“Kiss me.”

And he does. Until the song finally ends and a faster one comes on.

“I’m going to the bathroom, baby. Stay at our table until I get back.” I nod, making my way back to our table. I’m stopped by a young man who looks to be about my age. He’s got blond hair and blue eyes and has ‘American’ written all over him. It’s easy to spot now who lives on the islands and who doesn’t.

“You have the time?” he asks, a little slur to his words.

“Yeah, sure.” I reach into my purse and pull out my phone. “Just a little after nine.”

He steps a little closer, and I try to retreat but bump up against our table.

“How about you give me your number and we meet up later? You look like a good fuck after how you were all over that guy on the dance floor.”

“My husband,” I correct.

“I don’t care what he was. I know an easy lay when I see one.”

Suddenly Sean is next to me, taking my phone from my hand. I hear the crack of the shattered phone and see the broken pieces to the floor.

“Jesus, was that thing made of crackers?” I say, looking down at the phone.

“I suggest you take a fucking step back from my wife.”

“Hey, man.” The guy steps back, throwing his hands up like he’s going to walk away. But he doesn’t. No, he does the wrong thing altogether. “I’m up for sharing, man. She got enough ass and tits for the both of us.”

I barely see Sean move as the blond guy gets a fist to the face. He falls back onto a table before rolling to the floor.

Sean turns to me and cups my face. “You okay, baby?”

He just hit someone and he’s worried about me?

“Your hand.” I’m thinking about the shattered phone and the punch. That should hurt, right? I feel like I’d cry if that was me.

He kisses my cheek. “Told you that dress would be trouble, and now you’re in trouble,” he says in my ear, pulling me from the bar after throwing some money on the table. “Sorry about your phone. I’ll get you a new one.”

I can’t wait to get home, and for Sean to show me all the trouble I’m in.



Six months after that…

“Sean! Are you in here?”

I hear Tessa coming into our room, and I go to the closet to hide the bag.

“What are you doing?”

I turn around, wondering how the hell she got to me so fast.


Tessa rolls her eyes and stands there, crossing her arms under her big breasts. All it does is accentuate them in her bikini top, and I lick my lips.

“Focus, big guy. You’re a terrible liar. What’s in the bag?”

She goes up on her tiptoes, trying to look behind me, and I feel my face blush.

“It’s nothing.”

“Then why are you being so sneaky?” A devilish grin crosses her face, and I know what’s coming.

Suddenly, she’s jumping at me, and I have no choice but to catch her, dropping the bag of pregnancy tests behind me.

“What the—”

“I just wanted to be prepared,” I stumble. Feeling silly. “You know, whenever you’re ready.”

Tessa laughs and wraps her legs and arms tighter around me.

“It’s funny, because I don’t remember you asking at all last time. I just remember you putting a baby in me.”

My cock twitches at her words. She’s right. Things have grown stronger between us since we’ve been on the island, and I know I never have to worry about her leaving me. But I still want another baby with her. She’s an incredible mother, and seeing Marcus grow over this past year has been magical. I never thought I’d be the guy who got excited about first steps or first words until I met Tessa. I never realized how much I wanted to make a family until the first time I laid eyes on her.

I carry her over to the bed and climb on, laying her down under me.

“I’m ready, but I’ve also come to realize we have lots of time. I just thought I’d cum in you as many times as possible and then maybe steal your pee out of the toilet and keep testing it until I get you bred.”

Tessa puts her hands over her face and I hear her giggle. “There’s that crazy love of mine.”

“Is that an invitation?” I push her sundress up, revealing her naked pussy. She stopped wearing bottoms a long time ago, and it’s made life a lot easier.

“Marcus is with Sal and Marie this afternoon. I think that’s all the invitation you need.”

Growling, I move down her body and shoulder her legs apart. I put my mouth on her cunt. I know exactly how to get her off, and I don’t want to draw it out. I plan on having her at least three times before Sal comes back with Marcus, and I want to make the most of it.

Pushing two fingers inside her wet channel, I curl them up, hitting her sweet spot and making her back arch off the bed.

“Sean,” she moans, gripping my hair and grinding down on my mouth.

“That’s it, little fox,” I mumble against her wet core. “Fucking use my mouth.”

I suck her clit as she pushes against me, begging for what only I can give her. I lay my free arm across her hips, holding her down and pulling her orgasm from her.

She cums in my mouth, shouting my name and pulsing under me. Her body is like an instrument and I’ve gained mastery over it. Strumming the right strings makes the sweetest music.

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