And it’s then I realize how much of a turd I’m being. Putting my arm out to my side, I feel for Nox. Finding his arm, I follow the trail down until I reach his hand and link our fingers. I apologize quietly, “I’m sorry, babe. I know I’m not being fair. It’s so easy for me to forget that I’m still being protected. Sometimes, I just want to be me again, you know? Without the dramatics and over the top security.”

Lifting my hand to his mouth, he kisses my palm, and silently drives us on.

We drive for around half an hour. I know this because Nox won’t let me turn on the radio due to the fact that I’ll easily figure out where we are, so I spend the time mentally counting the seconds.

I count twenty-seven minutes and three seconds, total, before the van comes to a stop and Nox gets out. He opens my door and I lift my hands to remove the blindfold, but he stops me with, “Signs, babe. I’ll tell you when you can take it off.”

As soon as I step out of the van, I hear it. The swirling. The crashing. The soft buzz in the air.

Breathing deeply, I smell it too. A huge smile breaks out on my face and I bounce excitedly. Nox says in mock sternness, “Uh oh. You’re ruining my surprise.”

Holding his hand with both of mine, I beg quickly, “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

He bends down to remove my shoes and socks; we walk forward a little while, and my feet come into contact with cool, smooth sand. I mentally squeal but laugh out loud.

Nox stops suddenly and firmly says, “Do not remove the blindfold, Lily. I’m warning you.”

Placing my index and middle fingers at my forehead, I give him a salute and wait patiently. After a minute, he guides me with a hand on the small of my back. I hear him sit, and gently, he pulls me down to sit on the blanket, between his legs.

He pulls up the blindfold and I gasp softly.

The ocean.

I love the ocean.

Smiling like an idiot, I push back into his body. He wraps his arms tightly around my middle and presses his lips to my cheek. His breath warms me. “’Kay, babe?”

I answer quietly, “This is the best thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

He responds just as quietly on a body squeeze, “You’re welcome, princess.”

We sit and watch the ocean, allowing the sights and sounds to wash over us and take us away from reality.

Right now, we’re just Nox and Lily.

Not protector and protected.

The beach is deserted. And this is our happy place.

Our bubble. Us against the world.

A thought suddenly comes to mind. “What’s your name?”

He stills behind me and I wonder if I’ve somehow screwed up by asking. I think it’s a fair question.

Nox grumbles, “It doesn’t matter. I’m not him anymore.”

Leaning my head to the side, I kiss his chin and admit gently, “It does matter. It’s important to me. I want to know you.”

A long silence follows.

Then finally, “Adam Christian Taylor. Born March eighteenth, nineteen eighty four in White Deer, Texas to a single mother, Clare.” The southern twang I’ve heard escape his voice so many times comes out to play.


Oh wow!

Turning, I kneel in the space between his legs and reach up to cup his cheeks. He watches me cautiously, but I smile, then flip off his ball cap. Leaning forward, I peck softly at his lips and say between kisses, “Hi, Adam. I’m Lily.”

His hands span my hips and he presses his lips deeper into mine. Against them, he smiles and simply says, “Hey.”

We kiss softly, unrushed, for a long time, and it’s out of this world. But something’s bothering me. Pulling back a little, I ask, “Is it bad that I still want to call you Nox?”

He shakes his head and replies, “Is it bad that I still want you to call me Nox?” I shrug and he utters, “Adam’s all but gone, princess. He’s just a memory to me. I’ve been Nox for a long time. I am Nox.”

Nodding, I say honestly, “I don’t care what you call yourself.” Placing my palm over his heart, I add, “You’re still the same man in here.”

Rolling his eyes, he whines loudly, “Lily!” It’s so out of character for him that I still.

I have no idea what I’ve done wrong, so I shrink back and he catches it. He points a finger at me, “Don’t. Don’t do that.” Then he sighs, “Fuck me.” Placing my hair behind my ear, he murmurs an awestruck, “So much sweet tucked behind the fierce. I don’t know what to do with you, girl. You’re killin’ me.”

I blink. My response drips sarcasm. “Would you like for me to spit on you to even it out?”

