I move back up to her pussy, sucking on her lips and clit. I don’t have a lot of patience, so I focus on getting her off instead of dragging it out. When I suck her pussy in my mouth and give her clit a gentle bite, she nearly pulls my hair out as she climaxes, tensing up and shouting my name.

After I milk her orgasm, and she stutters, trying to push me away, I sit up and move over her body.

“Reach down and take my cock out, Duchess. I want you to be the one to put it in you. I want you to remember that you asked me to claim you.”

I lean down, taking her mouth in a kiss and letting her taste her pussy. Her juices are covering my beard, and the smell of her is driving me insane. Her warm tongue sweeps into my mouth as her hand goes between us and she pulls out my cock. I feel her grab the base of it and move it to her opening as she bites my bottom lip. When the tip of my cock is at her virgin entrance, I feel the head of it get coated in her sticky juice.

Pulling back from the kiss, I look down into her eyes and hold her face. “You ready?”

“Yes, Paine. I want you.” Her eyes are pleading and needy, and I can see that she wants this just as much as I do.

I run my stained hands over her creamy white skin, down to her tits. I grab one and lean down, taking her nipple in my mouth. I bite down on it hard as I thrust my bare cock into her virgin cunt. It’s tighter than my own hand. Tighter than anything else I’ve ever felt. She’s so hot and wet, and it’s pure heaven. I feel her tense under me, but I keep going. I told her I would fuck her rough, and I intend to. I want her sore and thinking of me every time she sits down. I’ll kiss it better later, but right now, I’m claiming it.

“You on the pill?” I grunt out as her nipple pops out of my mouth. I thrust hard again.

She lets out what sounds like a cross between a moan and a yell, and I grab her hands, holding them over her head. I pin them both down with one hand and with my other, I grab her leg and throw it over my shoulder. I want in there deep.

“Answer me, Duchess. You taking anything to keep me from breeding you?” Her eyes snap up to mine, and I feel the wicked smile spread across my face. “That’s right, baby. I plan on cumming in you until you’re bred. You’re not keeping me from that, are you?”

I feel her pussy clench at my words, and I thrust harder. After two more thrusts, she moans and shakes her head.

“Tell me, Duchess. Tell me you aren’t on anything and you want me to cum inside you.”

Looking up at me, she raises her hips at my thrusts, and moans, “I’m not on anything. Cum inside me, Paine.”

“Tell me you want my cum, Duchess. Tell me you want it deep inside you, coating your unprotected womb.”

“I want it,” she whispers, and raises her hips again.

I reach between us and rub her clit. With her leg over my shoulder, she’s wide open and taking only what only I can give her. It takes just a few strokes and she’s clenching around me, squeezing my cock and cumming on me.

I look down to where we are joined and see her cream spreading up and down my shaft as I fuck her. Seeing her go off has me losing it, and I thrust hard one last time, emptying my cum inside her.

My orgasm goes on for a solid minute as my balls draw up and unload into her waiting womb. After I release every drop, I keep her in place with my dick still inside her, holding her hips up, and making sure my cum stays there.

I lazily move my cock in and out just a little as we sit there.

“Come lie down beside me, Paine.” Penelope reaches for me but I shake my head.

“Just a little longer like this, baby. I wanna make sure my cum stays in you.” I want to make sure she’s bred. Nothing will take her.



I wake to kisses traveling down my spine, before they move to my butt cheeks. The whiskers of his beard make me giggle and try to wriggle away. I still feel the wetness of his cum inside me and on my thighs, and I get a soft bite on my ass to halt my movements.

“You passed out on me,” he mumbles against my skin, then takes another soft bite of the opposite ass cheek, like he is trying to give them equal attention.

“It’s all your fault. I passed out from exhaustion, and you didn’t even feed me.” I look over my shoulder at him to give my best pout.

“I’m sorry, Duchess. It slipped my mind. I filled up on your sweet cunt.” He kisses the same spots where he bit me, pulling himself from the bed and taking me with him up and over his shoulder, strolling through the house like I weigh nothing. I don’t even struggle with being carried around like I’m a doll. I have a nice view of his ass from this angle, but too bad he slipped on his boxer briefs. I watch his powerful leg muscles move us with ease down the hall, reminding me of how big he really is.

I’ve never had this closeness with someone before, and I’m going to suck up every second of it. I’m sick of fighting this. The last few hours of my life have been the best I can remember.

I’m through with everything, and it’s all going to change today. This is something I’ve never done. I’ve always done what my father’s wanted and that’s gotten me nowhere. Everything from the classes I took, to the activities I participated in, he had laid out for me.

It feels freeing to let go. I thought I would’ve had this freedom when I left college, but instead I came back to have control ripped away from me once again. It seems playing by my father’s rules got me nowhere, and no matter what I did, he would just make up new ones. It was an endless cycle of holding me down.

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