Chapter 123-2: Scarlet

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It wasn’t just the people of the West Union Society, even Rose and the others who stood behind Yang Chen felt the same abnormal bone-chilling cold, as if the Yang Chen who stood in front of them had become the eye of the storm. With him as the center, a formless murky atmosphere enveloped the entire hall. The words “deathly air” was truly the most suitable description of this situation!

Many of the underworld underbosses present felt like they were stuck under a horse on an ancient battlefield, with their heads bleeding, and their disemboweled horse which had had its legs broken, like they were stuck in a heap of corpses covered in viscous blood in the wilderness.

This may seem rather preposterous, but many of them swallowed their saliva with difficulty, with their thoughts filled with cruel scenes like this!

Rose, who was the most familiar with Yang Chen here, was terrified for a moment, then felt her heart ache for some reason. As she looked at the back of the man who seemed to be engulfed in darkness, Rose felt like her heart was being sliced open with a knife. All kinds of ruthlessness, harshness, darkness, and savagery flowed into her heart. She felt like her heart was about to stop beating, and that it was hard to breathe. She even felt herself being transported to a desolate wasteland, to an extreme place that chilled her bones, and she unable to feel a single bit of warmth.

Is this how he feels?

Rose’s eyes were immediately filled with tears.

Everyone else present didn’t feel like Rose, they just found this place so unfamiliar, all because of the horrifying aura of this man here which made them feel numb and stiff. Despite knowing that this was something like an illusion, they found it difficult to break away from these intangible bindings!

In this moment, everybody’s breathing had turned into a heavy burden, the spiritual oppression they felt was like a stampede of beasts, swallowing their morale!

Situ Mingze’s eyes were wide open and filled with red lines. As he stood face to face with Yang Chen, he was able to feel the emptiness in Yang Chen’s eyes the most clearly, this type of emptiness made Situ Mingze feel weak.

The man in front of him simply wasn’t a human. Standing in front of him, Situ Mingze felt like an ant!

Even if an ant picks up weapons and groups up, they can’t contend against a single stomp from a human being’s foot!

Situ Mingze, whose breathing hurried, wanted to shout, to find out who this absolutely perverted fellow was! But he simply couldn’t muster up the strength and courage to!

For the first time in his life, Situ Mingze was so scared that he wanted to cry!

But it was right at that moment that Yang Chen moved.

Yang Chen’s movements were dexterous, they weren’t quick or slow. The ten step distance between him and Situ Mingze was covered in three seconds.

After the emotionless scarlet pupils exchanged gazes with Situ Mingze, Yang Chen reached out an arm to chop at the back of Situ Mingze’s neck.

Situ Mingze widened his eyes, he seemingly forgot to resist. After being hit, his eyes closed and he promptly fainted onto the ground!

At this point, it was as if everyone from the West Union Society had received a cardiac stimulant injection, they finally felt the danger in front of their eyes, and began to raise their guns to take aim at Yang Chen in a flurry!

But when everybody was about to instinctively attack Yang Chen, Yang Chen’s speed completely changed, it was a world different from before!

It was practically an afterimage, the two bodyguards who held Zhang Hu down were knocked flying by Yang Chen’s two palms. Then the next closest people, the fatty underboss and his subordinates were also knocked flying by Yang Chen’s roundhouse kick!

*Bam bam*

Knocking sounds against the pillars of the hall hadn’t finished echoing before Yang Chen appeared in the middle of the next batch of people!

Yang Chen’s knifehand strikes were like a sword, when they fell on the heads of two bodyguards, it actually cut into them like a hot knife through butter!

The flesh and blood which flew in all directions made these underworld members feel nauseous!

But Yang Chen wasn’t affected at all, his arms and legs danced around the crowd, every move of his came along with streaks of blood and unending shrieks!

The bodyguards who were so reliant on their guns simply couldn’t decide what to do when their guns couldn’t aim at the target, yet when their only chance to take aim at Yang Chen appears, what greets them are Yang Chen’s unstoppable limbs slamming at their body!

Little Zhao who held onto Yang Chen’s clothes finally understood why Yang Chen took off these clothes, because when he realized what all that flying red color thing is, he was so disgusted that he felt like puking!

Chen Rong was in a worse state, smelling the scent of blood in the air, the young lady fainted.

Even Rose, who reacted the least had to resist with great difficulty. In the end, she closed her eyes, unwilling to continue watching.

When the last six West Union Society members trembled in fear as they faced Yang Chen who walked over, there was finally someone who thought of a way to save themselves. With shaking hands, he raised the gun to take aim at Rose and the other two who could be aimed at!

