He surely was a grandpa's boy. He tried anything and everything he saw his grandpa do. You could say Bryson and he would look at you and say me. Than if you said James he would do the same. His grandpa taught him to point at him and say one then point at himself and say two. One time he pointed at himself and said me tootoo. They all just crack up laughing.it was so funny. Melissa would take both of them to the park just down the street from the pub. She saw this two story house for sale.

She saw the real estate agent putting a for sale sign up in the front yard. just the house she had been dreaming about. She stopped her and was wanting to know about the house. She told her that she could show her around at that time. Melissa told her that she needed to have Jack there and told her it would only take a few minutes for him to arrive. The agent laughed and told her that she had ate at the pub numerous times. Melissa calledJjack and he was there in no longer than five minutes. They toured the house and decided that was the house they wanted to raise their children in.

The sale went through extremely fast and before the summer was over they moved their two children into their new home. Melissa and her friend who was an interior decorator did some updating but not much, just painting, new curtains, some rearranging of furniture pieces into different rooms. Jack had a construction company install a heavy child proof fence around the house, Then they bought commercial play ground equipment. In the evenings Melissa enjoyed being able to sit on the back porch with Lillian nicknamed Lilly in her infant swing next to her watching Bryson play.

In early 1973 one of the city council members happened to go through Roscarbery They were having an outdoor event even though it was cold to celebrate the rebuilding of their community center and named it after Saint Patrick. The town looked so much like Walshbury so the council person stopped and talked a long time with the mayor. They both realized the two cities had a lot in common but there was one that Walshbury had that was lacking was the O'Connor's pub. When Jack's friend brought up opening another pub in a town that could be Walshbury's twin sister Jack jumped at the chance.

It meant driving almost wo hours one way but the business deal sounded so good almost too good to be true but the Roscarbery's city council really wanted to expand his business. The next month on Saint Patrick's Day 1973 they made a resolution making Walshbury and Roscarbery twin cities. jack was going back and forth so much and so often that Melissa became lonely and felt the burden of taking care of two small children a challenge. One evening after Jack told her that he wasn't driving home that night She became outraged and asked her sister to babysit. She drove to Roscarbery. He was sitting at a table with a good looking woman sitting across the table from him. Melissa left without being noticed.

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