Without lifting his head, Jase said, “You okay?”

Luis gently rubbed his foot up and down Jase's buttocks and said, “I'm wonderful. Are you?”

“I guess,” Jase said. “I can't believe I just fucked a dude, though. Does it make me gay?”

Luis didn't know how to reply. So he said, “Let's not over analyze this, Jase. You're going to fuck plenty of women, too. Let's say we had a good time tonight and leave it at that.”

Jase sighed. “I guess you're right. I mean it's not like you fucked me. That would really be gay.”

This made Luis laugh. He'd heard this before more than once. For some reason, top guys didn't think they were as gay as bottom guys, which made no sense to Luis. But he knew it was a good way for Jase to rationalize what just happened without freaking out. “You're right.”

“But I have to be honest with you, Luis, about something,” Jase said.

“About what?” Luis had no idea where this was going.

“I hate to say this, but I think you might be gay,” Jase said. “I never would have guessed a guy would like getting fucked in the ass that way. You came without even touching yourself. You'd think it would have been painful. I would have been screaming and biting my fist. But you really liked it, didn't you?”

Luis smiled. “Yes, I really liked it. You were fantastic. You knew what to do and how to make me come.”

Jase laughed and slapped his ass hard. “You wanna do it again, just one more time?”

Luis laughed. “Are you getting hard again? I thought you were but I wasn't sure.”

“Oh yeah,” Jase said. “Can I fuck you again?”

The way Jase asked for permission made Luis smile. “Of course you can. But you have to promise me one thing.” This was important to Luis. He wanted the rules made clear right up front.

Jase seemed impatient to begin again. He bucked very slowly. “What?”

“Neither one of us is ready for anything serious. You're not gay and I'm not sure what I am or where I'm going. So this is just fun right now. We have something special but we're not ready to do anything about it. You're going away to college in the fall and I'll be moving on.”

Jase lifted his upper body and rested his weight on his palms as if he were doing push-ups on top of Luis. A drop of his perspiration fell onto Luis's upper lip and he said, “Okay, it's a deal. But I also have one thing I'd like to make clear. And you have to agree or I'm pulling out.”

Luis didn't want him to pull out. He was ready to go another round, with pleasure. “What?”

“As long as you are here in Alaska, your ass belongs to me. I don't fuck other guys and you don't let other guys fuck you. What we do with women isn't questioned. What I do with women isn't questioned. But when it comes to guys, we only fuck around with each other and no one else. Is that a deal?”

This was certainly something with which Luis could live. He'd already sworn fidelity to the older version of Jase Nicholas in the future and he had no reservations about making that kind of commitment to him now. Besides, Luis had no intention of sleeping with anyone else while he was there. “I can't promise you much, Jase. But I can promise you no other guy will come near me. It's a deal. Are you happy now?” Jase was fucking slowly; the tip of his dick was hitting Luis's prostate again and Luis wanted him to start banging.

Jase slammed into him hard, as if taking ownership. “Just one more thing.”


“Don't take this the wrong way. I probably shouldn't even say it. But I feel like I have to for some reason. And if you laugh, I'll never forgive you.” He stopped fucking and hesitated.

Luis looked confused. He held Jase's face in his palms and caressed it. “What? You can say anything. I don't mind. Hell, Jase, think about it. You're inside me right now. You honestly can't get closer to another human being if you try. Think about it on an emotional level. You're part of me right now.”

“I guess you're right.” He started fucking again. He kissed Luis's hand. “I kind of love you. I'm not saying I want to run away with you and get married. I'm not saying I'm gay. But I want you to know you're not just another piece of ass to me. I really have feelings for you.”

Luis pressed his fingers gently against Jase's chest. “And I think I love you the same way, too.” Then he laughed, dug his fingernails into Jase's chest, and said, “Now shut up and fuck me like I am just another piece of ass.” He knew Jase's sense of humor well; he knew Jase would get the joke. Most guys wouldn't have understood.

Chapter Eleven

On Saturday morning, Jase asked Luis if he wanted to go for a ride. And he wasn't talking about a ride in the Grand National parked in the driveway. Jase stretched out, pulled the covers off, and grabbed his cock. Then he poked Luis in the arm and said, “You wanna sit on my dick and ride for a while?”

Luis turned over and rubbed his eyes. He gaped at the erection Jase was waving at him. The backs of his legs were aching and he needed a shower. “We'd better get up and shower. Your grandmother will be making breakfast.” He could smell the bacon coming from the kitchen.

Jase pointed to his erection and smiled. “I can't get out of bed like this. Sit down and ride it for a few minutes. I'll come fast and then we'll take a shower together.”

Luis rolled his eyes and pulled down the covers. He rose to his knees, lifted his leg, and straddled Jase's waist. He didn't need lube; there was still plenty of baby oil left from the three times Jase had fucked him the night before. His ass was greased and ready to go. He grabbed Jase's dick and arched his back. When he slowly sat down on it, he watched Jase's eyes roll back as he rested his head on the pillow.

This time Jase didn't have to move a muscle. He just laid there and moaned. Luis knew how to grind his hips and tighten his sphincter in ways that drove men wild. In less than fifteen minutes, Jase's legs were moving around and his toes were curling. Luis rode so fast the sheets pulled away from the corners of the bed. When Jase came, his upper body jerked forward and he held Luis's hips for support. He moaned out loud, with his eyes closed, and squeezed Luis's thighs. While Jase did this, Luis jacked his own load onto Jase's stomach. And when he was finished, he leaned forward and kissed Jase on the lips.

After they took a shower together, they went downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. In the stairwell, Jase stopped and grabbed Luis's arm. “Let's act natural. I don't want my grandparents to suspect anything's going on between us. If they knew what went on in my bedroom last night they'd die. I've never felt so guilty in my life, and yet so good at the same time.”

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