Chapter 119: Another Big Sis

Elk Garden, in Zhong Hai’s west region, from hearing this name anyone would think of a place that raised elks, but in actuality it was a high-class venue that was close to the suburbs. There were a total of three Italian fort-like buildings that were rich in the Gothic style, just like the headquarters of a mafia.

What made it different from other places was that it was surrounded by lush and verdant greenery. It took approximately ten minutes to drive from the entrance of the garden to the meandering road.

The usual patrons of this place were all famous businessmen and politicians from Zhonghai. Ordinary high-class venues may possess good levels of confidentiality, but only a secluded place like this could provide those who don’t like having their private lives spied upon a satisfactory sense of security.

But today, the visitors were exceptionally lesser, as if many visitors had tacitly agreed not to come tonight. Only a small number of visitors went into the main lounge of Elk Garden’s main building in a low-key manner.

What made this piece of land emit an even more oppressive atmosphere were the bodyguards who stood around the land. Each one was stationed five steps away from each other as they coldly watched every passing visitor and vehicle.

A black Aston Martin slowly drove up to the place’s front steps. The classic English brand luxury car moved quietly without any rumbling.

The round faced Little Zhao stashed away his bartender uniform and wore his suit. He respectfully got off from the front passenger seat and went to open the back door for the main character who sat in the back.

A crystal colored high-heeled shoe emerged first out of the car, following it were fair, jade-like legs, then a red and black evening dress gradually appeared in everybody’s sight, landing on the bright red carpet.

Rose’s hair which was carefully combed had been clipped up to match the evening dress she wore. She lightly adjusted the hair that drooped over her eyes and only left several strands on her fringe that swayed with the wind. There was a black rose made of lace on the left shoulder of the evening dress, while her fair beautiful skin was exposed on the other side. The design of the evening dress seemed to be both classic and elegant with the upper half composed of exquisite designs of black and red flowers, while the lower half which spread out appearing mysterious yet sexy was covered by a layer of complicated vine-esque gauze which was popular during the Baroque period.

On this night, this lady who always bore a indolent and charming aura was like a remarkable princess of the royal family. She was as alluring as ever, but she could only be viewed from afar and no one dared to approach.

Rose was one of tonight’s banquet’s leading roles and was also the silent and low key underworld empress of the west region, as such, many of the guests knew her to a certain extent. In a mere few years, Red Thorns Society’s economic control in the underworld was already in no way inferior to West Union’s Society. Rose, as the spiritual leader and brain of Red Thorns Society, was a name that people from both legitimate and illegitimate businesses had committed to memory.

However, the underworld leader who appeared in this moment was so beautiful that she enraptured everybody, yet nobody could make out any semblance in her to an underworld boss. This gave rise to some possible delusions for quite a number of males; perhaps the demoness of hell would fall in love with a gentleman of the secular world?

“Big sis, why isn’t Yang-ge here yet?” Little Zhao checked his watch, the appointed time had already passed, so he softly inquired.

Rose softly sighed, then turned back to beckon the other figure who was inside the car.

Chen Rong who wore a plain white princess dress walked out blushing. Although she wasn’t as enchanting as Rose, she had her own unique innocent charm. However, the girl seemed to be very unaccustomed to revealing her shoulders and having such elaborate makeup on, so she bashfully kept her head lowered.

“Rongrong, look up, you’re really pretty, don’t be afraid.” Rose smiled and encouraged.

Chen Rong finally mustered up some courage. After noticing the gazes of the surrounding people admiring her instead of looking down on her, she calmed down a little, but her blush didn’t recede at all.

“Come and tell Little Zhao why your Big brother Yang isn’t here yet.” Rose said.

Chen Rong reacted with an “ah” sound, then blinked and said with uncertainty, “Is it because he doesn’t want to be too conspicuous?”

Rose gave her an approving glance, then slightly shook her head at Little Zhao, “You see? Rongrong is so much younger than you, yet she could understand this, when will you be able to wisen up more?”

Little Zhao awkwardly laughed, “But didn’t Yang-ge say he’d come? Why do I not see him anywhere?”

“With his means, he could just enter anytime he wanted to. If he said he’d be here, then he’ll definitely be here, let’s just enter first.”

Little Zhao didn’t doubt this statement, but still worriedly asked, “Big sis, with just the three of us and Big bro Yang who has yet to appear, would tonight be safe without any form of protection? This is West Union Society’s territory after all.”

“This was already expected beforehand, what should happen would eventually happen, what shouldn’t happen, can forget about happening.”

Little Zhao was dazed, he couldn’t figure out what this meant. While quickly walking up to catch up, he secretly asked Chen Rong who was filled with curiosity as she inspected her surroundings, “Rongrong, what does Big sis mean by that?”

Chen Rong pretended to be mature as she sighed, “Little Zhao-ge, what you should know, you’d naturally know, what you don’t know, won’t serve any purpose even if it’s said……” Having said her piece, the girl no longer gave him anymore attention.

“Why is there another Big sis here……” Little Zhao bitterly sighed.

