“Wait!!! Where you going Bontle? Can you stop running?”

“I am not running I am chasing after something”

I finally found it or him, it looked like a boy but it was so ugly, it was pale with yellow hair and his hair was long and soft, his eyes were blue, his cheeks pink and lips red as a rose, I fell on top of him and suddenly his entire face changed in to a light pink, he was fully clothed I couldn’t help but stare at him, what kind of animal was he?

She is avoiding eye contact with me, I want to tell her that I love her, I want to tell her that I don’t want her to marry someone else, I want to touch her soft skin, I want to look in her big brown eyes and tell her that from the first time I laid my eyes on her , I was in love, I love her, I want to hear her saying that she loves me, Is it too much to ask for, is too much to need……………

We have been travelling for 2 years, searching for gold, land and anything worth something, until we finally found something, something great and then we can go back to home to England.

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