Chapter One

Richard “Beast” Bruce stared down at Tina as she took his dick to the back of her throat, and held his cock there. She was a fucking pro at taking cock, and it was one of the reasons why she was such a good club whore. For the past two months he’d been calling her regularly to his work place just so he could blow off steam. It didn’t help that his PA, Temperance Harris, was going around in tight, fuck-me skirts, which was doing nothing more than turning him on. She was a good PA, the best he’d ever had, but she was fucking killing him. It wasn’t even Temperance’s fault. It was his.

She didn’t try to tempt or tease him.

Her efficiency was one of the reasons he liked her. Wrapping his fingers around Tina’s hair, he held onto her, and started to pump his hips up into her waiting mouth. The Billionaire Bikers Motorcycle Club had been started by ten billionaires, and he was one of them. They were like a lot of other MCs. They had a clubhouse where they kept women, and some close friends to them liked to party. The women were paid for their services, and in return they kept their mouths shut. The Billionaire Bikers also helped ensure the safety and future of women who had been caught up in human trafficking, or the sex market. It was mostly Lewis Cox’s fault that the club dealt with helping women. Richard understood why Lewis’s mission was to try to end all kinds of human trafficking, but they were fighting a war that Richard doubted they would ever win.

Tina was his club whore of choice for many reasons. One of his club brothers, Russ, had settled down with Anna, one of the women they’d saved. Tina had been hoping Russ would take her as an old lady, and wife. Of course, that was never going to happen.

Richard was surprised that Russ had settled down. The club had been built together as brothers with the belief they wouldn’t settle down.

A knock on the door startled him, and he closed his eyes. Tina’s mouth wasn’t where he wanted to be. There was another woman he wanted more than anyone else.

“What is it?” Richard asked.

“Sir, I’ve got your mail for you,” Temperance said.

Just the sound of her voice was enough to arouse him. She had this husky voice, which always sounded to him like pure sex, the kind of voice a woman gets from screaming for hours in orgasm, maybe even from being between two men. Yeah, he was a little fucked up. He happened to enjoy sharing a woman. There was something beautiful when a woman was being fucked, getting pleasure from two men.

Staring down at Tina, he gritted his teeth. The woman between his thighs wasn’t doing it for him. Tina had never really done it for him. It was just always so easy to imagine someone else in her place.

“I’ll come out and get it in a minute.”

There was no way he was going to leave without reaching orgasm. Fucking Tina’s face, he kept his eyes closed and imagined it was Temperance on the floor taking his cock. Damn, he’d have her spread out on the table, sucking her pretty pussy before plunging his dick deep inside her.

Richard held onto the back of Tina’s head and started to pump inside her mouth. He groaned out, unable to contain the sound of his pleasure. Spilling his cum into her mouth, he felt her swallowing him down.

Opening his eyes, he watched as she licked the last drop, and sat back on her legs. Instead of feeling satisfied, he wasn’t. The orgasm hadn’t done anything to satisfy him. It was just empty.

“Time to leave,” he said.

“What? You don’t want me to stay so I can give you a main course?” Tina asked, rubbing her hands up his thighs.

Shaking his head, he stood up, putting away his now flaccid cock. “Get out.”

“You don’t have to be so rude.”

Tina got to her feet and ran her fingers through her short hair.

She was the complete opposite of Temperance, and this woman oozed bitchiness. There wasn’t a single nice bone in her body.

Reaching out, he gripped the back of her neck, pulling her in tight. “You’re a woman of our club. We pay your way, and in return, we own you, Tina. Don’t for a second think you can get away with shit.”

He released her, and she simply glared at him. Tina was becoming a problem.

“I’ll see you tonight?” she asked. The mask dropped into place, and Richard saw through her.

“No.” He wasn’t going to be joining in club activities tonight. He still had some business to attend to, so he’d be working late.

Moving toward the door of his office, he opened it up.

Tina brushed past him, leaning up to kiss his cheek. “Have a good day, handsome.”

She was pushing her luck, and he caught sight of Temperance watching them. Was Tina trying to find a place as his old lady? He hoped not. Richard had vowed never to harm women, but Tina was testing the club’s nerve. He made a note to talk to Russ. Copyright 2016 - 2023