Chapter 120: Chanel

“Is that so?” Rose revealed an expression of understanding, then purposefully asked, “Does that mean that you’ve already retired from the underworld, and washed your hands off from those unlawful acts, Mr. Zhou Guangnian?”

Zhou Guangnian grinned, “These words are a little strange, this Zhou has never done such things. I’ve always been doing honest and careful work, sweating it out with my fellow brothers in Dongxing. This was how the Dongxing Corporation of today was established, Miss Rose may have heard some biased reports.”

If a lowly hoodlum says that he didn’t steal a wallet, the people in their surroundings would look at him with disdain; because this type of hoodlum wasn’t skillful in lying.

But it’s a different story if it was an experienced godfather like Zhou Guangnian who had used cruel and underhanded means to unite the east region’s underworld. If he says his career and deeds were all a lie, he’d seem very honest! The people in the surrounding wouldn’t hold him in contempt for being thick-skinned; because, to say such shameless words showed that he didn’t give a damn about face!

Rose was finally understood just what kind of person this old fogey who had many legends about him actually was. A person who is shameless is unrivalled, these words held true.

“Seems like Rose has offended Mr. Zhou, I wonder why Mr. Zhou is giving our west region the honor in having you participate in this banquet?” Rose asked. If it wasn’t because of the Zhou family’s father and son, she wouldn’t have needed to bother about this invitation from Situ Mingze.

Situ Mingze interrupted their conversation, “Rose, you may not know of this, but Mr. Zhou’s only son, Zhou Dongcheng is the same age as you.”

Rose creased her brows, “Is there anything noteworthy about this?”

Situ Mingze looked around at the crowd, then said, “You’re not a child, as your father, I’ve never taken good care of you ever since the death of your mother. I want to arrange a good family for you to marry into. Luckily, Mr. Zhou had the same idea, so we’re taking advantage of this banquet to introduce the two of you to one another.”

Situ Mingze spoke in a very clear voice, many of the guests around them had heard what was said, and finally understood today’s purpose. Once they found out, they all revealed faces of sudden understanding, as they put on an act by praising this idea.

But the person in question’s expression was totally different. A chill flashed in Rose’s eyes as a disdainful smile surfaced on her lips.

On the other hand, Situ Mingze and Zhou Guangnian both bore amiable smiles, as if they were seniors who were awaiting the wedding of their son and daughter to become a family through their marriage.

This scheme is so evil. Yang Chen who stood behind Rose secretly shook his head and sighed. Situ Mingze’s motive couldn’t be more obvious. If they fought head on against the Red Thorns Society, they would incur great losses, so why not take drastic action by directly allying with Dongxing to force Rose into marrying Zhou Dongcheng?

In this way, it would mean that when the alliance of Dongxing and West Union Society breaks Red Thorns Society down, Rose wouldn’t be able to any resistance, otherwise, she would suffer a pincer attack. No matter how much she wanted to help her brothers, Rose would still have no choice but to suffer in silence.

As far as Rose and Dongxing combining forces with West Union Society went, that would never happen. Without even mentioning the high success rate if Dongxing joined forces with West Union Society, it was impossible for Situ Mingze to give up on the West Union Society. Things would definitely boil down to the death of either of them. This old fox Zhou Guangnian had definitely weighed the pros and cons, since he could receive great benefits from allying with Situ Mingze, and might even receive a huge territory from West Union Society without any losses, why would he let go of this freebie to help a sprouting brat like Rose!?

Schemers wouldn’t hate schemers, only because it’s the safest if both sides were schemers. An alliance where both sides are on guard at all times is a stable alliance.

If it was a few years ago, when the west region only had the West Union Society, Zhou Guangnian definitely wouldn’t have the thought of sticking his hand into the west region. He’d peacefully stay as the overlord of the east region. If they excessively show off their abilities, they’d be beaten down for standing out. But now that the east and the west were clearly demarcated into two separate regions, as the overlord of the east, if he doesn’t take this opportunity to take a bite of the large cake called the west region, then his whole life as an ambitious character would be for naught.

“Miss Rose may not understand my child, my family’s Dongcheng has a warm character, all the ladies who have met him have liked him. I believe that if Miss Rose got along with him, then the marriage will happen in a matter of time.” Zhou Guangnian gave a small advertisement of his son.

“You think we’ll believe whatever you say? Maybe your son doesn’t like women……”

“Who!?” Immediately shouted Zhou Guangnian with a black face.

Yang Chen raised his hand from the back, then walked up with a harmless smile, “Mr. Zhou, you’ve said such pleasant things about your son, but why haven’t you brought him here for us to see?”

Zhou Guangnian squinted his eyes, making it look like he was shooting lightning at Yang Chen, “What’s your name, little friend?”

“His name is Yang Chen, he’s a subordinate of my daughter.” Situ Mingze took the initiative to explain with a smile, then he said to Rose, “My daughter, your subordinate’s words aren’t very pleasing to the ear. Shouldn’t you discipline him properly? If you can’t bear to do it, Daddy can do it for you.”

“That’s not necessary.” Rose held onto Yang Chen’s elbow and stuck her body to it. She revealed a happy smile, “Yang Chen is my lover, not my subordinate. As for your ‘kind intentions’ of marrying me to another family, you can forget about it.”

Yang Chen forced a smile. He initially planned to keep his relationship with Rose a secret, but who knew that the opposite party would present an arranged marriage? They even angered Rose. Under this circumstance, their close relationship had been exposed, and his efforts in sneaking into this place was now wasted.

