“Well, it’s safe to say I have you beat, big brother. I haven’t been with a man in twenty-four years,” I tell him. With that admission, Logan is across the room, pushing me down into the bed before I can blink.

“Say it, Sarah. I have got to her you say it.” He looks at me with pleading and hungry eyes. “Tell me this sweet little pussy has never known another man.”

“Never,” I whisper, making Logan close his eyes as if in pain.

Opening his eyes, he looks at my mouth. “That mouth ever taste a cock?” he asks.

“Never,” I repeat.

He leans down and takes my mouth in a yearning kiss. I can feel all of his need as he pushes into my mouth. I return the kiss, pouring into it years of denied want. I can’t believe the things he has confessed to me. He hasn’t been with a woman in years, but here he is acting like he can’t get enough of me. I can’t help but wonder why he hasn’t been with anyone in so long.

“When Luke finds out you’re untouched he might lose it. I think a part of him is going to be happy but another part of him will be pissed off. We've been fighting this thing for you. I believe this is going to be another nail in his coffin. He’ll be angry that he won’t be able to refuse you anymore,” Logan murmurs against my lips before recapturing them.

Pushing on Logan’s chest, I try to break the kiss. I have to clear some things in my head. So much is rattling around in there that I need some clarity. “Logan, please, I need some answers here, this is all so overwhelming!”

“After that little bomb you just dropped, Sarah, I’ve got to relieve some of the pressure in my cock because I’ve got no brain power at the moment to carry on a conversation with you. Lose the shirt and the underwear before I rip them off you,” he growls as he releases me and unbuttons his shirt.

Scooting back to the edge of the bed, I watch as he flings his shirt on the floor. Holy shit. Logan is hard all over. My tentative hand runs up his chest and I feel the light brush of his chest hair on my fingertips. Grabbing my wrist, Logan leans down and kisses my palm.

“Princess. Clothes off. Now,” he demands.

I suddenly feel insecure with his perfect chest on display. I’m a solid size twelve with hips, ass, and breasts that are often hard to keep contained in a bra. I’m soft all over whereas he’s hard and cut and fit. I can’t remember the last time I ran, unless you count a mad dash to the bakery to get there before they ran out of sprinkled donuts.

“Can we turn out the lights?” I ask softly, hoping he won’t notice my insecurities. I don’t want to be that girl, and I hate that I’m not feeling so confident anymore.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” he exclaims in disbelief while making fast work of his pants. He stands in front of me in only his boxer briefs, confirming that he does indeed have a ten-inch cock. “I’ve been jerking off to the thought of you naked for the past two years. If you think I’m turning off the lights you’re out of your ever-loving mind. Now strip.”

Sliding my fingers into my panties I slip them down my legs, letting them fall to the floor. I pull my shirt over my head as fast as I can and bring my hands back to my breasts to cover myself. I’ve never been completely naked in front of a man before.

I glance up and notice he has my panties in his hand. He slowly brings them to his nose and takes a deep breath, making my pussy turn slicker. He slowly opens his eyes and the look on his face is one I’ve never seen before. It’s intense, and suddenly I don’t feel insecure anymore. The way he’s looking at me is all consuming. Like he’s a starving man and I’m a feast for the taking. If what he said about not being with another woman in years is true, then I’m guessing his body is starving. Is it hungry for me? Or just any female attention, I wonder.

“Lie back for me, princess. I want to get a good look at all of you,” he whispers in my ear.

I drop back onto the bed and watch as he slides his hand into his briefs and strokes himself. The sheer intensity of his stare causes me to squirm. I spread my legs wide and his focus is directly on my naked body and what I’m displaying.

Sinking to the side of the bed, he positions himself between my legs and brings his mouth to my pussy. I can feel his breath on my mound. Pulling my legs farther apart, I hear him mutter, as if to himself, “I have to have a taste. I’ve got to let Luke know what he’s missing. What kind of brother would I be if I didn’t rub it in his face that I got here first?” His tongue slides over my clit in one long swipe.

“Logan,” I moan.

“You like that? You like your big brother tasting this sweet little pussy?”

“Oh god,” I plead. His words are wrong, but sound so right.

“Has another man tasted you before, Sarah?” I feel his grip on my thighs tighten.

“No. Only you,” I confirm, giving him the words that are not only true, but that I know will please him.

“What have you done? Tell me. I want to wipe away any thoughts you’ve ever had of another man.”

“Only dry humping,” I confess.

“Naked?” he growls.

“No… just. I…just over the clothes,” I mumble lifting my hips trying to bring his mouth back down on me.

I feel him smile against my pussy as he takes another taste of me.

“Luke would have smacked your pussy for that little move. You get what we give you, no trying to take more. Fuck, I can’t resist you though. You can take whatever you want from me.” He takes another lick before sliding up my body and capturing my lips.

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