The merry-go-round creaks in the night breeze, a ghostly melody in counterpoint to the ragged breaths we share. “I was at this park after our kiss in the garage. This is where I ran to.”

He nods and leans in for a kiss. “I know,” Beck whispers along my cheek. The scrape of his teeth on my earlobe makes everything tighten in me, and he laughs as my legs wrap around his hips, pulling him closer. “This was always your place when you wanted to think. I found you asleep on that bench when you were told about your mom’s cancer being terminal. I picked you up, not like this,” he whispers, “and carried you home.”

“I was lighter then.”

“But you did not have these fabulous tits or this delicious pussy then.” Beck’s hands squeeze my breasts, making them pop up out of my dress’s low neckline. He growls, “You’re perfect,” against my stomach as he pushes me flat, and I’m not given a chance to ask what he’s doing before his mouth is on me.

Mouth and fingers move in tandem, seeking my pleasure. Hard and fast, he takes me to the edge twice before I beg him to let me come. His mouth covers my clit, tongue and lips teasing me as two fingers inside me become three. It’s too much, and the pressure builds until I’m biting my own hand to keep from crying out.

Seeking fingers work up my body to my breast, pinching until I can’t hold back the moans. My nipples are so hard they ache in the night air, and his hand is warm despite the delicious torment of each twist. He’s a musician in this, playing my body like an instrument.

When I come, it’s almost a relief when the pleasure ebbs. I’m still shaking when he moves up and into me. If his fingers felt good inside me, they’re nothing compared to his cock.

“Fuck, how I missed this, being inside you.” He thrusts, pulling me down the truck’s hood until he’s so deep inside me that I feel the stretch everywhere.

Beck makes good on his promise to make sure I know how much he missed me. His pants are still on, and my skirt is just hiked up out of his way, but it adds to the moment. We can’t get enough of each other. The night birds bear witness to our frenzied passion, listening as I try to stifle my groans.

“I missed you, too,” I say between his thrusts.

The pleasure is dizzying, and when he finally trembles on top of me, coming with a sigh, I almost wish I had the energy to climax again. I hate that we have to rush, but I am getting cold on the truck despite the warmth still radiating through the hood. “Can we get back in the truck? I’m freezing.”

We stumble back to our seats, and I manage to get my underwear back on. “I’m touched that you’re worried about my upholstery, Lia.” He’s still trying to fix his belt as he restarts the engine, and the fumbling is so cute that I laugh until a yawn interrupts me. “Let’s get you home, Lia. You’ve had a big night.”

I protest that he had a longer day and he stops me with a soft kiss. “Totally worth it.”

The drive to my home is filled with soft touches and shy smiles. We’re still not sure how to interact in ways that doesn’t involve fucking. I don’t know if we should even do that, but Beck is impossible to resist—even if I wanted to, which I don’t. He makes me feel like a princess, a desirable princess. The thought of going into the house and leaving his side makes my heart ache.

“I should go in.” I don’t mean the words, and kissing him in front of my house is dangerous and exciting. It would only take my dad or Jean one glance outside, and we’d be discovered. Glancing at the window, I try to remember if that light was on when we first pulled up…

We kiss again, and keep at it until my lips feel swollen and it’s hard to think about anything but the desire to go home with Beck and sleep in his bed.

“If you kiss me like that again, you’ll never get inside,” he groans. “For now, though, you should probably get your amazing ass to bed. We both have to be to work tomorrow for the Friday morning meeting, and if I don’t let you go now, we’re going to end up late to work because we stay up fucking all night. I really am jet-lagged, too,” he admits. Copyright 2016 - 2024