Jake smiled. “I think we have enough to work with for the moment.”

“Maybe so.” She reached up to draw him to her to kiss him. He stiffened. His eyes were dark, the amusement gone.

“Um, do I have to ask if I can kiss you?” she asked.

“No. You must wait until I tell you to kiss me.”

“What if I want to be in charge?”

He shook his head. “My…”

“Rules,” she finished, rolling her eyes.

“You agreed.”

His deep, commanding voice hummed through Sarah. God, she wanted him. Any way he wanted her, she was willing. Hell, she’d be his sex slave if he asked! Well, maybe not quite that far…

“Say it,” Jake commanded.

Staring into those intense eyes, Sarah licked her lips. “I agreed. You’re the boss.”

Jake got to his feet and pulled Sarah up. His eyes roamed over her naked, curvy, and very sexy body. “I think we need a break,” he said.

Sarah giggled. “That is an understatement. I think you might have fucked the life out of me. I’m orgasmed out!”

Jake grinned. “Is that a challenge?” He laughed when Sarah scooted out of his reach. He grabbed his shorts and put them on. Across from him, Sarah snatched up her bra and panties.

“I wouldn’t bother with those,” Jake said.

She arched one shapely brow. “Why not?”

Sarah, the very controlled and capable admin for his uncle’s company was back. “Because I’ll just have to take them off again.” He deliberately let his gaze roam over her body. He deepened his voice. “I plan on fucking you again, Sarah.”

She rolled her eyes. “Going for the best sex both sides of the Rockies?”

“Damn straight.” He released his ‘Dom’ voice.

To his pleasure and amazement Sarah tossed the sexy lingerie into the corner of the elevator and pulled on her skirt then her blouse.

“Leave it open,” he said.

Sarah’s green eyes narrowed.

He sighed then gave her his most persuasive smile. “Please? I want to look at you while we go over some of these reports. Might as well get some work done if we’re stuck here until maintenance arrives in the morning.”

Sarah shook her head. “You, Mr. Anders, are a sex fiend.”

“And you, Ms. Sweeney, are a fraud, hiding that hot little body of yours.”

As soon as each of them snapped open their briefcases, both returned to their boss/employee relationship, though Jake, for the first time in his life, had a hard time concentrating on facts and figures.

Sarah sat on the other side of the elevator, scribbling notes. She was back in admin mode but she didn’t look like the efficient and controlled woman he’d worked with all week. Her blond hair framed her face and fell in a shiny sheet over her breasts. Damn, his own Lady Godiva. Maybe he’d make her ride him.

Sarah leaned to one side to pick up a stack of papers. One pert breast peaked out from her gaping blouse to taunt him. He grinned, his cock stirring, ready for round two. Or was it three. Sarah Sweeney was the sexiest woman he’d been with in a long time. Being rich, he was never short of good-looking woman with hot bodies but Sarah was different and he planned to explore all she had to offer.

He stared at the report but didn’t bother to read it. His mind was focused on the puzzle of Sarah. What would Ms. Efficiency say if he told her that he was a Dom and that she’d just played the role of a submissive? Normally, he preferred a professional sub, someone who knew the game, the rules, and was less likely to form complicated attachments.

Sarah was not a sub. She was a strong, controlled woman, and having her relinquish that control had to be the greatest gift he’d ever been given. No denying that sex between them was better than good. He frowned. Something about Sarah had made this interlude special.

Her naivety amused and aroused him. He’d assumed she’d known he was a Dom the moment he’d ordered her to him but it hadn’t taken him long to figure out she was totally vanilla.

That surprised him. He’d spotted her friend Lainey and the guy from sales at one of the BDSM clubs. Neither had seen him but he’d figured that Sarah knew about the Dom/sub role the two had going.

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