it was because of Kendall that Julia decided to go to Boston. Returning from lunch one day, Julia passed an exclusive dress shop, and in the window was an original design by Kendall. Julia looked at it for a long time. That's my sister, Julia thought. I can't blame her for what happened to my mother. And I can't blame my brothers. And suddenly she was filled with an overpowering desire to see them, to meet them; to talk to them, to have a family at last. When Julia returned to the office, she told. Max Tolkin that she would be gone for a few days.

Embarrassed, she said, ' wonder if I could have an advance on my salaryt Tolkin smiled. '. You have a vacation coming. Here. Have a good time.' Will I have a good time? Julia wondered. Or am I making a terrible mistake? When Julia returned home, Sally had not arrived yet. I can't wait for her, Julia decided. If I don't go now, I'll never go.

She packed her suitcase and left a note.. On the way to the bus terminal, Julia had second thoughts. What am I doing? Why did I make this sudden decision? Then she thought wryly, Sudden? It's taken me fourteen years! She was filled with an enormous sense of excitement.

What was her family going to be like? She knew that one of her brothers was a judge, the other was a famous polo player, and her sister was a famous designer. It's afwnily of achievers, Julia thought, and who am P I hope they don't look down on me. Merely thinking about what lay ahead made Julia's heart skip a beat. She boarded a Greyhound bus and was on her way. When the bus arrived at South Station in Boston, Julia found a taxi. ' to, ladyt the driver asked. And Julia completely lost - her nerve. She had intended to say, ' Hill.' Instead, she said, T don't know.' The taxi driver turned around to look at her. ', I don't know, either." you just drive around? I've never been to Boston before.' He nodded. '.' They drove west along Summer Street until they reached the Boston Common. The driver said, ' is the oldest public park in the United States. They used to use it for hangings! And Julia could hear her mother's voice. V used to take the children to the Common in the winter to iceskate. Woody was a natural athlete. I wish you could have met him, Julia He was such a handsome boy. I always thought he was going to be the successful one in thefwnily.' It was as though her mother were with her, sharing this moment. They had reached Charles Street, the entrance to the Public Garden. The driver said, ' those bronze ducklings? Believe it or not, they've all got names." used to have picnics in the Public Garden. There are cute bronze ducklings at the entrance. They're named Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack.' Julia had thought that was so funny that she had made her mother repeat the names over an dover again. Julia looked at the meter. The drive was getting expensive. ' you recommend an inexpensive hotelt '. How about the Copley Square Hoteff ' you take me there, pleaset '.' Five minutes later, they pulled up in front of the hotel. ' Boston, lady." you.' Am I going to enjoy it, or will it be a disaster? Julia paid the driver and went into the hotel. She approached the young clerk behind the desk. '," he said. ' I help you? ''d like a room, Please." '. ' long will you be staying?' She hesitated. An hour? Ten years? ' don't know.".' He checked the key rack. ' have a nice single for you on the fourth floor." you.' She signed the register in a neat hand- Julia Stanford. The clerk handed her a key. ' you are. Enjoy your stay., The room was small, but neat and clean. As soon as Julia unpacked, she telephoned Sally. '? My God! Where are you?, ''m in Boston." you all rightt She sourided hysterical. '. Whyt "Someone came to the apartment, looking for you, and I think he wanted to kill you!" are you talking about?" had a knife and ... you should have seen tho look on his face - ..'She was gasping for breath.

"When he found out I wasn't you, he ran!" don't believe it!" said he was with A.C. Nielsen, but I called their' office, and they never heard of him! Do you know anyone who would want to harm yout ' course not, Sally! Don't be ridiculous! Did you call the police?" did. Butthere wasn't much they could do except tell me to be more careful.", I'm just fine, so don't worry.' She heard Sally take a deep breath. ' right. As long as you're okay. Juliat '." careful, will you?" course.' Sally and her inuiginatiorli Who in the world would want to kill me? ' you know when you're coming back?' The same kind of question the clerk had asked her. '."'re there to see your family, aren't yout '." I uck.", Sally." in touch." will.' Julia replaced the receiver. She stood there, wondering what to do next. If I had any brains, I would get back on the bus and go, home. I've been stalling. Did I come to Boston to see the sights? No. Icame here to meet my family. Am I going to meet them? No ... Yes ... She sat on the edge of the bed, her mind in a turmoil. What if they hate me? I must not think that. They're ing to love me, and Im going to love them. She looked the telephone and thought, Maybe it would be better see I called them. No. Then they might not want to me. She went to the closet and selected her best dress. If I don It do it now, I'll never do it, Julia decided. Thirty minutes later, she was in a taxi on her way to Rose Hill to meet her family. Copyright 2016 - 2023