be many matters to deal with in the next few days, but very soon there won’t be the name ‘West Union Society’ in the west region anymore. By the way, something funny happened, the old fox Zhou Guangnian actually took the initiative to give me a call after receiving news of what happened, and even wanted us to live in harmony.

Yang Chen nodded, and asked, “How do you plan on dealing with Situ Mingze?”

A glint appeared in Rose’s eyes, but she hesitated for a while, then sighed and said, “I don’t know, my current plan is to send him to a small country in Europe, give him some money, and let him live a life of a retiree.”

“You’re not going to kill him?” Yang Chen was rather surprised. From his point of view, Rose had the potential to be a steel-blooded underworld empress.

Rose looked at Yang Chen with complex emotions, “If it was in the past, I’ll definitely kill him. But now, because of you, I feel like I cannot kill him.”

“Why?” Yang Chen found himself not intelligent enough to understand.

With a distressed smile, Rose said, “Actually, there’s one line he spoke which was right, whether he’s a human or beast, the blood in my body comes from him and this fact can never be changed. He’s my father. Even though I hate him and look down upon him, he and my mother are indeed the ones who brought me into this world. Without him, I wouldn’t exist. I think that regardless of whatever the reason, a daughter killing her own father is an unforgivable mistake…….”

“Just like……” Rose fixed her gaze at Yang Chen, and said, “Just like, if we have a child in the future, I honestly can’t imagine how the child can kill his you, his father……. Even as a mother, even if I’m already dead by then, I will still be feeling heart-broken in the other side.”

Yang Chen blankly stared back, then wore a disapproving smile as he said, “These don’t seem like they can be compared. How could I possibly be like Situ Mingze? I won’t let my children hate me, or think about killing me.”

“Situ Mingze also didn’t intend for me to hate him and wish to kill him in the beginning.” Rose grudgingly said.

Speechless, Yang Chen pondered for a moment, then said, “Up to you then, it’s fine as long as you do what you think is right. I’ll always support you.”

Rose quietly smiled and gave Yang Chen a moist kiss, then used her fragrant little tongue to slide on his face. Her limpid eyes were full of affection, “Hubby, thank you, thank you for giving me everything.”

“There’s nothing to thank me over, I’m just doing things I like.” Yang Chen spoke in a touching manner.

“I’ve decided to tell you a secret.” Rose suddenly made up her mind about something important, “I originally intended to keep this a secret my entire life, but now I feel that if I keep this a secret, it’ll be irresponsible to our relationship.

Yang Chen creased his brows, maintaining his silence.

Rose took a deep breath, then said, “Actually, the reason I left Situ Mingze and took this path wasn’t just because I hated him and the things he do, there’s another reason.” Copyright 2016 - 2023