“Wow. You're sucked off seven guys. So you know what you're doing.”

“I've never had any complaints,” Luis said.

After a long moment of silence, Jase lifted his leg and rested it on top of Luis's leg. He rubbed his foot against Luis's foot and said, “You wanna blow me?”

“I'm not sure,” Luis said.

Jase released his dick. His head went up and he looked down at Luis. “Are you saying I'm not good enough? I'm not as good as the seven other guys you blew.”

To calm him down, Luis reached over and took Jase's dick in his hand. He stroked it gently and said, “You're better than anyone I've ever known, Jase. That's not the reason. I don't want it to change things between us. I value your friendship more than anything. Out of the seven guys I blew, only two came back for more. The other five pretended they didn't even know my name the next time I saw them. They acted as if I had leprosy. I don't want that to happen with you. And I'm afraid you're not ready for that sort of thing yet. Your friendship means a lot to me.”

Jase bucked his hips. “I'm a very strong person. Don't underestimate me. I'll still be your friend tomorrow and I promise I won't pretend I don't know you.”

Luis ran his fingers lightly up and down Jase's shaft. His mouth was watering. Jase was the strongest man he'd ever met ... even at eighteen he was stronger than most men at forty. “I'm still not sure.”

“It's not like we're gay or anything,” Jase said. “It will be our secret. No one else will ever know about it.”

Luis had heard lines like this before from other men. They always said the same thing when they were horny and wanted blow jobs. The guy at the Texaco told Luis he wouldn't come in his mouth. But he lied and came anyway. It's a good think Luis liked the taste of come. Someone else might have puked all over his black boots. But Luis knew in his heart he could trust Jase. In many ways, Luis knew Jase better then Jase knew himself because Luis knew Jase's history. It was an advantage Luis didn't want to abuse either.

“Are you sure this won't freak you out?” Luis asked.

Jase bucked his hips. He reached down between his legs and covered Luis's hand with his. He rubbed Luis's knuckles and said, “It won't freak me out, man. I promise.”

When Luis finally agreed to go down on him, he crawled between Jase's legs and started sucking the head very slowly with his lips. But this only lasted for a second or two. Jase was young and inexperienced and far too eager to know how to control himself. Jase's body jerked a few times; he grabbed Luis's head with both hands and pushed hard. Jase forced himself to the back of Luis's throat and moaned out loud. Luis remained still, with his cheeks indented and his tongue pressed to the bottom of Jase's shaft. He didn't gag or choke. He sucked hard without moving his head. He took deep breaths through his nose and inhaled as much of Jase's scent as he could get. He wanted Jase to be in complete control; he wanted Jase's first experience with a blow job to be something he would remember with fondness. Luis also wanted it to be the best blow job he'd ever given, so when beastie Betsy Melchiorri offered to do it again ... which Luis knew the bitch would ... Jase would know the difference between good head and bad.

When Luis really started sucking, Jase's head went back and he threw his arms over his head. The blow job didn't last long; Jase didn't have the control yet. But this didn't bother Luis. He sucked hard and never missed a beat. He wrapped his fist around the base of Jase's shaft and stroked and sucked at the same time. In less than ten minutes, Jase's feet were moving around in different directions. And when he came in Luis's mouth, the upper half of his body bolted forward and his legs trembled.

Luis swallowed without losing anything. At one point, while he was sucking the last drops out of Jase, he looked up and gazed into Jase's eyes. Jase was looking down at him in amazement. His face was still red and the vein in his neck was sticking out. But he smiled, which was something Luis hadn't expected. He even reached forward and caressed the top of Luis's head very lightly and said, “That was freaking outrageous. And you have the most penetrating eyes.” Then he fell backward and let his entire body relax while Luis finished him off.

Jase went soft inside Luis's mouth. When there was nothing left to suck, Luis got up and went back to his side of the bed without saying a word. He wasn't sure what to say; he waited for Jase to speak. He was hoping what he'd just done hadn't been a huge mistake.

Then Jase punched him in the arm and said, “Hey, you didn't get off, man.”

“I'm okay,” Luis said. “I don't have to get off all the time.” This was true. Luis wasn't one of those gay men who had to come each time he had sex. In fact, there were times when it was more emotionally satisfying for Luis to be completely submissive and not come. Most men didn't get this ... most straight people didn't get this about some gay men. For most men it was about getting off. But for Luis it was more emotional than sexual, and he fulfilled this emotional need ... craving ... by pleasing the man he was with and not pleasing himself all the time.

But Jase didn't seem to understand. “Are you sure? You can jack off now. I don't mind.”

Luis smiled and said, “I'm sure. I mean it. But thanks for asking.”

Jase shrugged and climbed under the covers. He turned out the light and folded his arms across his chest. “I should be thanking you. That was mind-blowing. The thing you did with your tongue was outrageous. You could give Betsy a few lessons.”

Luis turned on his side, pulled the covers up to his chin, and said, “You don't have to thank me. I enjoyed it. And, Betsy can learn how to suck dick on her own.”

Jase sighed. “I'll see you in the morning.”

“I hope you're not going to get weird on me,” Luis said.

“I'm a man now,” Jase said. “Give me credit: I take responsibility for everything I do. I'm not going to get weird on you. We had a little fun and that's that.” Then he reached over and rubbed Luis's back with a few gentle strokes. He laughed.

“What's so funny?”

“I was just thinking if I was gay, which I'm not, I guess I'd really be lucky right now.”


Jase continued to rub him. “Because you really know how to use those sweet lips.”

“You're a real charmer, Jase. That's just what I wanted to hear.”

“Don't get mad. You know what I mean. I can't help it if I'm not gay. I'll admit I'm kinky. Maybe even a little bi-sexual. But I don't think I'm gay.”

Luis had been through this himself once when he'd been younger. And he knew there was nothing he could say or do that would convince Jase he was gay. Gay men, Luis knew, had to come to terms and admit it when they were ready, in their own good time. For some, denial became a way of life and there would be many lost years. And until that day came, which it always did, they would convince themselves they were kinky or slightly bi-sexual, not gay. At least Luis knew there was hope for Jase. “I'm not mad. I like you. Go to bed now.”

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