“Oh, yeah, what’s that?” She tipped her head back as his mouth made a damp path over the swells of her breasts.

“Wondering what you’ve got under this gown.”

“Not much.”

He groaned. “Every time I saw you go to work, I knew there was something completely feminine underneath your business suits.”

She laughed. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, my imagination would be a good weapon of torture.” Jack leaned back, anticipation rocketing through him and making his fingers ache. The bodice gaped and Melanie wiggled. The satin fabric whispered down her body to her ankles.

Jack swallowed. “My imagination didn’t come close.”

She smiled, lifting the gown from the balcony floor and tossing it onto a lounge chair. There was something decadent about being on a balcony in nothing but her lingerie, she thought.

And even more decadent with Jack eating her alive with his eyes.

“Man, oh man.” His hand coasted up her side, over her iridescent lavender stockings, the thin strap of her thong. Her breasts were cupped in the sheerest fabric edged in lace. He met her gaze. “I’m done for.”

“Liar, you never give up. And is that any way for a SEAL to behave?” she said, tugging his T-shirt from his trousers and backing him into the room. She peeled his shirt off over his head, flinging it aside with a smile too seductive for words.

Jack’s mouth went dry. He’d wanted her for so long, had wanted her nightly for a year and a half. The last person he’d made love to was Melanie. The last person she’d touched like this was him. And until he died she would be the only woman he would love. Jack stilled and looked into her eyes.

Her brows knitted ever so slightly, her gaze probing. Suddenly he cupped her face in his palms and kissed her, long and leisurely. Melanie felt it, the tender mercy of it, the electricity they’d always shared tempered with something new.


“You’re mine, Melanie. Mine.”

There was something in the way he said those words, something so possessive, so certain that it left her shaking. Then she realized he was trembling a little.

“I want you,” he said. “All night, all day, forever.”

Melanie swallowed thickly, feeling confused and cherished and needed all in the same breath. She could feel his heart beat, hear his erratic breathing that matched her own and knew this moment had changed something in him.

Jack reached to pull her close, but she batted his hands aside and tugged at his belt buckle. Her smile was feline wicked and her gaze never left his as she opened the buckle slowly, kissing his mouth, his throat, bending a bit to lave his nipple. The air hissed out of him between clenched teeth.

Then her hand dipped inside his trousers, closing over him. He growled, his fingertips digging into her waist, his body aching for her in every cell, every pore.

Melanie watched the play of emotions skip over his features, felt his shuddering breath vibrate down to the floor. His hands were busy, drawing her against him, forcing her to release him and hold on. He cupped her breast and she moaned in response, touching him everywhere. He bent and hooked a finger in the cup of her bra, pulling the sheer fabric down. Her nipple spilled into the heat of his mouth, and he bent her back over his arm. He suckled warmly, his touch growing stronger, then easing, stronger, then delicate.

It drove her wild and she plowed her fingers into his hair, crying out, holding him close. “Oh, Jack.”

He cupped her buttocks, pulling her against his heat, then his fingers slipped beneath the band of the thong, following the line of it curving her hip and lower, then pushing it aside. He slipped a finger between her legs and she gasped over and over.

He absorbed each sound, his groin tightening. She mewed softly and he kept stroking her as he laid her on the bed, hovering over her.

Melanie felt everything in her yank and twist, the pulse hot and quick with lush desire. “Oh, Jack, not yet.”

“Look at me,” he growled, and she did. “We’re just starting. Don’t you remember, baby? We were never done when I had to leave last time.” His motions quickened and he watched her eyes flare, her body erupt with her climax. Her muscles flexed and clawed and a little shriek escaped her as she bowed back, rocked against his hand and took her pleasure. She cried out his name again and again, and it made him smile.

He kissed her gently and she sank into the bed boneless. “Catch your breath fast, baby. I mean to have more of you.”

She managed to lift her head off the bed and look at him, but he was already in command. He hooked her panties and pulled them off, mapping the contours of her legs with his lips and teeth, gently nipping at her calf, her thigh and higher. He rolled the stockings down, tasting each inch of flesh revealed, then with her leg propped on his shoulder, he stripped off his trousers.

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