Lia was gone when I came down from my bedroom the following morning, not that I was surprised. Her lack of response to texts over the weekend, however, did surprise me. I knew she wouldn’t stay long, even if I did manage to wake up before she could sneak out. Lia doesn’t have clothes at my home, and Lia and Tasha don’t have the same sense of style. Even with it being a weekend, Lia likes to be up and dressed, not lounging in the prior day’s clothing. Tasha is flashy and always ready for a party. Lia is… Lia. She can go from painting in her pajamas to a little cocktail dress with heels effortlessly, but it’s modest skirts and oversized blouses that hide her figure which seem to dominate her wardrobe. Given how trim she is, I wonder how long it will take for the pregnancy to show.

Her tits have gotten bigger. Already generous to begin with, the soft flesh strained the neckline of her outfit at the gallery. Even while I talked to my friends and pretended I wasn’t watching Lia, I had toyed with the idea of sneaking into the bathroom and having Lia kneel so that I could slide my cock into the valley between her breasts and fuck them until I came all over her chest.

We weren’t given the chance then, and our tryst at the park was so sudden I didn’t think of anything but being inside her, but nothing could stop us from doing that in the bathroom of my office. All I need to do is set the manual lock on the door, and Lia and I will have all the privacy we could want… What I want now is to fuck her senseless again, either up on the rooftop couch or on my desk. Maybe even the shower.

I make a mental note to get a non-slip liner for the shower. It was only meant for me to use when I couldn’t get home after a trip to the gym, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use it for more now. I am the boss.

The light panel on my phone brightens in time with the chime of Lia entering our office. I picture how she might look when she sees the card and toy on her desk along with the vitamins. Her back is to me, denying me a glimpse of her reaction, but I can be patient. I wait for her to turn around.



More waiting. I give her two minutes to say something, anything, but she refuses to acknowledge the gifts. It’s been more than forty-eight hours since I’ve heard a word from her, and worry creeps up my spine.

Humming, her computer starts up, and Lia bends over with a sigh. Her skirt is halfway to her knees when she reaches for something on the floor, and I jump up from my desk to get whatever it is. “I’m fine, Beck. I’ve got it.” She stands up with her fingers wrapped around a pencil. “Thanks, though,” she adds icily. It’s not the warm reception I anticipated. The gifts are barely visible from inside the drawer where Lia stashes her purse and phone.

“Are you okay?” Thinking she might just be feeling ill, I give her a bit of space when she nods and steps back. “I have a meeting in ten minutes, but I thought we could talk a bit after.” I reach for her but get nothing but a cold shoulder in return. This isn’t the woman I was with in the front of my truck on Thursday night and then planning for a future with on Friday. “Lia?”

“I have to get things started for my day, Beck. You hired me to be your assistant and keep things organized. Jean reminded me that there is a Board of Trustees meeting after lunch, and I promised Donna I’d help her with setting up her presentation.”

I’m glad that the finance assistant is delegating to Lia when needed, but I can’t help but feel that it’s an excuse to avoid me. “Fine.” I bite out the word and turn around, stalking back into my office.

She’s still stiff and professional hours later as we return from the Board of Trustees annual review. As naughty as she once made “Mr. Huntsworth” sound, it’s now just distant and unwelcome.

I usher her in front of me, holding the door as she goes beneath my arm. It quietly closes behind us, and I don’t hide my movement when I flip the manual lock. Only two people have a physical key to the door, and no security clearance can undo it.

“What are you doing?” Lia’s eyes widen as she backs away, hands covering her stomach.

“We’re going to talk, and I don’t want any interruptions. My office, now.” My voice is quiet but firm. She’s mine, and I’ll make sure she knows it in no uncertain terms. Copyright 2016 - 2023