“I want you, Sarah. At my side each and every day. That’s what I want. That’s what will please me and that’s what will make me a happy man.”

The words were everything she wanted. Did she dare reach out and take him at his word. “I want dinner and desert with you every night and I want to wake up with you beside me,” she said, giving him a shaky smile.

“Are you sure, Sarah? I won’t let you go again.”

Sarah nodded. “Yes, Jake. I’m sure. And I won’t let you go either.” No matter what the future held, she needed this man. Stepping back, she knelt, assuming the position she knew he loved.

“That’s yes, Sir,” Jake said, his voice warm.

Sarah grinned. “Yes, Sir.” His voice aroused her and anticipation of what he’d ask of her had her clit throbbing. Her panties were already wet, her pussy eager for his cock.

“Stand and remove your clothes. Slowly.”

Sarah took her time shrugging out of her suit jacket. She reached down then slowly lowered the zipper of her skirt and wiggled free. Licking her lips, she drew her blouse over her head then paused, her fingers grasping the front closure of her bra.

When Jake just watched, his eyes on her fingers, she released the catch, dropped her arms, and let her bra join the rest of her clothing. Smiling, she drew her shoulders back, jutting her breasts out.

Jake groaned, his fingers twitched.

Feeling in control and in charge, Sarah removed her pantyhose, taking her time, letting her breasts sway when she bent down.

Standing in just her red thong, she waited.

“Touch yourself. Are you wet?” Jake finally spoke.

Sarah slid one finger along her crotch, feeling her own dampness. “Yes, Sir, I’m wet.” Jake’s eyes were on her finger as she stroked herself.

“Turn around.”

She complied.

“Run your hands over your ass.”

Sarah ran her hands over her cheeks, pulling them apart as she did so. “Like this, Sir?”

“You have a hot little ass, Sarah. Take off the panties.”

Sarah slid them off and stepped out of them, deliberately presenting her ass to him when she bent over. He didn’t disappoint her. His hands stroked her, and pulled her tight against him. He circled his hips. She felt his hard cock through his pants and groaned. Her body was on fire.

“You want my cock in your pussy, don’t you Sarah?”

“Yes, Sir, I want your cock inside me.”

“In your pussy?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Say it Sarah.”

He spread her cheeks but didn’t touch herself where she throbbed. “I need your cock in my pussy. Please Jake. Please, Sir.” Damn, she loved it when he made her talk dirty.

“I can’t do that.”

Sarah’s head snapped up and forgetting her role, she spun around, eyes wide.

Jake’s lips twitched. “If you want my cock, you have to undress me.”

Relieved, Sarah eagerly removed Jake’s jacket, tie, and shirt but when she reached for his pants, she hesitated, then got down on her knees, and unbuckled his belt and the single button. Her fingers scrapped along the zipper as she reached for the tab. Tilting her head back, she licked her lips and held his gaze.

Seeing desire, and more, in his eyes, Sarah slowly unzipped Jake’s pants and pulled them down. She removed his shoes and then his pants then stared at his boxers.

His stiff cock throbbed behind the fabric and she wanted to yank his boxers down and free him. Instead she slid her finger up his thighs, up beneath his boxers, her thumbs brushing his pubic hair and the sides of his root then sliding around to cup his ass, finding him rounded and muscled.


Feeling powerful, Sarah lifted her eyes. “Am I not doing it correctly, Sir?”

Jake groaned when her finger dug into his ass cheeks. His hips jerked and his hidden cock brushed her mouth. “You can’t have what you can’t see.” He tried to keep command in his voice but she heard the need.

In one quick motion, she freed his cock by removing his shorts. His cock bounced against her face.

“Let your hair down,” he ordered.

Sarah made quick work unbraiding her hair then finger combing it, pulling it over her shoulders so it framed her face and draped over her breasts. Jake took his cock in hand and stroked.

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