His hand went higher and stopped at Gage’s upper thigh. “I’d never do that.” He bit his bottom lip and squeezed harder.

Gage took a quick breath and his eyelids fluttered. Even though this sort of thing happened to him all the time with men, he usually ignored their advances. Male strippers learn early not to mingle with their customers. But now that he was pretending to be Luis, he wanted to see how far this taxi driver would go. Gage wanted him to not only keep feeling his leg, but to jump into the back seat and pull down his pants. There was something about this guy’s dark black hair and the dark, wiry stubble on his face that made Gage’s jeans grow tighter. From what Gage could see, the guy wore stained jeans with threadbare knees and a red plaid shirt. His foreign accent and his deep sexy eyes had an irresistible quality Gage didn’t see very often. Although he was strong and rough around the edges, there was also something quiet and reserved about him. He seemed to be the kind of man who took what he wanted, but also the kind of man who treated what he took with great care. The higher his hand went up Gage’s leg, the faster Gage’s heart started to race.

So Gage decided to do something he normally wouldn’t have done if he’d been living his real life instead of Luis’s life now. He spread his legs a little wider and said, “Why don’t we go someplace quiet before you drop me off at home? I’d like to thank you again for waiting so long for me. And this time I’d like to thank you in a way you won’t forget.”

The driver sat up and smiled. He nodded and said, “I know a place not far from here.” Without waiting for Gage to reply, he turned around, pulled his arm back through the opening, and sped off with a loud screech and a jerk that made Gage fall back into the seat.

A few minutes after that, the excited driver parked the taxi between two large trucks in the parking lot of a warehouse near a waterfront area with which Gage wasn’t familiar. Then he got out, opened the back door, climbed into the back seat and literally crawled on top of Gage’s body. Gage went down on his back and submitted completely, noticing the driver’s thin, sinewy body and his thick neck. This guy wasn’t even husky, the way Gage liked his men, but there was something about him that made Gage lose his breath and submit completely. In less than a minute after climbing on top of Gage, the driver pulled Gage’s shirt up over his head without asking for permission, then pulled Gage’s pants down to his knees. His big hands went in all directions, groping Gage’s smooth ass, pressing into the two dimples at the small of Gage’s back.

Gage put his arms around the guy’s shoulders and they kissed for a few minutes. Just as Gage had predicted, the guy’s rough beard scratched his smooth skin; his hands were rough like fine sandpaper. This guy was good with his hands without trying too hard. The natural, unplanned way he held Gage in his strong arms, with such force and determination, made Gage moan quietly as their tongues locked and their chests heaved. Gage’s legs went up and he spread them wider, caressing the back of the driver’s soft dark head.

Oh, Gage knew this was wrong on so many levels. He’d just locked his twin brother in a kinky sex cage without even a set plan for the future. He’d assumed his twin brother’s identity and wasn’t even certain he could pull it off. Now Gage was cheating on his almost-boyfriend, Donny the cop, with a dark stranger he’d just met, who spoke with a thick accent and made Gage’s knees go weak with emotion.

But Gage was having so much fun in the backseat of this taxi cab, arching his back and inhaling the driver’s masculine scent, he stopped kissing for a moment and said, “Take off my shoes, my socks, and my pants. I want to be completely naked when you fuck me.”

When the driver heard he was going to fuck Gage that night in the back seat of his taxi, he didn’t hesitate. He removed all of Gage’s clothing with his big fumbling hands, then pulled down his own zipper. When his cock fell out of his pants and naked Gage saw how long and dark and thick it was, Gage held it in his right palm and stroked it as gently as he could. There was enough length to wrap both hands around the shaft, and enough girth so his fingers didn’t meet. Gage was still on his back, with one bare foot resting on top of the back seat and the other resting on top of the front seat. Gage noticed the ankle bracelet on his right ankle, but the driver didn’t seem to care at all. The driver with the dark dick was kneeling between Gage’s legs on the seat, fully clothed, reaching for something in his back pocket while Gage stroked him slowly. When the driver pulled a condom out of his back pocket, Gage smiled and said, “Let me put it on for you.” He had a feeling this guy would enjoy this almost as much as he was about to enjoy fucking Gage’s tight hole.

Gage lowered his legs, sat up, and took the small condom package from the driver’s hands. He guided the driver into a sitting position, gently caressing his chest, and tore the small package open. When Gage placed the unrolled condom on the head of the driver’s dick, he bent down between the driver’s legs and pressed his lips against the rolled edge of the condom. The driver moaned and opened his legs wider so Gage could unroll the condom down his shaft with his mouth. The driver rested one hand on the back of Gage’s head and the other on Gage’s bare ass so he could slide his middle finger into Gage’s body. Gage moved forward so the driver wouldn’t have to stretch too far to play with his hole. With the driver’s condom-covered dick halfway in his mouth, Gage arched his back and took the driver’s entire finger.

But by the time the condom was on the driver’s dick, they were both breathing too fast to slow down. The driver pulled his finger out, grabbed the back of Gage’s neck, and guided Gage onto his lap so Gage would be facing him. Gage followed his moves, as if they were gliding across a dance floor and the driver was leading. The driver moved forward and slumped down in the seat as Gage straddled his hips to find the right position. The guy’s old jeans felt soft and smooth against Gage’s naked thighs. When he found the perfect position, Gage sat on the guy so fast the initial thrust flooded the lower half of Gage’s naked body with so much pain that he went lightheaded for a moment. But the pain didn’t last long, and it wasn’t bad pain at all. They moved faster now. The driver immediately grabbed Gage’s hips and started bucking his own. Gage started rocking his hips back and forth, pressing the lower half of his body into the driver’s soft jeans so the driver would remain as deeply buried in his hole as he could.

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