I was walking down this forest and I heard something, could be an animal, I then decided to head back home and all of a sudden something, no someone bumped into me, I fell on the ground and she fell right on top of me, she was half naked, I saw her bare skin, she was darker than me but not too dark, she has thick black hair, her eyes were wide and brown, she has long eye lashes, she’s so beautiful, she looked 15 not that younger than me because I was 17, I felt my heart racing, beating, I was getting hot in already what seemed to be hot.

“Uhm, can you please get off me?”

She started sniffing me, I don’t think she understood me, she gets off and then starts whispering to her friend,

“Hi I am Samuel for short”

She continues to stare at me, I point to myself and say my name again then she smiles, her teeth were so white and perfect she had such as beautiful smile.

“Bontle” she says

“Nice to meet you” I say and before I knew it she runs off with her friend.

I stood there hoping she would come back, I wanted to know about her, but she did not come back, I then decided to go back the next day, hoping I will find her again.

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