Gage lay on his back in the middle of the bed. He bent his legs at the knee and spread them wide, inviting Ted to take him. There was no confusion. Ted was the top and Gage was the bottom, which Gage had always preferred. He thought Ted was looking for a condom in the dresser drawer. So he grabbed his own dick and started stroking himself until Ted returned. When Ted did return and Gage glanced up at him, Gage saw he had a condom in one hand and some strange peculiar contraption in the other.

Ted tossed the contraption on the bed and said, “You put this on while I put on the condom.”

Gage reached for the contraption and lifted it up to examine it. It looked like some kind of belt, but he wasn’t completely sure. There were two cuffs at either end of the belt-like contraption and a thick black pad at the back. He looked up at Ted and said, “What do I do with it?”

Ted rolled the condom to the bottom of his shaft and smiled. “It’s a stirrup belt,” he said. “You put the pad at the back of your neck, bring the stirrups down and slip your feet through them. Then you tighten the stirrups around your ankles. This way your legs stay up without any discomfort and I can fuck you as long as I want.”

Not a bad idea, Gage thought, as he wrapped the stirrup belt around his shoulders and set the thick black pad against the back of his neck. He wondered why kinky Donny Vitelli had never thought of this before. Gage lifted his legs and slipped his feet through the stirrups, and then tightened them around his ankles. It was then when he realized the diamond ankle bracelet Donny Vitelli had given him was missing. It could have fallen off anywhere; Gage wasn’t going to think about it now. In this position, with his legs up high and spread wide, all he wanted to do was lie there and get fucked. The stirrup belt was actually quite comfortable. When Ted climbed up on the bed and kneeled down between his legs, Gage took a quick breath and spread his legs wider so Ted could enter him without having to struggle.

Ted bit his bottom lip and guided his dick into Gage’s opening with his right hand. With his left, he held the stirrup that was fastened to Gage’s right ankle. The condom was pre-lubed and Ted entered him slowly. He slid his uncut penis inside, still biting his bottom lip, and didn’t stop until his pelvis pressed up against the bottom of Gage’s ass.

Ted’s dick wasn’t as big as Donny Vitelli’s, but there was still a small amount of discomfort. There always was for Gage, at least in the beginning. But after being with a man like Donny for so long, the pain didn’t last long. As Ted began to slide in and out of his body, the friction began to stimulate his anus. And with his legs secured in the stirrup belt, all Gage had to do was concentrate on his own dick while Ted fucked him.

Like most wiry athletic guys, Ted was quick and fast and right on target. It felt as though he were aiming his cock, plunging all the way in and then all the way out of Gage’s hole. He didn’t just fuck with his hips and his pelvis. He fucked with his entire body until his face took on a distorted look and his forehead started to drip with sweat. He had the endurance of a long -distance runner and never broke his stride. At one point, he fucked and poked so fast, and with such force, he had to grab hold of Gage’s ankles so he wouldn’t knock Gage off the bed. He went deep each time he entered Gage, slapping into the bottom of Gage’s ass with noises that sounded like someone was smacking a paddle against Gage’s ass.

Gage lost track of time. He closed his eyes and moaned, constantly stroking himself as Ted fucked him. Whenever he opened his eyes and looked at the stirrups fastened around his ankles, he had to concentrate on not coming too soon. He looked sexy in the stirrup belt, and felt completely dominated by Ted. He didn’t let Ted know this, but while Ted fucked, Gage pretended it was really Prince Harry fucking him. It was a good thing Gage knew how to contain his own orgasm, because Ted was one of those guys who could fuck for hours without coming. Unlike Donny Vitelli, who usually came within fifteen minutes after he entered Gage, Ted pounded him for at least an hour. It could have been longer than that, but Gage wasn’t concentrating on the clock. In fact, no man had ever fucked Gage for so long, not even his first lover, Snake.

But Gage didn’t complain. He reached a point where he started to edge and his entire body slipped into a pre-orgasmic state. He even whimpered a few times, which is something Gage never did in bed with anyone. When Ted finally grabbed his ankles and said, “I’m there. Ah fuck, I’m gonna come, fuck,” all Gage had to do was stroke his shaft with two fingers in order to climax.

He waited until Ted’s face contorted. Then Ted started saying, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” While Ted filled the condom inside Gage’s body, Gage blasted an arc that landed on the right side of his face, not far from his right ear. He tried to turn his head to avoid being hit, but he didn’t move fast enough. He was thankful it didn’t land in his hair. He didn’t feel like washing his hair again and he didn’t want to smell chlorine for the rest of the day.

After he came, Ted pulled out fast. Before he helped Gage removed his ankles from the stirrups, he leaned over Gage’s body and started licking the right side of Gage’s face. Gage hadn’t expected this bonus from Ted. Gage usually cleaned the mess and swallowed. But Ted seemed so eager Gage didn’t say a word. When Ted finished licking his face, his head turned and he kissed Gage right on the mouth. Gage hadn’t expected this either. Good thing he didn’t mind the taste of come, especially his own. Another guy, one like Donny Vitelli, or poor Cory’s boyfriend, who despised the taste of come, might have kicked poor Ted across the room for doing something so bold and unplanned.

A minute or two later, while Gage could still taste himself, Ted stopped kissing and said, “I had a feeling you were good in bed. But I never thought you’d be this good. You’re game for anything.”

Gage shrugged and reached up to caresses the back of Ted’s head. “You’re not too bad yourself.”

Ted smiled. “I like to fuck.”

Gage lowered his palm to Ted’s shoulder and smiled. Then he caressed the side of Ted’s cheek and said, “You’re going to have to help me get out of these stirrups. I think my legs went numb about a half hour ago.”

“I’m sorry,” Ted said, moving to the other end of the bed so he could help Gage removed the stirrup belt. He loosened the stirrups and said, “It’s just that when I realized we’d only be doing this once, I wanted to make it last as long as I could.” Copyright 2016 - 2023