Why do her words feel like a shot to the heart? Like I’ve lost something that I never had to begin with? I need to get my shit together. Obviously, this little rich girl just wanted to play with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks before she got married. Have one last little fling. Well, I’ll give her something to remember before she says “I do.” I tell myself this, but it’s a lie. I want her myself.

Grabbing her by the arm, I start dragging her towards the back of the bar. I only feel a slight protest, but she quickly matches my pace and comes along willingly. I pull her down the long hallway that leads out to a back alley, but instead of going out there, I open the door to the back storage room and pull her inside. There’s just a single lightbulb overhead, and once I turn it on, I close the door behind us and lock it. The room is full of cleaning supplies, a bucket and a mop. It’s a small dirty room and just about perfect for what I want from her.

I turn to look at my Duchess and see her eyes are a little wide with fear. “What do you want, Paine?”

“I want you to leave that crown on while you suck me off.” My words are filthy and cocky, but I don’t care. She wants to be used up and have a fling, I’m going to get what I can. Never mind what my heart is telling me. I’ll ignore it for now.

Her little tongue comes out and licks her lips, like she’s preparing, but she shakes her head. I let out a short laugh and crowd her personal space.

“Are you trying to tell me no? You couldn’t seem to find that word earlier today either, Duchess.” I undo my belt and then my jeans. I keep eye contact with her as I reach into my boxer briefs and pull out my hard cock. I wrap my big hand around it and stroke it a few times. “You wanna get dirty with a man from the wrong side of town before you tie the knot, then you better get on your knees and get to it, Duchess.” I need those juicy lips surrounding my dick.

“It’s not like that,” she says, licking her lips again and looking down between us. Her eyes grow wide when she sees how big I am, and I feel my cock grin as she starts to reach out towards it. Before she makes contact, she looks up at me hesitantly. She’s had to have done this plenty of times, so I don’t know why she’s nervous. She needs to get on her knees and open up. I’m horny as fuck because of her, and she needs to fix it.

The thought of her with other men makes me so fucking jealous. I’ve never felt this kind of raw anger before, and it’s driving me crazy. Normally, I’m a laid-back guy who doesn’t get caught up in women, but one sight of this little thing and I’m being led around by my dick. The sight of her sash and the words ‘Bride-To-Be’ written across it make me even madder.

I reach out, quickly snatching her wrist. “You ran out so fast on me earlier, I didn’t get your name. Why don’t you use that sweet little tongue of yours to spell it out on my cock?”

Her mouth opens in shock, but I see her pupils dilate, the gray darkening as a shiver goes down her back. She can fight it all she wants, but she loves the dirty talk. If this is all I can have of her, I’ll take it and deal with the consequences later. I’ve got to cum before my balls explode, and this is all her fault. Time for her to pay up.

Slowly, she nods her head and runs her hands down my chest and stomach, making me hate my shirt as she moves lower down my body and gets on her knees in front of me. I hold my cock out for her, and I watch as she reaches out and takes it from my shaking hands. I feel a tremble go through my body at the same time, and I don’t know why I react to her the way I do. I don’t have any control over my need, and it’s maddening.

“Open up, Duchess. I want you to earn that crown you’re wearing.” She opens her mouth, and I reach down, grabbing her soft blonde hair in both hands. She looks up at me through her long black lashes just as the tip of my cock touches her lips. “And when you get me off, I want you to drink down my cum so that when you go back to that asshole you’re going to marry, you’ve got me in your belly.”

A white pearl of cum beads at the end of my dick and drops onto her bottom lip. She licks it up, and I feel her warm tongue against my cock, and it makes another white pearl appear. She wiggles the point of her tongue into the hole of my cock as if she’s trying to get all of the flavor she can. When I see a bit of cum coat her tongue, she closes her eyes and moans at my taste. At the sight, I almost lose it. “Fuck,” I moan, closing my eyes tightly and trying to think about baseball. I don’t want it to be over yet. Jesus, I don’t ever want it to be over.

Suddenly, I feel her warm mouth open wide over my dick, and she sucks me to the back of her throat. I look down, and the sight makes me grip her hair tighter. I feel her tongue licking the underside of my cock, and it massages more cum out of me. The thick vein underneath is pulsing, and I know she’s getting thick drop after thick drop in her mouth. It turns me on to think of me inside her and having her on her knees in front of me gives me power.

“Goddamn, Duchess. You give such good head. I think you might suck my soul out of my dick.” I feel her giggle around my cock, and the feeling goes straight to my balls. She’s got a mouth made for fucking, and I start to pump my hips a little while holding her hair. I fuck in and out of her mouth, and she just kneels there, taking it.

Her hands come up to stroke the length of my cock she can’t get in her mouth, and she grips me there, rubbing up and down as I keep up my shallow thrusts, her mouth open and taking what I give her. I want this to last forever, but her mouth is too sweet. It’s too hot and too good, and I won’t last much longer. I can feel her excitement while she’s licking me, and I can see her body moving to her own rhythm. She’s turned on by this, and knowing that takes me to the edge. Fast.

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