While Jack bestowed one of his lessons about disobedience on their daughter, Melanie shifted into the cushions, listening, watching the way Juliana looked at her father with complete trust and adoration.

Melanie smiled, thinking of the new life inside her, the new branch of strength that would be her family. In her arms was all she loved. All that mattered to her. They’d travel the world together, face whatever the Navy threw their way. Jack called them his homeport, his anchor, when in reality, they were hers.

Long ago Melanie had admitted that she’d been lost to the pain in her heart, filled with distrust and sinking fast. Then Jack stepped through the door. Her future had started with a velvety look and a wonderful man in Navy dress whites.

Sir Galahad had definitely ridden to the rescue that night, she thought, and he’d stolen away with her heart.

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