When Stephanie arrived back home she learned that Marsha had left to find work in another town. By then grandma Martha had been so beside herself worried about both of her girls she had another stroke from her diabetes and heart problems.

She had to be hospitalized then put in a nursing facility to get the medical help she so desperately needed to get back onto her feet. By then Stephanie wasn't sure if she was her real grandma but it didn't matter she had been there for her all of these years so she wasn't going to turn her back on her.

All of grandma's care was expensive and there wasn't any way the government was going to be remburst the money they were putting out so Stephanie knew she had to down size She put her car up for sale. That paid grandma's bill to that point. Mrs. Owens had loaned Stephanie their car to go get her grandmother.

Stephanie drove her home and settled her into a hospital bed. To make room she was going to have to do one of the two only possible things to make room. She would either have to sell her grandmother's new box springs and mattress of put them in the other room.

She would have to throw away her grandmother's old box springs and mattress. She pushed the old mattress out onto the back porch then took a few minutes to rest up. After that she tackled the box springs. For the first time she really saw the patches.

She was going to leave them there but something told her that her grandmother had spent so much time on making those patches. She wondered why not just sew blank patches onto the box springs and what was her reason for numbering them.

Was it to know how many patches it took to repair the bed? Stephanie thought no because she continued after she got her new set. She carefully started taking the patches off. She realized the box springs didn't have any holes in it.

She took the patches and placed them on her bed. There really wasn't anything wrong with the old set so Stephanie decided to give them away. There was a company who would check out the set and if they were still usable give them to needy person.

Two men came within an hour and loaded the set onto their pickup and was gone. She sat her grandmother's bed up in the little room just in case her mother came back. She maid the bed which she thought a made bed always made the house look better along with a less cluttered place.

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