“Lia.” He whispers my name, stopping my tirade. “You are better at putting your feelings into art instead of words; you always have been.” The hand he had kept on the steering wheel reaches for my chin, turning me to face him. “My feelings are better shown in actions. Let me show you how I feel.” He pulls me to him, seatbelts straining as our lips meet.

It’s just like before: need blossoms in each stroke of his mouth on mine, and I can’t get close enough. I inhale as he exhales, and vice versa, and I’m dizzy when we finally part to catch our breath. Cold after sharing like that, my lungs burn with the effect. Forehead to forehead, we pant before tilting our heads to claim one another in a second kiss.

My hands move to his hair, and his slide down to my waist before blindly pawing at the seatbelt until the catch releases. I’m in his arms, and if not for the center console between the seats, I’d probably be in his lap. If I end up there, we’ll end up with the seat down flat and doing way more than making out in the truck. Beck’s hands slide up and under my shirt, and I am so close to trying to find a way to sneak him home and into my room. My room that is past my father’s, where he’s likely waiting up for me…

I break away from the kiss. We can’t get caught. Police sometimes patrol this park, and my dad likes to jog down this street. He would recognize Beck’s truck… All the questions I’ll have, the fighting. I know exactly what my dad will say. How Beck is too old for me, how I’m too young to be doing this.

“Do you want me as badly as I want you, Lia?” Beck can barely get out the words between gasping breaths, and he’s covering his crotch with his hands, hiding his erection or adjusting it. It’s hard to tell in the darkness.

I can’t reply. I’m so torn on what the right thing to do is. I want him. No; I need him, but it’s so difficult to know if what we’re doing is right. It feels right.

“It’s clear that you want me. I can tell in your kiss, by the way you look at me, the trust you have in me.” Beck’s breath fans out over my forehead in a warm puff before he kisses the skin between my brows, my nose, and then my lips. He pulls back enough to look at the house with its porch light on. “You are an adult—a gorgeous, grown woman, who drives me so crazy with want and lust that I could fuck you right here on the hood of my truck- and what the hell can anyone do to stop us?”

His hands grasp mine and pull them to his lap where I can feel his hard-on. “This is what just being near you does to me. It’s the Lia effect. If I so much as think about you, and I’m so hard it feels like my balls could burst. Every night I was away I would take a shower and stroke myself as I thought about us. I saved a screenshot of you as you finger fucked yourself while talking to me, and I jacked off a few times looking at your face as you came. I want to make love to you in my bed and wake up with your hair in my face and an arm thrown across my chest. I want to see where this can go. Do you want that? Your dad can’t stop us. You are an adult, Lia.”

I’m turned on, and uneasy about all of this. Getting caught by my dad is terror-inducing, even as an adult. I am still living beneath his roof… It’s not so much about dad, however, and more about Tasha. I start to try and explain it to Beck, about my promise to Tasha, and he silences me with a kiss.

“I want you. You want me. If you tell me that you don’t want me for your own sake, not for anyone else’s, I’ll believe you and let this go.”

His cock is tenting his pants, and I find myself stroking it through the fabric despite knowing I shouldn’t tease. “I want you. Want this.” I motion between us as I speak.

Beck nods and cups the back of my head before kissing me softly. “Then nothing is going to get between us.”

“There’s clothing between us,” I tease.

“Let me fix that.” Beck is out of the truck and around to my door in the time it takes me to shimmy out of my panties and kick them off onto the floorboard. “Come here.” He grabs me around the waist and carries me to the front of his truck, and leans me against the hood. “I’d never fucked outside before you. You’re getting all sorts of firsts out of me, Lia.”

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