“Do you like my cock, Sarah?”

His cock, gloriously erect stood at attention inches from her face.

“Oh yes, Sir. I love your cock.”

“Take me in your hands, Sarah and show me how much you love it.”

Sarah took him in hand and stroked. Spotting a clear drop of dew, she leaned forward and lapped it with the tip of her tongue. Jake thrust his hips forward.

Sarah opened her mouth and took him inside her. Using her hands, she guided him in and out, scraping her teeth over him, wrapping her tongue around his tip, teasing him as he teased her clit. Her fingers went to his root and found his soft balls and gently fondled them, feeling them tightening, drawing up inside as she loved his cock with her lips, mouth and tongue.

“God, enough. No more, Sarah. Stand up.” Jake pulled away “You were torturing me, weren’t you, Sarah?”

“No Sir. I was pleasing you.”

Jake shook his head. “You were trying to make me come. Weren’t you?”

Sarah hung her head in mock submission, wondering what he had in mind.

“Yes Sir. I wanted to bring you pleasure. I’m sorry, Sir.” Her clit throbbed with need and her pussy eagerly awaited the reward of his cock inside her.

“Bad girls must be punished.”

She grinned. “Yes, Sir. I’ve been bad. You have to punish me.”

Jake got down onto his knees and pointed to a spot right in front of him. “I want to see your hot little pussy.”

Sarah eagerly went to him, standing close enough that his eyes were level with her mound of blond pubic hair. She arched her hips forward, inviting him to taste her.

Without taking his eyes off her, he reached forward and spread her legs. “I’m going to do to you what you were doing to me and you may not come. Is that clear?”

Sarah nodded, her body on edge and ready. “Yes Sir.”

“Open yourself. Let me see your clit.”

Sarah found it incredibly sexy to be standing inches from his face. She slid her fingers through her tight nest of pale curls and slowly pulled her lips apart, feeling the cool air mingled with Jake’s hot breath. Her body trembled. Holy shit, she was ready for him.

“So pink, so sweet.” His voice was a soft whisper. He leaned forward to breathe hot air across her clit.

She shivered.

“Show me how wet you are.”

Sarah held his gaze as she slid two fingers into her pussy then held them out to him.

He took her fingers and licked her pussy juices. “Mm, hot and wet. I’m going to bury my face between your legs and pay some loving attention to your clit.” His large hands cupped her ass.

Shit! Talk like that was going to make her lose control! He asked a question so she kept quiet. He grinned.

“Very good. Now open yourself for me again.”

Sarah pulled her lips apart. Jake widened her stance even more until she was totally open and exposed. He gripped her ass hard and slid his tongue along her moist lips and licked his way up through the folds on one side, skimmed over her clit then made returned his attention to her pussy. Over and over, he teased and taunted.

Sarah shuddered and tried to move her hips, wanting him to latch onto her clit but his hands held her firm, the pressure of his fingers digging into her flesh warning that he was in charge.

Sweat dampened her skin. God, he truly was torturing her. She couldn’t help the low whimper that escaped.

“What do you want, Sarah?”

“You, Sir.” Sarah played the game, her role.

“Tell me exactly what you want,” Jake ordered, lifting his head.

She would have smiled at his expected response if she wasn’t so dammed turned on and needy. “I want you to lick my clit then suck it until I scream.”

“That doesn’t sound like a punishment, Sarah.” He continued to tease her with his tongue.

“Please, Sir.” She groaned when his tongue flicked across her clit.

“Do you like this, Sarah?”

“Yes…” she screamed when Jake’s lips closed over her clit and began sucking. Two fingers entered her pussy and stroked, hard and fast, the pad of one finger finding that hypersensitive spot inside her.

His fingers on her ass slid into her crack and found her anus. He touched, probed. Her hips jerked, trapping his finger against her. She was still holding herself open to his wonderful mouth and tongue and his fingers were buried deep inside her pussy.

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