Temperance’s gaze followed Tina as the other woman walked to the elevator.

“You had mail for me,” he said, approaching the desk.

She turned toward him, looking startled. “Ah, yes, here you go.” She handed him a thick pile of letters. Some of them were official, and others were junk mail.

“I’ll be working late tonight on the O’Brian account.”

“The guy who designs makeup?” Temperance asked.

Part of his success was that his company held several accounts and wasn’t just in one industry. He owned several firms, and for certain accounts, he made sure he was the one heading them.

“One and the same. I’ll need you tonight,” he said.

“Not a lot of notice.”

“Do you need a lot of notice?” he asked.

Temperance smiled. “I need some. I could have a hot date, or be doing something.”

Richard didn’t like the sudden sick feeling at the thought of her doing something with anyone else without him. He liked the thought of sharing her, but it had to be with someone of his choice.

The smile on her face dropped as he continued to stare at her.

“Will you be able to make it?” he asked. “Or do I need to employ someone else?”

“No, I can make it.”

“Then what was with all that other sh—nonsense?” Richard didn’t advertise his extracurricular activity. There were always rumors about what the billionaire beast did, but he never allowed speculation about his personal life in the office. He enjoyed the club, and liked to keep the two separate.

“Nothing, it would have been nice to have some notice, is all.” She gave him another smile, only this one was forced. He didn’t like her to force her humor.

Walking back into his office, he kept his door open and moved behind his desk. Taking a seat, he started to go through his mail. All the time he was aware of Temperance leaving her desk, and swaying those perfect full hips of hers. He’d give anything to have her naked and beneath him. There was even a small spark of lust, thinking about her pressed between him and another man. Together, they’d blow her world apart. Richard wasn’t a small man. He was large, and some women, even Tina and Luna, some of their club women, couldn’t take all of him. Most of the time the women he was with preferred for him to finish off in their mouths, which he didn’t have a problem with. God, what was wrong with him?

Dropping the mail, he spun around to look out of the window over the city. So much was changing within the club life. It happened long before Russ found Anna. Being a billionaire and a biker was not a combination that could last all that long. He saw the way certain clients looked at him when he was in a meeting. Richard didn’t doubt for a second that his life wouldn’t be the same without his reputation and the way he looked. He wasn’t a conventional businessman. Most of the people he dealt with believed him to be a fighter, a criminal, or at least working with criminals.

He’d always been a large guy, and he also worked out.

Exercise was one of the best ways for him to blow off steam.

Staring out of the window, Richard wondered if the Billionaire Bikers would continue to ride after Lewis found the woman he’d been hunting for.

“Here is your coffee,” Temperance said, interrupting his thoughts.

Spinning around, he watched as she straightened his desk. She was bent forward a little showing off a great deal of cleavage. His mouth watered for a taste of her. He wanted to pull her toward him, tear open her shirt, and lick the valley between her tits.

His cock pulsed, and he moved in his seat to get himself comfortable.

“Do you like O’Brian?” he asked.

“How do you mean?”

“We’ve been trying to get his account for the past six months, and he’s been pretty adamant about going over his contract. I just wondered what you thought of him?” Richard didn’t like the man, but he knew of O’Brian’s reputation with the women and with fellow colleagues. The only reason Richard was going to be striking up a deal with the makeup mogul was because he was the top man in his field.

“Look, my feelings don’t matter, so don’t worry about it.”

“I just want to get another perspective on the guy.”


Why, oh why did he have to ask her that question?

Temperance stared across the large desk at her rather large boss. Richard was a very intense boss. She wouldn’t call him a tyrant or even a bully, though many would. He was a perfectionist, which was rather strange considering his lifestyle choice. She knew about his other life as a biker even though he tried to keep it separate. Temperance had seen his leather jacket when he’d been in his en-suite bathroom. She had left him a coffee, and seen the name of the club. When she’d gotten home, she had done her research to find out who he was. Of course, the internet only ever told one story.

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