My aching cock is nestled against her ass, small drops of pre-cum dripping onto her lower back. I kept waking up and nearly cumming all over her, only to hold it back and fall asleep again.

Pressing against her again, I feel her push her ass up against my rock-hard cock. I don’t know how the damn thing hasn’t broken off from the need I’m feeling.

“Good morning, little fox.” I nuzzle her neck, kissing the warm skin there. I should feel guilty for what I want from her and what I’m going to take from her. I should feel some kind of remorse for the things I’m going to do, but I can’t seem to find an ounce of it inside me. She’s mine, and she will always be mine. I’ll make damn sure of it.

“Is there a hole around here I can crawl into and die?”

I can feel the burn of her cheeks as I kiss her neck. She must be remembering what happened last night.

“There’s no place on earth you could hide from me, Tessa.” I feel her shiver against me as my fingers find her wet clit. “Slide your panties down. I promised I wouldn’t take you until morning, and the sun is almost up.”

I keep my grip on her as she wiggles her panties down to her feet and kicks them off. I start to kiss and bite her shoulder as her naked ass makes contact with my bare cock.

“Now lift your leg up and drape it over mine. Open your body up for me, baby.”

“Sean, I—”

“Shh. I know, baby. We’ll go slow.”

Tessa takes a little breath and relaxes back against me before raising her leg and draping it over mine. We lie spooned on our sides, with one of my arms under her, my hand cupping her tit, and the other hand still on her cunt, strumming her soaked clit.

I move my hips so my cock pulls away from her ass and moves down into position to penetrate her. The head rests against her wet heat, ready to take her hymen.

Feeling thick drops of cum coat her virgin hole, I hold myself back from releasing my seed. I have to cum inside her. I need to bind her to me, and this is the only way I can make damn sure of it.

“Breathe, Tessa.” I rub little circles on her clit as I press inside her. Her opening nearly squeezes shut, refusing entry. “Let me in, little fox. I’m going to get inside you and make you feel so good, but you’ve got to let me in.”

I pinch her nipple and rub her clit. I feel her take a few more breaths, and her opening relaxes a little. It’s enough for me to push just inside, bumping against her innocence.

I give her just a few shallow thrusts so she feels me pushing against it. “That’s it, Tessa. Just one thrust and you’re mine in every way.” She shivers again at my words and presses her body down on my cock a little. “Tell me you want it.”

“I want you, Sean. Please, make me yours.”

“Say forever, Tessa. Tell me you want me forever.”


With that one word, she’s signed her life over to me. She’s mine now, and I’m never letting her go.

Holding her close, I thrust up into her tight channel and start to cum the second my shaft is encased in her heat.

Tessa lets out a little squeak as I continue to rub her clit and pinch her nipple. I feel her clench around my cock as she draws more of my cum out of me. I press my forehead to her shoulder, grunting out my orgasm as I feel hers flow through her.

Her cunt grips me tighter than I’ve ever felt as I splash my seed into her unprotected pussy.

“Sean,” she whispers as her orgasm starts to fade, and I start to move from behind her.

I thrust inside her lazily, both of us having cum from the first connection. Neither of us is in any hurry now. I feel every squeeze of her pussy as I try to leave her body, and she wants to hold me inside her. I feel the pulse of her cunt as I thrust back in, her body welcoming me every time.

There’s no barrier to stop me from entering her. I’ve taken her hymen, and her innocence belongs to me. Only me. She’ll never have another, no matter what happens between us. I’ll make her need me like I need her.

And if she doesn’t want me, I’ll want her enough for the both of us. If she doesn’t love me, I’ll just love her twice as hard. For her and for our unborn baby growing inside her.

“Talk to me, Tessa. Tell me you need me.” My words are a plea. I need them. I can’t lose this.

She reaches up, grabbing a handful of my hair as I glide in and out of her. Some of my cum leaks out, but I’ll put more inside her.

“I need you, Sean. So much. Harder.”

I thrust harder, giving her the pressure she needs. I move my fingers from her clit to rest on her lower belly, feeling where our baby is going to grow. She’ll have no choice but to be bound to me and I to her.

As I thrust inside her, I feel her clenches start again, and I know she’s getting close to another orgasm. I want her so far gone that she’s willing to give me anything I ask for.

I put my lips to her ear, whispering to her. “Say you want my cum inside you. Tell me you love my cum in you.”

I feel her shiver, but she doesn’t speak. I stop thrusting, and I just hold my cock inside her.

“Say it, Tessa. Give me the words. I know you want to say them, baby. Don’t be scared.”

She closes her eyes and swallows, before whispering the words I want to hear. “I want your cum inside me.”

Her breathy hesitation makes cum leak out of my cock, but I’m as deep inside her as I can go. I’m pressed against her cervix. I’m not going to stop the flow of cum now. Copyright 2016 - 2024