Donny slammed with such brut force his pelvis cracked against the bottom of Gage’s tiny ass so loud it would have sounded painful to passersby. The bed rocked so fast the box spring squeaked and the lamp on the nightstand vibrated. Sometimes Donny would turn Gage over and fuck him on his stomach this way, nailing him to the bed face down. Sometimes Donny fucked him on his side, with one leg high in the air. In the last two years, they’d fucked standing up and they’d fucked doggie style on the floor. There wasn’t a place in that apartment—or a position—they hadn’t tried at least two dozen times. But this particular position, with Gage on his back and Donny looking down at him and fucking him on the bed, always seemed to get them off faster than any other.

When they came this time, they didn’t even speak. There was no need for words by then. Donny squeezed Gage’s thighs tighter and started fucking harder. He looked down and gazed into Gage’s eyes, grunted a few times, and nodded up and down. Gage whimpered softly, grabbed his own dick, and nodded back at Donny, understanding without speaking. A minute after that, they came at the same time, with Donny doing one of his classic, expected moves. At the exact moment Donny and Gage climaxed in this position, Donny went up on his knees, slammed his cock into Gage’s ass as deeply as he could, and lifted the bottom half of Gage’s body two feet off the mattress. Donny showed no signs of strain; his face didn’t even turn red.

After that, Donny pulled out and fell on top of him the way he always did after they’d fucked in this position. Donny always asked, “Am I too heavy for you?” And Gage always replied, “Of course you’re not too heavy, you big fool. You feel good on top of me.” Then Gage would wrap his arms around Donny’s shoulders and wrap his legs around Donny’s waist. He would close his eyes for a while, trying to catch his breath. They would remain this way, as they did that late afternoon, without saying a word to each other, until they either fell asleep in each other’s arms or they were forced to get up because they had to go somewhere.

Chapter Four

After a two-hour nap, Gage opened his eyes and noticed it was already dark outside. Summer had turned into fall and Gage hadn’t even noticed it until now. He glanced over Donny’s hulking shoulders at a small digital clock on the nightstand and saw it was after seven. Gage was flat on his back and Donny was face down with half his naked body covering Gage’s. They often fell asleep together in this position and Gage never minded it in the least. He liked the way Donny pinned him down, as if Donny were taking ownership and no one else could come near him. Gage didn’t feel that kind of security often. Most of the time he was worrying about his dwindling tips at work, getting older, and how he was going to manage to pull together enough money to pay for his cell phone after all his other monthly expenses had been paid.

He ran his palm up and down Donny’s naked back lightly, then reached down with his other hand to hold Donny’s balls. They were large and filled his hand. He squeezed gently and said, “You have to get up now. You have to go to work.” He felt the bracelet slide down on his ankle and he smiled.

Donny groaned and spread his legs a little wider so Gage would continue squeezing him. Donny was fond of this kind of quiet attention; he loved being treated like a big baby. He pulled Gage closer to his chest and said, “I hate to get up now. I wish we could just stay like this for the rest of the night.”

Gage smiled. He wished they could too. He wished they could be a real couple, but knew it would never happen. “We both have to go to work. My tips have been awful. And you’ll barely have enough time for a shower.” Gage didn’t have to be at work until nine, so he had plenty of time. But he didn’t want to show up with puffy eyes and swollen lips. He’d started using a new bronzer he thought made him look a few years younger. And he’d been looking into Botox treatments.

“I’m not going to shower tonight,” Donny said, bucking his hips into Gage’s side. He was almost fully erect now and ready to go again.

“You’re not going to shower?”

Donny lifted his huge leg, threw it over Gage’s lower half, and rolled on top of him. “I want to smell like I’ve been fucking you for hours.”

Gage’s legs parted and he wrapped his arms around Donny’s shoulders. “You have been fucking me for hours.” He always took a quick breath when it occurred to him he was lying beneath a man this large and this strong.

“And I’m going to fuck you one more time before I leave.”

“What if I don’t want you to fuck me again?” He tried to close he legs but Donny pushed into his groin with more force.

Donny smiled. “You know you want it.”

He opened his legs, lifted them higher, and said, “I guess I don’t have a choice.”

Donny moved his hips forward and pressed the head of his dick to Gage’s opening. This time he didn’t bother with lube. With one hard thrust, Donny entered him dry and Gage let out a small whimper. Then Gage spread his legs wider and Donny started sliding in and out of his body. Gage wasn’t in pain; his muscles were still relaxed from the previous session. In this traditional missionary position, all Gage had to do was remain on his back and take whatever Donny had to give him without moving a single muscle.

Gage closed his eyes and threw his head back as Donny pounded him with a distinct, even rhythm. The old bed began to squeak again and the nightstand wobbled with a repetitive click. The heat from Donny’s solid body and the friction Donny was creating at the lowest spot between Gage’s legs made Gage break out in a sweat. Droplets came from his forehead and trickled down the sides of his face. Donny was sweating, too. Gage could feel the wetness from Donny’s torso against his. He could smell the strong scent coming from Donny’s underarms, mingling with the spicy deodorant Donny had used that day. Donny was the only man who had ever fucked him this way without making it awkward; as if Gage were a woman and Donny was fucking his vagina instead of his anus. Most of the guys Gage had been with in the past preferred to fuck him doggie style, or to have Gage on top straddling their hips. But not Donny Vitelli. He wanted to be on top and in complete control at all times.

This time they only fucked for about fifteen minutes. Before Donny climaxed, he wrapped his arms around Gage’s shoulders and held him so tightly Gage could barely lower his right hand to jack his own dick. Each time Donny slammed into him, going as deeply as he could possibly go without splitting him wide open, Gage winced and the back of the bed hit the wall. There had been times when Gage had been amazed his small opening could accommodate such a violent intrusion. But he never complained, and he never asked Donny to slow down. By the time they both climaxed together a second time, their hearts racing and their bodies dripping with sweat, Gage wound up biting Donny’s bicep and moaning so much that if anyone outside had been listening they would have thought Donny was hurting him instead of driving him toward the best climax he’d had in weeks. Copyright 2016 - 2024