The surrounding guests were all stunned, they didn’t expect this unimpressive man to be Rose’s lover. Seeing this breathtaking beauty leaning into this man’s embrace like a servile sheep made every man tighten their grip on their wine glasses. They imagined the glass as Yang Chen and were trying to break the glass by pinching it!

Yang Chen caressed Rose’s exquisite face, then lightly kissed her forehead. Next, he turned around to look at Zhou Guangnian who bore a hateful gaze, “Hey, you made your son sound so great, why isn’t he here yet? It can’t be that he has washed up and gone to sleep now, right?”

Zhou Guangnian coldly glanced at Situ Mingze beside him, “President Situ, what’s the matter with this youngster?”

“Rest assured, Mr. Zhou, there’s just something wrong with his mind. I’ll have my people throw him out and send him to the mental hospital. Let’s continue discussing the matter regarding our children…….” Situ Mingze smiled and replied like a patient gentleman.

But right when Situ Mingze was about to make the order, a figure appeared from the banquet hall’s red carpet staircase, and shouted, “You’re not allowed to treat my Yang Chen rudely!”

If this voice belonged to a woman, then it would seem rather coarse, yet if it belonged to a man, then it would seem too subtle……

Everybody turned to look at the staircase at the same time. Seeing the person who walked down, they were all dumbstruck. Even Yang Chen who had prepared mentally widened his eyes till they seemed like they could fall off.

What appeared was a “woman” wearing a pink shoulderless evening dress and blue high-heeled shoes walking down the staircase. The woman’s hair was blonde like european royalty, it was arranged like a princess’ hairstyle, and she wore a princess crown with diamonds embedded. She gave off a feeling similar to Audrey Hepburn.

An exquisite oval face with light makeup,rosy lipstick, fake eyelashes, and western smoky-effect eye makeup which made her large eyes capable of enrapturing souls. On her earlobes hung a pair of crescent shaped earrings, while on the exposed part of her chest lay a pearl necklace. The lacy upper half of the dress wrapped around her pair of tottering snowy-peaks, while below the tight waist was a fluffy white muslin skirt.

With every step, the “woman” would sway her body like a snake as she maintained a bashful yet confident smile walking towards the center of the crowd to stop in front of Yang Chen.

“Yang Chen, I put in a lot of effort to dress up for you today, am I pretty?”

Yang Chen swore to heaven that he found this “woman” very pretty, but he found it difficult to put those words out, because this person in front of him was Zhou Dongcheng!!!

What the hell! Why didn’t this fellow dress up as something else, why dress up as a woman! He even ended up looking like a princess from a western fairy tale. He’s already incredibly good looking as a man, yet he’s able to pull off being a pretty woman!

After struggling inside for a long while, Yang Chen sighed, then forced a smile and said, “Pretty, you’re very pretty.”

Zhou Dongcheng sweetly smiled, then clapped like a maiden, “I’m so glad, my efforts have received your praise!”

At this time, Zhou Guangnian who had been angered to the point of trembling finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, he yelled, “Bastard!! What are you doing! Quickly take off these disgusting clothes!!”

Situ Mingze who stood beside him had a queer expression as well, the way this situation developed had been beyond his expectations.

“Dear father.” Zhou Dongcheng’s voice instantly turned chilly, his charming eyes glanced at Zhou Guangnian, “You’ve aged, and have become unable to evaluate beauty, don’t you find that your daughter, I am so pretty? Even Yang Chen has praised me.”


The people present finally returned to their senses, several of them had previously heard that Zhou Guangnian’s son, Zhou Dongcheng had problems with his sexual orientation, but they never thought that the problem would be this severe. For him to appear in public dressed up as a woman, and even address himself as Zhou Guangnian’s “daughter,” their gazes were filled with various emotions, there were those who admired him, those who were excited to watch what happened next, and those who looked at him with disdain.

Zhou Guangnian was angered to the point his whole face was flushed, and the corner of his mouth twitched, yet he remained speechless.

Zhou Dongcheng didn’t seem to mind at all, he happily turned to ask Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, would you say I’m prettier, or would you say Miss Rose who’s in your arms is prettier?”

Yang Chen was already shocked to the point of feeling numb, but it would be fine once he recovers and gains immunity. After carefully pondering over it for a moment, he said with a smile, “To be honest, comparing only appearance, you seem to be prettier.

Just as he said that, Yang Chen felt the flesh on his waist being angrily pinched by Rose, it was evident that she wasn’t happy about what he said. Yang Chen had no choice, when this Zhou Dongcheng dressed up as a woman, other than his butt which didn’t seem as outstanding as Rose’s, every part of his body has reached the level where ordinary beauties only dream of, he was simply a living demoness!

“The name I chose for myself is Chanel, I hope you’ll address me as Miss Chanel in the future.” Zhou Dongcheng charmingly blinked at Yang Chen.

“Chanel?” Yang Chen couldn’t resist smiling, “Isn’t this the name of that high-end fashion brand?”

“But she’s also a beautiful lady who pursues fashion. She’s my idol, so I also want to be called Chanel.” Zhou Dongcheng expectantly said.

Situ Mingze’s face was gloomy, he reluctantly smiled and said, “Young Sir Zhou, please stop joking, the main point of this gathering is for you and my daughter to discuss marriage.”

Zhou Dongcheng creased his delicate brows, pridefully pouted, then spoke up like an unreasonable young lady, “Uncle, I’ve already said that my name is Chanel, has your hearing deteriorated so much that you’re now deaf? Furthermore, don’t you know that Huaxia has laws that prohibits a woman from marrying another woman!?” Copyright 2016 - 2023