“Good. Do you like rewards, Sarah?”

“Yes, Sir.” She fell back into the submissive role he’d demanded of her.

“You’ve been a bad girl teasing me all week. I think you want me to punish you.” His hands stroked her ass.

“You want to spank me?” her voice rose in disbelief.

“Yes. And you want me to spank you. Don’t you, Sarah?”

Was the man crazy? No one wanted to be spanked, did they? Yet he hadn’t hurt her. In fact, she liked having him take control and tell her what to do. It was a nice change from being in charge and responsible for the company and everyone who worked there. And he’d told her he’d stop if she wanted.

Jake slid one hand under her to cup her clit, two fingers sliding along her wet lips then into her pussy. She moaned. Oh god. She had to be a very bad girl to want this! But heaven help her, she wanted another round or two of sex with Jake. “Yes. I need to be spanked.” Had she really said that?

Sarah tensed but Jakes fingers stroked gently over her clit. As soon as she moaned with need and pressed down onto his fingers, he spanked her on the ass.

She squealed. It stung! Before she could protest, another slap followed. His fingers stroked inside her, his thumb rubbing her tight clit. Each time her hips thrust against his long, clever fingers, he spanked her, rotating from one cheek to the other. She didn’t know which was worse, fighting the urge to come or the glowing pain of her ass.

“You’re hot and wet. You want me.”

“Yes,” she squealed.

“That wasn’t a question.” He lowered her to the floor and rolled her over onto her back. “You’ve been very good. I’m going to reward you.” He tore open a small foil packet and while she watched, slid the condom over his hard cock.

The look in his eyes made her moan. “Bend your knees,” he ordered.

She did, widening them further at his urging. She gasped when his fingers spread her wet, swollen folds. His dark head lowered.

Sarah fisted her hands at her sides when his tongue darted into her pussy, tasting her, then traveled up to her clit. The tip of his tongue found the tip of her clit and flicked her over and over.

She jerked her hips when he suckled gently.

Oh my god. Sarah wanted to scream the words. When he shoved two fingers inside and stroked, she cried out.

“Do you want to come again?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes. Yes Sir!” She didn’t care if she was begging.

“I want to taste you when you come. Come now, Sarah.”

Normally she hated being told what to do but when Jake gave her orders in that deep, throaty, arousing baritone, her body obeyed. She couldn’t have stopped the violent orgasm if she tried. Before she could recover, he was thrusting inside her. Hard. Fast. Furious. Driving her back toward another orgasm.

“Look at me, Sarah. Look at me.”

Sarah stared into Jake’s eyes, saw the pain of release in his eyes, and knew she was the reason. Her obedience had turned him into a hot, sexy lover. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him, holding him inside when she felt him spasm. The walls of her pussy pulsed around his shaft and she bucked, over and over, as she gave in to another orgasm, one that just kept coming.

By the time he collapsed onto her, she was gasping and crying. He pulled her onto her side to face him. His fingers were gentle and tender as he stroked her cheeks, his thumb capturing her tears. He moved one hand to her sore ass and soothed it.

“That was fantastic,” he said, his voice back to normal.

How had she ever thought this man to be dull and boring? She reached out and cupped the side of his face. “Best sex this side of the Rockies,” she agreed.

“Just this side of the Rockies?”

Sarah giggled. “How did you know I had an elevator fantasy?”

He grinned. “Doesn’t everyone?” He trailed his finger over her breasts.

Sarah sighed then sobered. “This might not have been a good idea. We have to work together.”

Jake nodded. “That’s why I have rules.”

God, she could only imagine his other rules. His demand to be in charge had made her lose total control, something she’d never done. Sarah was always in control. She gave the orders, in the bedroom and out. “Well, let’s hear your rules,” she said. For sex like they’d just had, she might agree to anything!

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