But he still underestimated Yang Chen’s current speed, before he managed to raise his hand completely, Yang Chen’s knifehand strike had already landed on his arm!


The crisp sound of bones breaking was exceptionally clear, when the man was conscious of the pain, that gun that he held fell onto the ground, along with his arm!

The last five didn’t wait for Yang Chen to make his next move, and had directly lost consciousness from the shock of this frightful event……

This scene was frozen in everyone’s minds who were watching.

In the large hall, the lights remained a bright as ever, but the clean floor was now a site of a massacre, limbs were disorderly strewn around, dark red blood flowed, all kinds of tragic unresigned faces…… The one who made all this happen, was just the lone figure who stood in the center of the hall.

Zhang Hu who was lying on the ground was the only spectator who watched it all, he didn’t get up, because his legs were already limp like there weren’t any bones in them……

Rose who kept her eyes closed didn’t hear any more clattering from her surroundings, so she carefully opened her eyes. With her beautiful eyes, Rose saw the man who remained standing, and the men who laid on the ground!

He won?

He won!

Against over forty gunmen, in a space of just dozens of square meters, this man used the time equivalent to several breaths to take down all of the enemies!

Rose wasn’t in a state to care about the miserable state around her, because her first notion was to rush over and give Yang Chen a passionate hug!

Dragging her long skirt with her, Rose didn’t pay heed to the blood on the ground, she rushed to Yang Chen’s back, and forcefully hugged Yang Chen’s waist, crying tears of joy.

“Hubby, you really did it……” Having survived this calamity, Rose didn’t care about her image as an underworld boss, she just wanted to hug her man and cry happily.

But Yang Chen didn’t turn back, he remained standing where he was. However, his body began to tremble……

Rose noticed Yang Chen’s peculiarity, she nervously walked in front of Yang Chen. Looking at Yang Chen’s face, she was so shocked that her face paled!

Yang Chen’s scarlet pupils had already returned to its normal color, but his gaze was dull and lifeless. His face was ashen, and he looked sick. Sweat constantly dripped down Yang Chen’s forehead, his lips were like so pale that they were like white paper.

Yang Chen’s body looked like one which had just stepped out of the swimming pool, he was totally soaked in sweat, and he trembled more and more intensely! Shivering!

“Hubby…… you…… what happened to you!?” Rose was more afraid than when she was surrounded by guns earlier, she couldn’t imagine how life would be like without Yang Chen, but this wasn’t the time to think of such things, she couldn’t watch Yang Chen go on like this!

“Hubby speak, please speak! What happened to you!? How can I help you!?” Rose wailed her heart out, constantly swaying Yang Chen’s arm.

Little Zhao and Zhang Hu also returned to their senses. Although the scene in front of their eyes made their legs feel soft, they were more worried as to what happened to Yang Chen!

Yang Chen finally recovered his consciousness a little as Rose kept swaying him, the veins on his forehead surface, as if he was forcefully enduring severe and unimaginable pain. With a hoarse voice, he intermittently said, “Knock…… Knock…… Knock me…… out……”

Rose was stunned hearing such an answer, she hesitated.

“Hurry……” Yang Chen painfully roared, his eyes rolled up, and his body was close to twitching.

Rose couldn’t bear watching Yang Chen continue like this, she clenched her teeth and steeled her heart, mustered her strength and chopped at the back of Yang Chen’s neck!

But the toughness of Yang Chen’s body was way beyond how Rose had imagined it would be, despite the fact that Yang Chen intentionally lowered his guard and requested to be hit, Rose’s full force strike was still unable to knock Yang Chen unconscious!

Clenching her teeth, Rose quickly yelled at Zhang Hu, “Zhang Hu, use all your strength to knock Yang Chen out, quick!!”

Zhang Hu’s face paled from fright, but knowing that the situation was dire, he could only muster all his courage and smack the back of Yang Chen’s neck with all his strength!

Yang Chen’s body was directly knocked into Rose’s embrace, after a snort, he finally fainted!

“Yang…… What happened to Yang-ge?” Little Zhao stuttered as he nervously asked.

Rose saw that although Yang Chen was unconscious, his facial expression remained unsightly. Knowing that he was still in a lot of pain, she didn’t dare waste anymore time, she quickly commanded Little Zhao, “You and Zhang Hu deal with the aftermath here, I must immediately bring Yang Chen for medical treatment, don’t bother me no matter what pressing matter you have for now!”

After she said that, without a care for Zhang Hu and Little Zhao’s reaction, Rose carried Yang Chen and ran out of the hall…… Copyright 2016 - 2023