When the noise stopped, Luis heard the cheerleaders shouting. He saw them bouncing up and down with pom poms while a group of football players sat on the bleachers and watched. They must have been taking more photos because they were all in football gear, which seemed strange to see at that time of year. Betsy Melchiorri was one of the cheerleaders. She was bottom heavy and the short cheerleader skirt had been a mistake. Jase was one of the football players sitting in the bleachers. He sat with his buddies, laughing and joking around while the girls practiced their cheers. Luis had a feeling they were talking dirty and making rude comments about the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders knew it and they loved every ounce of attention. So Luis turned and headed back to the outbuilding for more gasoline.

In order to get back to the outbuilding, Luis had to either cut across the lawn or walk past the football players in the bleachers. He was tired and hot. He didn't feel like walking more than he had to. But he also knew if he walked by Jase shirtless, Jase would get mad and give him a dirty look. Jase wouldn't say or do anything in front of his buddies. But he'd give Luis hell later that afternoon. The mature adult decision would have been to cross the lawn and avoid Jase altogether. What Jase didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Jase probably hadn't seen him yet and he could avoid trouble. But Luis decided to take the immature approach and lope by Jase and his buddies, shirtless.

When Luis approached the cheerleaders, Jase glanced in his direction at the exact same moment Alec Stark jogged down the track. Luis ignored Jase, but he stopped and waited for Alec to come up to him. Alec was wearing short running pants and a skimpy black tank top. His hairy, muscular legs were shiny with perspiration and he wasn't wearing a jock strap because his junk was moving around in all directions. From what Luis could tell, Alec had one of those thick, meaty cocks with a big head. The outline of his dick was so obvious, and everything in his pants was bouncing around so much, one of the cheerleaders lost her balance and fell on top of her pom poms.

Alec didn't come to a full stop. Luis ran every morning himself; he knew Alec wouldn't. He just slowed down a little. As he passed Luis, he smiled and nodded. Then he gazed at Luis's naked torso and bit his bottom lip. “You wanna go for a hike with me sometime?” he asked.

Luis knew Alec was flirting. He could tell by the way Alec stared at him with those dark, dreamy, glazed eyes. He also knew Jase was watching all this from the bleachers. So Luis decided to have a little fun. Jase wasn't the only one who could flirt and make eyes at bottom heavy Betsy Melchiorri. Luis smiled at Alec and took a long look at what was bouncing up and down between Alec's legs. He did this intentionally, so Alec would know he was staring at his dick and he didn't care what Jase thought about it. “I'd love to go for a hike. Just let me know when.”

Alec scratched his stomach and continued jogging. He moved with the kind of ease and grace that goes hand in hand with youth. When Luis replied about hiking, he looked over his shoulder and said, “I'll get back to you. Maybe we can do it tomorrow sometime, or this weekend?”

Luis lifted his voice; he hoped Jase would hear him. “I'd like that.”

When Luis turned so he could return to the outbuilding, he didn't look at Jase or anyone else. He walked past the football players and the cheerleaders with his back squared and his head held high. He had a feeling they were all staring at him, not just Jase. The baggy pants Jase had given him that morning had slipped down his waist and two inches of Jase's black briefs were showing now. Luis didn't care. He continued walking. And he didn't stop until he reached the outbuilding and he felt a hand press into the small of his back.

Luis turned fast. Jase shoved him into the outbuilding and pushed him into a dark corner next to a tall metal cabinet filled with gardening tools.

“What are you doing?” Luis asked. “Let go of me.”

“I thought you said you were going to keep the shirt on today,” Jase said. He leaned forward; his right hand was on Luis's shoulder now; they were face to face.

Luis made an attempt to move, but Jase was too strong. “Let go of me,” he said. “I have to finish the trimming. I have work to do, asshole.”

“Why did you take off the shirt I gave you?”

Luis didn't think this was any of his business. But he saw the thick vein popping out of Jase's neck and decided it would be smarter to answer him. He didn't want to stress the guy out too much. “I was hot. I couldn't stand it. I was ready to pass out.”

“I saw the way you looked at Alec,” He said.

“That's none of our business,” Luis said. Then he added, “And I see the way you look at beastie Betsy Melchiorri.”

Jase looked down. He frowned at the way Luis's pants were down low on his waist and his underwear was showing. “You need to pull up those pants and put that shirt back on. You look trashy.”

Luis blinked. “And you need to mind your own business. You're not the boss of me.”

Jase made a fist and punched the door.

Luis jumped and said, “You're starting to scare me.”

Jase took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair. He exhaled and said, “I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. It's just that I didn't like the way Alec was looking at you. And I saw a couple of guys I was sitting with stare at you when you walked by just now.”

“You're being paranoid now,” Luis said. “Those guys weren't looking at me. They were looking at the cheerleaders.”

“I know what I saw.”

Luis slowly reached up and rested his palms on Jase's shoulders. He was wearing those big, bulky football gear shoulder pads and Luis had always wondered what it was like to touch them. He tried to push Jase backward very gently. But Jase wouldn't move an inch. Instead, he moved forward, pinned Luis into the corner, and kissed him on the mouth. This wasn't an ordinary kiss either. Jase shoved his tongue so far into Luis's mouth their teeth smacked together.

Luis stopped pushing and started squeezing Jase's shoulder pads. He sank into the wall and closed his eyes. Then he ran his right hand across Jase's neck and up through the back of his head. Jase was also wearing one of those plastic athletic cups. Luis felt it press into his groin while Jase kissed him. He spread his legs and submitted to Jase completely. At one point, Jase reached down, shoved his hand into Luis's pants, and squeezed Luis's ass. He squeezed so hard the button on Luis's jeans popped open and the baggy jeans slid down Luis's legs and rested on his knees. Then Jase pulled Luis's underwear down and slapped his ass as hard as he could. Luis thought Jase was going to fuck him right there in the outbuilding. Without lube or a condom. He was ready to turn around and bend over the riding lawn mower.

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