Then he smiles. Bright and all teeth. And I want to drown in that smile. From now ‘til the end of time.

I whisper, “It would be totally stupid for me to fall in love with you.”

His smile fades, but only a little. He nods in agreement. “It would be totally stupid.” He pecks my lips once, twice, three times. Pulling back, I look into his deep-blue eyes and see nothing but sincerity. He adds gently, “Can’t help who you fall in love with, princess.”

Oh shit.

The bridge of my nose tingles. My eyes mist and I bite my lip, trying to hold it together. I sniffle. “Best day ever.”

Nox looks at my face, wide eyed. “Clearly, what with all the crying and shit.”

A bark of laughter escapes me. I smack him. “Ass.” Then I add, “Wanna be someone else for today? Just today?”

His eyes crinkle and he says in his most southern accent, “Sure thing, darlin’. I’ll be Hank and you can be Maude.”

The laughter bursts out of me. I laugh so hard, I double over, resting my forehead on his shaking shoulder.

He turns me around and sits me back between his legs. His arms cinch around my waist and he buries his face into my neck. He says a muffled, “Don’t wanna let you go.”

My heart swells. I whisper back, “Then don’t.”

Running into Boo’s room, I slam the door shut behind me.

She turns to me, looking stunned. Panting, I whisper hiss, “How do I do sex?”

The shocked look on her face fades. She motions to the bed and smiles big, “Take a seat. We have much to discuss.”

Already in bed waiting for Nox, I smooth down the sheets, wanting everything to be perfect.

Tonight is the night I hand in my V-card. So it’s a pretty special day. I probably should’ve done something to mark the occasion.

Like bake a cake.

Or blown up balloons.

Streamers would’ve been nice.

Boo was damn excited about it. And, my goodness, the things she told me! I read erotica a lot, but when you have nothing to compare these things to, they become confusing. So give a girl a break!

Shaved legs?


Underarms okay?

I sniff myself.

Meh. It’ll do.

Brushed teeth?

Check and check.

And just as I reach down to adjust my underwear, Nox walks in. So I snap my hand up and out of the covers. But it’s too late.


Nox’s eyes widen and he says, “Oh, please don’t let me stop you, baby. Keep going.”

Yep. It looked like I was touching myself.

My face flames and I bite out, “I wasn’t doing that.”

He creeps over to the bed, places a knee on the mattress, and leans over to me, murmuring, “It’s been a long fucking day and I need that mouth.”

Reaching up as he leans down, our mouths connect. He tangles a hand in my hair and kisses me deeper, groaning. Just as the kiss gets intense, he pulls away and says, “No. I don’t wanna get carried away. I need to shower, and if we keep this up I’ll be too lazy to do it later.”

He smiles down at me, “Is it okay if we pick this up in ten?”

My voice hoarse, I reply, “Ten minutes. Any longer and I’ll come in after you.”

Climbing off the bed, his eyes darken and become hooded. “Just try keeping me away.” He walks over to the bathroom and I land back on the bed with a plop.

This seduction thing is harder than I thought.

Chapter Seventeen

All systems go


As soon as Nox steps out of the bathroom in only a pair of white boxers, he comes straight for me.

Biting my lip, I’m suddenly nervous. The energy in the room just went from still to sizzling-hot in a mere second. And I’m turned on. Just from the sight of him.

As he strides over to the bed, I take him in. His dark, usually buzzed hair is a little longer now. Just enough to run your fingers through. Big, muscly arms, thick and strong legs, defined abs, broad chest and shoulders is enough to make me lick my lips in anticipation.


Never in my life would I have thought I could get a man that looks like this…but, here we are.

Funny how things work.

The bed dips and he lies down next to me. Looking completely indifferent, he avoids my eyes when he asks in an overly bored tone, “Wanna make out?”

Reaching behind me, I grab hold of a pillow and bring it down on his head. His body shakes with silent laughter. Throwing the pillow off, he grabs hold of my wrist and pulls me to him. Sitting up, he sits me on his lap facing him. Eyes smiling, he says, “Hey.”

A small smile graces my lips. “Hi.”

