Tyler was staring at Clark in disbelief" Stanford ... is heret "Yes, sir.' There was a puzzled tone in the butler's voice. ' it isn't the same Miss. Stanford who was here earlier.' Tyler forced a smile. ' course not. I'm afraid it's an impostor." impostor, sir?"

"Yes. They'll be coming out of the woodwork, Clark, all claiming a right to the family fortune."'s terrible, sir. Shall I call the policet "No,' Tyler said quickly. That was the last thing he wanted . I'll handle it. Send her into the library.", sir.' Tyler's mind was racing. So the real Julia Stanford had finally showed up. It was fortunate that none of the other members of the family was. home at the moment. He would have to get rid of her immediately. Tyler walked into the library. Julia was standing in the middle of the room, looking at a portrait of Harry Stanford. Tyler stood there a moment, studying the woman. She was beautiful. Jt was too bad that ... ' Julia turned around and saw him. '.' cyou're Tyler."'s right. Who are yout Her smile faded. ''t ... ? I'm Julia Stanford."? Yool forgive my asking, but do you have any proof of thatt '? Well, Yes ... I ... that is ... no proof. I just assumed - He moved closer to her.

"How did you happen to come heregg ' decided that it was time to meet my family." twenty-six yearst '.' Looking at her, listening to her speak, there was no question in Tyler's mind. She was genuine, dangerous, and would have to be disposed of quickly. Tyler forced a smile. ', you can imagine what a shock this is to me. I mean, for you to appear here out of the blue and. 11 know. I'm sorry. I probably should have called first.' Tyler asked casually, ' came to Boston alonet '.' His mind was racing. ' anyone else know you're heret "No. Well, my roommate, Sally, in Kansas City.' ' are you staying?' . ' the Copley Square Hotel."'s a nice hotel. What room are you int ' nineteen." right. Why don't you go back to your hotel and wait there for us? I want to prepare Woody and Kendall for this. They're going to be as surprised as I was.' [email protected] in sorry. I should have ' problem. Now that we've met, I know that everything is going to be just fine." you, Tyler."'re welcome' - he almost choked on the word. '. Let me call a taxi for you.' Five minutes later, she was gone. Hal Baker had just returned to his hotel room in downtown Boston when the telephone call came. He picked it up. ' "I'm-sorry. I have no news yet, judge. I've combed this whole town. I went to the airport and ''s here, stupid!" ''s here in Boston. She's staying at -the Copley Square Hotel, room four nineteen. I want her taken care of tonight. And I don't want any more bungling, do you understandt ' happened was not my ' you understandt 4Yes, sir." do id' Tyler slammed down the receiver. He went to find Clark. ', about that young woman who was here pretending she was my sistert ', sirt ' wouldn't say anything about it to the other members of the family. It would just upset them." understand, sir.

You're very thoughtful.' Julia walked over to the Ritz-Carlton for dinner. The hotel was beautiful, just as her mother had described it. On Sunday, I used to take the children there for brunch. Julia sat in the dining room and visualized her mother there at a table with young Tyler, Woody and Kendall. I wish I could have grown up with them,-Julia thought. But at least rm going the meet them now. She wondered whether her mother would have approved of what she was doing. Julia had been taken aback by Tyler's reception. He had seemed ... cold. But that's only natural, Julia thought. A stranger walks in and says, ' your sister.' Of course he would be suspicious. But rm sure I can convince them. When the check came, Julia stared at it in shock. I have to be careful, she thought. I have to have enough money left to take the bus back to Kansas. As she stepped outside the Ritz-Carlton, a tour bus was getting ready to leave. On an impulse, she boarded it- She wanted to see as much of her mother's city as she could. Hal Baker strode into the lobby of the Copley Square Hotel as though he belonged there and took the stairs to the fourth floor. This time there would be no mistake.

Room 419 was in the middle of the corridor. Hal Baker scanned the hallway to make sure no one was around, and knocked on the door. There was no answer. He knocked again. '. Stanfordt Still no answer. He took a small case from his pocket and selected a pick. It took him only seconds to open the door. Hal Baker stepped inside, closing the door behind him. The room was empty. '. Stanfordt He walked into the bathroom. Empty. He went back into the bedroom. He took a knife out of his pocket, moved a chair in back of the door, and sat in the dark, waiting. It was one hour later when he heard someone approaching. Hal Baker rose quickly and stodd behind the door, the knife in his hands. He heard the key turn in the lock, and the door started to'swing open* ' He raised the knife high over his head, ready to strike. Julia Stanford stepped in and pressed the light switch on. He heard her say, ' well. Come in.' A crowd of reporters poured into the room.

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