In the mid to late eighteen hundreds In the Midwest part of the country not too far from a big city a group of Irish settlers wanted more of a home town feel instead of a big city hustle and bustle located here to build a little town to live in. The founder of this new little town was a man named Henry Walsh. He came to the Midwest with his wife Grace Lann Bury. Two of her ancestors were Irish politicans Charles Bury the first and second Earls of Charleville, to start a family that would be raised on the Irish values and tradition.

He combined both of their last names and came up with Walshbury. To be able to live here and own a business here you had have Irish names. The town's leaders didn't care much for outsiders. Outsiders just wasn't welcomed here unless they change their name and everything about their lives. Then still they were not allowed all of the privileges like the real Irish families.

That caused a few battles once in awhile, that usually could be settled in the town's pub over some of the finest brewed beer and either corn beef and cabbage or reuben sandwiches The outsiders had to sit in a certain area. They were made to eat the Irish dishes only because nothing else was served. They were made to play only the Irish games. They had to learn to sing Irish songs. Outsiders who did stay soon realized they really weren't being treated any different than any body else. It was mainly mind games that was being played for fun. They also learned that the judge who gave them Irish names had also been playing mind games with them

The community which was mainly farm land grew quickly into a much bigger town with more Irish families moving in. A lot of the Irish families was moving west from the east coast due to most of the young men couldn't find jobs. The factory owners didn't realize their potential and gave their jobs to American born men. They fell back to what they did know how to do the best farming.

No one ever said they weren't hard workers it was just so many jobs was available and the factories thought they knew best and didn't have time to teach someone a trade. A lot of the young men who had no choice but to stay started street gangs that the authorities considered a nuisance then changed their minds to dangerous. They arrested a bunch and sent them to a prison upstate .mainly for robbery. Families was starting to fall apart. Copyright 2016 - 2024