His fingers play at my back, teasing the edge of my tank, stroking the sensitive skin there. I’m already getting antsy and we’ve just started. Remembering my mission, I decide I need to make a gesture for him to get the message.

Crossing my arms across my stomach, I grip the sides of my tank and lift it off, leaving me in nothing but a pair of black panties (thanks to Boo).

Nox blinks at my bare chest a while before his eyes hood, and he lowers his face into the valley between my breasts, nuzzling the flesh there. Sighing, I wrap my arms around his head and whisper, “I want you, Nox.”

His faces stills in my cleavage, his body tight.

Lifting his head, our eyes meet. He searches my face a minute before asking, “Are you sure?” Just as I’m about to answer, he adds, “’Cause it doesn’t matter to me. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You don’t have to do this for me.”

Smiling at the flush that appears on his neck, I take his face in my hands and kiss him sweetly. “I want to do this for me. Because I want it to be you. I always want to think back and know I chose you. It’s mine to give and I want you.”

Gripping my hips tightly, he loosens his hold and slowly runs his hands up and down my sides. Still not convinced, he whispers, “I won’t pressure you. Not ever.”

Rubbing the tip of my nose lightly against his, I whisper back, “You’re not. You’re being super sweet and I love that. But I want this. Really badly.”

His blue eyes flash.

Before he can do anything, I reach down between us and wrap my hand around his boxer-covered erection. He hisses and leans back a little. Taking this as permission, I reach down with my other hand and rub him nice and slow.

His eyes close and he mutters, “Keep doing that and I’m not gonna last, princess.”

I don’t want it to end so soon!

Pulling my hands back, I enquire, “So if it happens, that’s it? You’re done?” I can’t keep the disappointment out of my voice.

Nox chuckles and suddenly I feel stupid. My chin dips. Feeling my embarrassment, his laughter stops. Placing his fingers at my chin, he lifts my face and says through a smile, “No, baby. I could go all night with you. It takes about ten minutes for me to, uh…” He clears his throat, thinking of a word. “…recharge, but then I’m good to go again.”

Reaching down again, I take his length in my hands, stroking and ask quietly, “What’s the problem then?”

His eyes close once more and he mumbles, “I forget.”

Feeling a little like a child telling secrets, I lean closer to his ear and say, “Take off your shorts. I want to see you.”

I’m grateful he doesn’t make me beg. Reaching down, he grips the edges of his shorts and tugs. They come down only so far because of my position, so I take them down the rest of the way.

And stare.

It really is big.

Making a snap decision, I do something I’ve always wanted to try. I bend at the waist and swipe my tongue up the length of his shaft.

His body jerks as if electricity runs through it and he groans, “Baby, fuck!”

I think back to what Boo told me.

“Under the head is very sensitive so be careful with it. Start slow. Use your hand in an up-down motion. And don’t use teeth. Listen to him for encouragement. If he groans and shifts around, you’re doing good.”

Holding his shaft in my hand, I hold it straight up, and place my mouth over the head, just to get a feel of it. When Nox groans again, I lower my mouth further then lift. Making a rhythm, I start bobbing my head slow and shallow on his dick. His hands move to my head and I take that as a sign to keep going. I bob deeper, making sure not to gag myself, and suck a little harder. Nox moans, “Holy-fuck-shit!”

Becoming courageous, I stroke as I suck him, and his body bucks. I do this for a little while longer and he grinds out, “Baby, seriously not gonna last.”

Taking my mouth off him for a second, I utter, “I want to see.”

Panting, his hips start moving and he pushes deeper into my mouth. He thrusts faster and faster, then suddenly, he pulls free of my mouth and strokes his throbbing erection against his marred stomach.

I watch closely as he finds his release.

His face turns pained, his balls tighten and I see the exact moment it happens. Gripping it tightly, his angry looking shaft throbs and creamy white cum spurts onto his stomach, once, twice, three and finally, a fourth time.

Imitating a limp noodle, he falls back onto the bed. He looks exhausted. Panting as if he ran a mile, sweating and droopy. His erection deflates and he peeks at me through one eye. He catches my small smile and asks, “How’d I do? Did I get the job?” Copyright 2016 - 2024