“Samuel, when are you going back home? To where you come from” she asks

“Uhm I don’t know, but I think in a couple of weeks, but I will visit you whenever I can”

“I am getting married in a couple of days”

“What? How? Do you even love him? Are you not a little too young to be getting married?”

“It's my culture, and it’s an arranged marriage”

I could not believe it, I have feelings for her, I don’t want her to marry someone else, and I don’t want her to be somebody else’s wife, and I want to be with her here and always.

“Bontle you can’t get married, I mean what about us”

“I don’t seem to understand”

“I like you, I feelings for you, don’t you feel the same?”

“What are feelings?”

“I want marry you,” and then I realized what I just said and how stupid I sounded, I mean I have just known her for two months, how could I possibly want to marry her, but then again I would not mind seeing her every day, holding her hand and laughing at her silly jokes.

“You want to marry me?”


“But what about our families, we come from two different worlds, we can’t, my tribe and duties as a princess are important, I cannot marry you”

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