She stands up as she says those words and packs up and leaves, I follow her and before I knew it, I kiss her on the lips, holding her wide waist, and pulling her towards me, she doesn’t fight me, her lips are sweet because of the wild fruit she had been eating, her lips are soft and warm, she kisses me back wrapping her arms around me, her scent is fresh and green, we kiss while exchanging tongues, we kiss for the first time, and then she pulls away.

“Goodbye Sam, I don’t like you, I love you’

I wanted to say it back, I wanted to tell her that I love her and that I want to be with no one else but her, but I couldn’t, for some reason I understood why, she walked away, she did not want to, she had.

My brothers found out about my meetings with Sam, they found out that I had feelings for him, they threatened me by saying they will kill him if I were to meet him again, I begged for one last meeting, just one and I then I would marry my bestrode like I am supposed to.

But he said he wants to marry me, he says he wants to be with me, I know it’s impossible that’s why I need to walk away, but then he kisses me, he holds me tight, and then I knew that I loved him and that he makes me happy and no one else will, I walk away and his still standing there, waiting for me to disappearI marry another tomorrow and yet I am seated with the one I love, need and desperately want it’s taking everything in my entire body not to hold him, kiss him and tell him how I feel. Is it a bad thing to love a man I hated with everything in my body, is it a bad thing to wish I was marrying him knowing the hurt pain and anguish he caused me, but the night is perfect, there are many stars in up in the sky, there is a full moon, the cool breeze, oh how I wish I was able to tell him how I really feel. Copyright 2016 - 2024