“Do you trust me, Penelope?”

I see little tears start to form in her eyes, but they don’t fall. She just nods her head as I hold her in place.

“Then trust that no matter what is happening, I’ll take care of it. I’ve got all the money you could ever need and a house to keep you in. There isn’t anything I won’t do to make you happy, and no lengths I won’t go to fix what’s hurting you. You’re mine, that’s the bottom line. Now you tell me, do you feel what’s between us?”

She closes her eyes to try and shut out my words, but I squeeze her chin a little and she opens them back up. After just a second, she nods.

“That’s right, Duchess. This isn’t a bit of fun. This isn’t a fling. This is real. Now, you getting on my bike or do I have to tie you to it? Because I brought rope.”

She takes a deep breath and I release her chin, holding out my leather jacket to her once again. She looks at it and then reaches out, taking it and putting it on.

I turn around, get on my bike, and sit there, waiting for her to come with me. She turns and looks at the restaurant one last time before climbing on behind me, and I crank it up. It’s in that moment Scott pulls up and gets out of his car.

“Take your hair down, Duchess. I want it blowing in the wind on the back of my bike, and I want that fucker to see it so he knows.”

After a second I feel her warm hands come around my waist and her front press to my back. I pull out of my parking spot just as Scott turns and spots us. When we pass by, I reach one hand back, running it up Penelope’s thigh, and make sure he’s sees she’s mine.

Game over, Dipshit.

I keep my hand there the whole way back to my house, holding on to my girl.

* * *

“You’re gonna tell me everything after I have you in our bed. We clear?”

She nods, and I pick her up off my bike and hold her as I walk inside. Her legs go around my waist and her arms around my neck. The feeling of her pressed against me as we rode was wonderful, but I’m looking to press against her in a lot of other ways.

I take her through the main entrance and walk her down the long hallway to my bedroom. Once there, I stand her up in the middle of the room and take a step back.

“I want you to go into that bathroom and take off that dress you wore for him, and then I want you to wash your face. You’re too beautiful to hide under all that stuff, and I want to see the real you. After that, you come out here and lie on my bed with your legs open.” I reach out and touch her blonde locks, which are down and windblown. “You ready to do that for me? Give me that virgin pussy?”

She looks away as a blush creeps across her cheeks, and goddamn if it doesn’t make me harder. After just a second she nods and then walks past me to the master bath. I watch her go in there and shut the door, and I walk to my closet to undress. I pull off my white V-neck shirt and kick off my boots and jeans. I keep on my boxer briefs for now, wanting her to take them off me. I run my fingers through my dirty-blond hair and then over my dark-blond beard, thinking about what I’m going to do to her.

I walk out of the closet, my dick hard and ready to fuck. I have to wait for only a second before the bathroom door opens and she walks out, completely naked. Her face is rosy from washing it, but she looks like the girl I met this morning. She looks sweet and innocent, and I can’t wait to get my dirty hands on her pure body.

“On the bed, Duchess. Legs open for me. I want to see it all spread out for me. What you’re offering me. Only me. ”

I stalk closer as she climbs on and lies in the middle. After just a moment of hesitation, she spreads her legs wide. I move to the end of the bed and stand there with my arms crossed.

“Knees up, baby. I wanna see all your pretty pussy. Don’t hide from me.”

She takes a nervous breath and does what I ask, pulling her knees up and exposing everything. My mouth waters at the sight, and I can’t wait to stick my face all in it.

“Fuck, you look so beautiful like this. Laid back on my bed, legs spread, and ready to be taken.”

She’s too good for a dirty mechanic like me, but here she is, pussy out and open, begging me to fuck it. I can see her horny cunt dripping down to her asshole, and I lick my lips at the invitation it’s giving me.

“You’re the only woman I’ve ever had in my house, Duchess. The only woman who’s ever been in my bed. And after tonight, you’re the only one who’s ever going to be in it again.”

I see her hands tremble a little at my words, and seeing her a little nervous makes me impossibly harder.

“I’m gonna eat that sweet pussy before I take your cherry. I want you nice and relaxed when I get inside you.” I reach down and rub my cock through my boxer briefs, trying to relieve the ache. “But after you cum and I get my cock in you, I wanna fuck you hard. I want you to remember this first time forever.”

I climb on the bed and dive between her legs, not wasting any more time. I push her thighs far apart and put my whole mouth on her pussy. I open wide, sucking her into my mouth and licking her at the same time. Her hands shoot out, grabbing my hair, and she grips me hard as I eat.

Her rich virgin cunt is so sweet and juicy. She’s like a warm peach, and I can’t get enough. I move down, sticking my tongue as far inside her unfucked pussy as I can go. I feel her hymen with my tongue, and I lick it, letting it know I’m about to fuck through it.

Moving down, I pull her ass cheeks apart and lick her there, feeling her tight ring. She moans again at the sensation, and I move over, biting her ass cheek hard, leaving teeth marks. I want to mark her body up with signs of me so that everyone knows who she belongs to. No more bullshit fiancé, no more wedding talk. That all ends tonight.

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