“I knew you'd like it,” Jase said. Then he started bucking his hips faster and said, “How's this?”

“Fuck yes,” Luis said. Jase was sliding all the way out and all the way in. His pelvis slapped against Luis's ass with cracks and thuds. If they hadn't been alone, someone might have thought Jase was hurting him.

Jase said, “Fucking hot, sweet ass. Fucking tight, sweet hole.”

Luis started to moan softly. His back was soaked with Jase's perspiration and there were drops of sweat from Jase's forehead dripping down his neck.

“I don't know how long I can hold back,” Jase said. “I hope that's okay.”

Luis arched his feet and moaned a few times. “Just keep fucking me harder, Jase. I don't care when you come. I'm close, too.”

There were times when they made love for hours. It started with Luis licking Jase's body from top to bottom and ended with both of them gasping for air. They'd once spent twenty-four hours in bed playing with each other and talking dirty. There was one week early in their relationship when the doctor said Jase couldn't fuck Luis for a couple of days because the lips of Luis's anus were raw from too much screwing. But Luis knew this time it was going to be fast. He could tell by the way Jase was grunting and slamming into him. And he didn't mind in the least. Luis loved making love to his husband whether it was for hours or minutes. The shortest fuck session they'd ever had was when Jase fucked Luis in a dark parking lot on the way home from a gay wedding on Long Island. It lasted all of five minutes, which was fine with Luis. Sometimes Luis liked being held by Jase even when they weren't having sex. Sometimes, when they were in a room full of people, Luis would glance at Jase when no one was looking and smile. He would become filled with emotion and the only thing he wanted was to be in Jase's arms. No one had ever been able to make Luis feel this way, and he doubted anyone else ever would. So whenever Jase wanted a quick fuck, Luis was more than willing to spread his legs and oblige.

By the time Luis's face was smashed against the pillows, Jase grunted, slammed into him five times, and came. Luis turned slightly and they started to kiss, the kind of deep, heavy kiss that always made the world go silent for Luis. And while they kissed, and while Jase was still deep inside, Luis grabbed his own dick and he came.

When they stopped kissing, Luis took a deep breath and said, “That was so hot. I think you should fuck me after every workout from now on. You're a wild man.”

Jase kissed his cheek and climbed off his back. He slapped his dick against Luis's ass a few times and said, “I wish you'd known me when I was younger, back in high school. I would have done things to you that would have blown you away.” Then he climbed off the bed and picked up his shorts.

Luis turned over and sat up. He sent Jase a reassuring look and said, “I hate when you say things like that. I love you for who you are right now, and that has nothing to do with your age. Besides, you're still a young man by all standards. And you look like you're ten years younger than you really are.” No one ever guessed Jase was a day over thirty-five.

Jase wiped his dick with his shorts and shrugged his shoulders. “But I'm middle aged now,” he said. “There's no denying it. I'm a man in my forties no matter how young I try to look. And I'm going to get older. In a few years, it will all be over.” Jase was the smartest man Luis knew ... a genius who had helped change the world with his inventions ... and yet he could be so dumb when it came to practical everyday matters.

Luis moved to the end of the bed and said, “You're not middle aged. Middle aged is when you're in your fifties.”

Jase lifted his eyebrows and laughed. “Only if you plan to live to be one hundred.”

“I'm serious, Jase,” Luis said. “I know you're feeling old because of this damn reunion and I'm starting to think we shouldn't go. This is why I hate reunions and I'll never go to one. Who the hells wants to see those people from high school anyway? It's depressing to me. I didn't like most of them then, and I'm sure I won't like them any better now.” Though Luis tended to be more emotional than Jase, he could be pragmatic when it came to things like this . And he didn't like to waste time looking back. He preferred looking forward. In Luis's opinion, the past was the past; leave it alone.

Jase laughed and tossed his sweaty shorts in Luis's face. “You say that now, but if you'd known me when I was younger you would have been far more impressed with me. I could fuck you every twenty minutes back then.”

Luis blinked. “Jase, you've got to be joking. Who the hell wants to get fucked every twenty minutes? That's just sick. I'm the one who is always telling you I'm not in the mood. All you want to do is fuck.” When Luis wasn't in the mood, he responded with less enthusiasm. It was the way he was wired. He had to be emotionally connected. But all Jase had to do was scratch his dick and he was ready to go. For Jase, sex was physical, with some emotion attached to it. Luis always swore Jase would fuck a pumpkin if he got horny enough and there wasn't a human around.

“But I was better back then, all the way around,” he said. “I was hungry when I was younger. I didn't have any of my own money and I was eager to make it. I had so much passion I didn't know how to deal with it sometimes. And now my back aches when I get out of bed in the morning.”

“We're all like that when we're young,” Luis said. “And, thankfully, we grow up. If I'd known you when you were younger you wouldn't even have looked at me. You were in the closet back then, dating women and denying you were gay. Think about it, you were a virgin when we first met.” Luis had been the first man Jase had ever been with, which made Luis feel special. Jase hadn't been Luis's first man. He'd lost his virginity in high school. But it was nice to know one of them had been a virgin when they'd met.

Jase reached down and cupped Luis's face. He kissed him gently and said, “Oh, I would have noticed you if I'd seen you when I was younger. I would have been chasing your hot ass up and down the street. I would have fallen madly in love with you the minute I saw you and followed you wherever you went.”

Luis stood up and tossed the sweaty shorts back at Jase. He laughed, because he knew Jase could be full of shit sometimes. “You're only saying that now. You probably would have ignored me completely.”

Jase laughed. “I think it would have been the other way around. You would have ignored me. I had no money back then. I wasn't a billionaire. I couldn't give you anything or any kind of a decent life.”

This comment made Luis clench his fists. He felt his face flush and he glared at Jase for being so insensitive. “After all we've been through I can't believe you'd say something like that to me. One of the reasons I work so hard at those fucking modeling jobs is so people won't ever think I'm with you because of your money. You know how I feel about that. If you had a reversal of fortune tomorrow and lost everything you have, I'd still be with you. I couldn't care less about your money and you know it, Jase Nicholas.” Luis felt strongly about this; he didn't want people to think he was with Jase for his money. Luis was putting his identical twin brother through nursing school with the money had made modeling. Luis liked having his own money and career. It made him feel he was contributing to society and gave him a sense of independence.

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