By the time the 1900's came around the founder of Walshbury Henry and Grace had past away and left one daughter Elizabeth who the town's folks thought to be too old to marry and have children did in deed marry a news paper reporter who came from Chicago to do a story on the founder's family. He took her back to Chicago with him..

Everything was booming and there was a lot of stories to cover. The election in Illinois was a feisty one but the incumbent President William McKinley beat with his running mate Vice President Theodore Roosevelt beat their democratic opponent William Jennning Bryan. The local elections was even more frisky. Opponents was playing tricks on other opponents. Nothing too bad but people didn't know who or what to believe. In 1910 The government passed a law making it illegal to make and sell alcoholic beverage. The politicians called prohibition.

In nineteen hundred the government laxed their law on checking of immigration status that two million people flooded into Chicago. Among them were six Sicillan brothers known as the bloody Gennas gang (Bloody ) Angelo, (The Devil) Mike, and (The four Gentlemen) Pete, Sam, Jim, and Tony. They loved beating people almost to death if not to death if they got onto their shit list.

Then there was some murders that had happened and the authorities wasn't saying who did it or maybe they just didn't know for sure. On Valentine's Day in nineteen twenty nine seven rival gang members of the notorious Al Capone was gunned down bringing his name the number one wanted man on Elliot Ness's criminal list.

By then Elizabeth's husband had retired from the newspaper and they came back to live in Walshbury. They never had children of their own but adopted one of his niece's boys named Thomas who was handicapped. He walked with a limp which was very noticeable. He had been injured while playing with friends on a railroad track and almost got ran over by a train crossing a bridge and had to jump off of the bridge to keep from being killed.

They started a nice little community newspaper which was a lot different from the one in Chicago. This one had news about events going on and a lot of ads. it was called The Daily Times. It had a ask Betty column where people could get advise on things that popped up in their lives, plus plenty of recipes of different dishes from the famous restaurants in Chicago. They didn't need the money it was something they both enjoyed.

In 1910 James Bryson O'Connor was born . No one knew who his parents was. He was dropped off just hours if not minutes after he was born at the alter of a catholic church. He still had the umbilical cord attached and a note stating what his name was. The priest who came to investigate the chapel after hearing a baby crying called the police The baby was taken to the local hospital. The authorities checked out every Irish family in Point Lookout. No one in the town of Point Lookout on long Island, New York knew who's baby this was. Copyright 2016 - 2023