Defiant Queen

Defiant Queen

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When I come, it’s with a scream that all of Dublin must be able to hear—and see.

But in the circle of Mount’s arms, I forget to care.






After two days of panel discussions, I’ve learned more about whiskey and spirits than I ever wanted to know, but I have to admit I now have a stronger fascination with it. Plenty of what I’ve learned will go into practice to streamline my own business. Keira and I parted ways to cover more ground because she couldn’t be in every presentation she wanted to hear.

Do I like letting her out of my sight into a crowd of men who stare at her like she’s their next meal? Not particularly, but I also realize something equally as important that makes me want to kill them less—Keira doesn’t see them. Not as men. She sees them as sources of knowledge, competitors, possible sales or potential suppliers.

She’s one hundred percent business during the day, but as soon as we make it to the suite at night, everything changes. The power struggle continues, but she’s bending more each time. Sometimes, it’s all I can do not to drag her away from whatever vendor party we attend in the evening and fuck her in the elevator on the way up.

Only one thing holds me back—I won’t take the risk of damaging the reputation and credibility she’s building here. To Keira, that would be the ultimate unforgiveable sin. Against the window was different. I didn’t tell her until afterward that it was tinted and no one could see us. Her furious glare was worth hearing her scream echo through the room when she came after we fought about it.

Like an addict craving his next fix, every time I’m with her, I’m chasing the same high. Except the difference between Keira and drugs? Every time with her gets better.

Today is the only free day of the conference. Tomorrow, we go back to panels during the day, and then a final gala with an award ceremony in the evening.

I would prefer to keep her in bed with my cock buried inside her all day, but I already made plans for us. I’m cursing them as she pulls on jeans and a formfitting sweater, and slips a leather jacket over it.

Goddammit, she’s fucking sexy. Naked. Clothed. In lingerie. It doesn’t matter.

First step of addiction: admitting you have a problem.

Fuck that nonsense. I’m doing just fine.






As a private car carries us through the streets of Dublin, my excitement grows with every moment. I’ve barely been out of the hotel since we got here, but today, I finally get to see the city I’ve explored many times in my imagination.

“Where are we going?” I ask the silent man beside me.

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