On one of Ronan's leaves he met a very sweet Irish lady named Mary Rose Kirpatrick . He found her a suitable living space close to his base. in no time they were wed by his chaplain. Mary found out not quite half way through Ronan's four years of service that she was pregnant. The pregnancy was extremely hard on her. She couldn't get any rest. Her ankles was so swollen up.

The doctor at Camp Pendleton sent her to the hospital to see if any of the other doctor could figure out what was going on. They all agreed she need bed rest. her older sister came to stay with her. Ronan moved back into one of the barrack to give them more room. Mary Rose gave birth to a set of parental twins six weeks early. Complications sat in and Mary Rose past away just hours after giving birth. She was able to pick out the babies names with Ronan before her passing. the oldest twin was a girl named Briley Rose O'Connor and the boy born not three minutes later was named Bryson James O'Connor.

Due to the hardship of having two babies and no wife to help raise them plus there was no longer a war going on the Marines discharged him. He took his little ones home. He had plenty of people who were willing to baby sit while he worked at the turkey factory as security guard.

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