I even close the door to my office and draw the shades down, something I haven’t done in so long there is actually dust on the upper blinds. “Lia,” I start. I pull out a chair for her before continuing, “are you ashamed of our situation?”

Lia glances at the chair but doesn’t sit. She looks a bit green and shakes her head. “No.”

“Have you miscarried?” My body convulses as I force out the words. I don’t even want to think about that level of pain.

“No, Beck.”

“Then what the fuck is it? Why the ice queen routine today?” I don’t get it. When she doesn’t respond, I move behind her, determined to provoke her. I know that she is attracted to me if nothing else. I can use lust to get a response.

Her hair is down today, and I grab a handful hard enough to show I mean it but not enough to hurt her. Pain is not my goal. I force her down over the desk, using my thighs to direct her as I use my grip on her hair to keep her bent down. “Tell me what the hell is going on in your head right now, or I will fuck you right here, right now.” My free hand starts to crumple her skirt upwards, drawing it up her thighs. With her ass only covered by a flimsy scrap of fabric, I palm my erection. “I think you want me to fuck you, Lia.” There’s a wet spot from her pussy, and I trail my finger over the circle. “I think you want my cock inside your pregnant pussy, pounding you until you come. Maybe you want me to tongue fuck you first?” I take out my cock and rub it up and down her cleft, separated only by the thin fabric.

“What will it be, Lia: an answer, my cock, or my tongue?” I push aside the fabric and rest the head of my member at her entrance. She’s already so wet I could slide in with no effort.

She thrusts back against the blunt head of my cock, and whines as I pull back. I won’t let it be that easy. I hiss as she groans, teasing both of us as I deny us the coupling we want. “Tsk, tsk, my love. I asked you a question.” As incentive, I give her just the head, sinking into her heat and locking my legs to keep me from burying myself all the way inside.

“No, dammit!” she yells. “I’m not ashamed and I haven’t lost our baby.” She tries to back onto me, to force me deeper, but I tighten my grip and don’t let her. The navy fabric of her underwear digs into the edge of her swollen labia, and it sets off the glistening pink lips as if it’s one of her pretty paintings.

“Then what is wrong?” I touch her, my fingers seeking more of her wetness and spreading it from clit to her tight ass and back again. For a moment, I wonder if she would let me fuck her ass, and I tease her there with a wet fingertip, sliding back down to her vagina and then clit. I pinch it between my fingers, flicking the nubbin until she cries out in pleasure.

She is breathless as she sobs my name. “I can’t tell you. I promised!” Lia wrenches free of my grip and arches her hips, finds my cock, and sinks herself onto me.

I’m home when I’m inside her. Tight, hot, and so wet, she stretches around me and moves in time with my heartbeat. It’s magic.

She’s there with me, promising that she wants me, wants our baby, and begging me to make her come. Despite being hard for what felt like the entire weekend, I didn’t jacked off at all, and I’m about ready to explode just from teasing her. I thrust harder, wanting to find the angle that made her climax hands-free on our first time. Lia makes these little whines that are so fucking hot, begging for more with each push of my cock in her. I can feel her getting close: the lifting of her hips each time to keep me inside her a bit longer, the wet heat tensing around me before she arches her back…She flails her arms when she comes and the picture frame of Tasha goes clattering to the floor. We both freeze, waiting to hear the glass break, but it doesn’t. My daughter still smiles up at us from the frame, unfazed by the hard fucking just inches from where the phone resided.

Lia moves away from me, and my cock bobs free, hanging between us as she fixes her clothing. “I have to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She stands on her tiptoes and kisses me quickly. “We can talk then. I just…” She stops and shakes her head. “Just give me some time. Okay?”

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