After entering the spacious hall of the banquet, the bright crystal chandeliers lit up the hall to the point where it felt like daytime, the air was filled with the sweet scent of cocktails and the high-class perfumes on the men and women present.

Sumptuous desserts and fruits were displayed orderly at a side of the hall with several servers in uniforms walking amongst the guests.

As tonight’s banquet was virtually the west region and east region’s underworld leader’s confrontation, the numbers were still inferior to other banquets despite the many people in attendance. The thin crowd stood on the dance floor, discussing business and leisure topics, the mood seemed rather harmonious.

It goes without saying that the force with the most participants were the West Union Society. Practically every elder of West Union Society brought some subordinates and confidants to appear in this banquet as they loudly chatted with their partners from legitimate businesses.

Once Rose appeared in the banquet hall, she attracted the gazes of everybody present. The guests showed surprise, hatred, greed, lust, adoration and all kinds of emotions, but nobody dared to go up to greet Rose. After all, none of them could predict how this night would pan out.

A number of them had even received information that Rose had been shot a while ago, but seeing the living and healthy lady appear in this hall made the rumor collapse by itself.

However, even more of them were flabbergasted by how Rose dared to enter the West Union Society’s banquet without any protection. They knew that the Dongxing’s father and son pair would appear, and that she had no choice but to come whether or not she wanted to give them face. But for her to enter like that without the slightest bit of defense, without able-bodied bodyguards, and instead brought an attractive unknown girl, Rose had too much courage didn’t she!?

Right at this moment, a man in waiter’s clothes walked up to Rose, “Beautiful madam, do I have the honor of offering you a glass of champagne as a praise to your beauty?”

Hearing this familiar voice, Rose knowingly turned her head, it was precisely Yang Chen who appeared as a waiter holding a plate of glasses filled with champagne!

Rose coquettishly rolled her eyes like a happy wife after picking up a glass of sparkling liquor, and couldn’t help but smile and say, “Is this the legendary surprise present? Why have you become a waiter?”

“Due to time constraints, it wasn’t convenient for me to enter with you guys. I was unable to think of any good ideas which could allow me to enter without fighting, but luckily I bumped into the owner of these clothes when he stepped out to get rid of a bag of garbage.”

“Yang-ge, you’re really relaxed, we’re all nervous to death while you look like you came here to play!” Little Zhao said in disbelief.

Yang Chen looked at him with a naughty smile, “Little Zhao, take off your clothes.”

“What for?” Little Zhao covered his chest, with a ‘resist till the last breath’ look.

“I want to switch my vest with your suit.” Yang Chen blinked at him.

Little Zhao’s resistance was futile, because Rose who stood at the side already signalled him to listen to Yang Chen with her eyes. Without a choice, he grudgingly followed Yang Chen to a corner to swap outfits.

Like he couldn’t escape this fate, he once again became a waiter. Little Zhao looked depressed as he innocently and pitifully wiped his tears. He picked up the plate which Yang Chen was holding, then went to work.

“These kind of clothes still suit Little Zhao-ge the best.” Chen Rong slyly commented.

Yang Chen was rather taken aback that Rose brought Chen Rong over, it seemed like Rose had made up her mind on grooming Chen Rong, otherwise she wouldn’t bring the girl to a place like this. He could only hope that tonight wouldn’t turn out to be too horrifying, if the young lady couldn’t bear it, then it would be bad. He wouldn’t know how to face her brother!

“Rose, my daughter, you’re finally here.”

A clear voice sounded which belonged to someone who arrogantly appeared in ROSE bar, it was precisely Situ Mingze’s voice.

Situ Mingze who wore a tailcoat seemed cultured and refined, his clean and handsome face showed no semblance to him being a middle-aged man. Like an English gentleman, he was full of classiness, calm and resolute. Behind him were several big shots of the West Union Society and Situ Mingze’s personal bodyguards.

By Situ Mingze’s side was a short man in a black suit. This man appeared a lot older than Situ Mingze, he couldn’t be described as handsome or ugly, but his whole person exuded a feeling of murky mysteriousness. His smiling face looked like it belonged to a zombie which climbed out of its casket, forced yet incredibly sincere.

The dimples from Rose’s smile immediately receded without a trace, “I can’t remember if it was two or three years ago when I told you, ‘I’m no longer your daughter.’”

*Tch tch*

Situ Mingze wasn’t angered by Rose’s sudden coldness and disrespect, and warmly said, “How should I put this, blood is thicker than water. It’s one thing to make a fuss on ordinary days, but speaking to your father like this in front of a senior isn’t too appropriate, is it?”

The meeting of this father and daughter finally made this simple banquet which had gone on for a while reach its main show, many of the guests had already begun to surround them to hear their exchange.

Rose didn’t argue with Situ Mingze on this, and instead moved her gaze to the short man who wore a kind smile, “You are Dongxing’s leader, Mr. Zhou Guangnian?”

Zhou Guangnian modestly waved his hand, like a kind uncle looking at the girl who lived next door, “I’m honored that Miss Rose recognizes this Zhou. However, this Zhou hasn’t been the leader for many years, I’m now the chairman of the Dongxing Corporation, nice to meet you.”

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