“Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot!” I hear the other girls from our table start to chant, and it pulls my thoughts away from Paine. I really wish Lizzy hadn’t set up this little bachelorette party, but she has no idea I have no desire to get married. We are distant cousins, not super close, having really only spent some holidays together over the years. Between that and a few random emails, she doesn’t know what’s really happening.

I had no idea she had anything planned, but when she told me we were going out, after the day I’d had, I just went with it. Now I’m wearing this stupid sash and crown, and I don’t know how my night could get worse. At least I convinced them to come to Smokey’s tonight instead of somewhere else. I just need a dive bar with lots of alcohol, and this is the perfect place.

We take the next round of shots that the guy next to Lizzy bought us, and I have to promise to save him a dance when the music starts up. We all chat and drink for a while until the bar finally fills with music, and all of us girls jump up. We head for the small makeshift dance floor as the house band starts to play. I’m feeling good from the alcohol, and I sway my hips, closing my eyes and enjoying the music.

“Holy shit. Paine’s here.” At Lizzy’s words, my eyes pop open. “God, he’s so fucking hot.” She knows Paine? Of course she does. She grew up here and everyone knows everybody, it seems. It takes everything in me not to turn and look at him, so I hold my drink and focus on the stage. I look down at myself, and it makes it me curse. Shit. The sash. Lizzy stares unabashedly, not an ounce of shame. “Oh my God, he’s coming this way. Damn, Penelope, he looks pissed.”



I walk into Smokey’s and head to the bar. It’s surprisingly busy considering this hole in the wall is usually half-empty. After the day I’ve had, I need a drink. I move over to my usual stool, and Jake, one of the bartenders, comes over with my usual beer. To say I’m a creature of habit is an understatement. I like my order, and I like things to be simple. But little Duchess came into the shop today and shook my whole world upside down. I need to have a drink and try to forget about her, something I haven’t been able to do since she strolled into my life.

Butch and Joey stand behind me, and Jake slides their usual to them. I grab mine and nod my thanks, but he stands in front of me, not going anywhere. When I raise an eyebrow in question, he leans over the bar like he’s got a secret for me. What the hell? Are we in sixth grade?

“There’s a bachelorette party happening here tonight if you guys are looking for some action.”

I can feel Joey’s eye roll beside me, while Butch leans in a little closer. I, on the other hand, have no interest in getting laid tonight. I’ve had enough trouble with pussy today to last me a while.

An image of my little Duchess’ cunt flashes in my mind, and my dick twitches. What I wouldn’t give to have slipped my thick cock inside that tight hole. I bet she would have sucked it off just from the twitches of her orgasm. I shake my head and take a drink of my beer, hoping to wash the thoughts away.

“Point me in the right direction, Jake. You know I’m always looking for some fresh trim in this town.” Butch sits up and peers over the crowd as Jake points towards the dance floor. Curiosity gets the better of me, and my eyes follow Jake’s pointing finger. Suddenly, Butch laughs and looks back at me. “Looks like that rich chick with the Porsche is the bride-to-be.”

I grip the bottle of my beer so tightly, I’m surprised it doesn’t shatter. Everything in my vision goes red, and suddenly, my beer is being taken out of my hand. I look over and see Joey has taken it from me, and she’s giving me a look.

“I’ll hold it for you, boss,” she says, and nods over to the dance floor.

I don’t say a word as I get up and start to make my way over to a crowd of girls. There’s probably about a dozen of them, all in various stages of drunkenness. I see Lizzy Eastman standing just in front of what looks like the back of my Duchess’ head. She’s turned away from me, and Lizzy is standing in front of her, almost like she’s blocking her.

“Hey, Paine! It’s so good to see your body, I mean, you.” Lizzy snorts as she slurs her words, and I’m a little concerned about how she’s going to get home. We aren’t best friends, but I know her name and have seen her grow up around here. This is a small town, so even if we’ve never been introduced, we know who the other one is.

“I got this one, boss,” Butch says, tapping my shoulder and stepping up beside me. “What’s up, Lizzy. Show me some of those dance moves.” Butch takes her hand and Lizzy follows him around to the other side. Butch may talk a lot of shit, but deep down he’s a good guy, and I know he’ll make sure she’s safe.

I’m still standing in the same spot, and little Duchess hasn’t moved an inch. She’s tight with tension and facing away from me. It’s as if she thinks if she doesn’t turn around, then I’m not really here.

“When’s the big day?”

I see her shoulders deflate a little, and she turns to face me. She looks me up and down and licks her lips, and it takes everything in me not to kiss her right here, right now. Those thick lips look like they’re just begging for a dick, and I want to help her out with that need.

“You gonna answer me, Duchess?” I try to keep the anger out of my voice, but I don’t think it’s working.

She looks around and then bites her lip, once again making me want to stuff my cock in her mouth. She finally brings her eyes back up to mine. “Next week.” The words are barely whispered, but I hear it over the music.

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