The left side of the room there was three sectional sofas with coffee tables in front of them. The sofa that was closest to the middle of the room was facing a seventy inch flat screen television. Two beautiful pictures was on the side wall. One was a woman and girl sitting on a swing and the other was two women sitting on a porch of a two story white house with gold metal candle holders with white LED candles around them.

The last of the two semi trailers pulled around past the back of the building to the side of the building by the garden area using the garden entrance into the gathering room's. On the darkest end of the gathering room there were a series of overhead lights that was now shining on two tables that the residents could play board and card games with their visitors when they come to visit.

On the other end of the room was a beautiful wood burning fireplace with seating around it. In the middle of the room just right of the archway that lead out into the garden with hooks installed in the wood rafters above where the facility's plants would be hung using plant hangers that could be raised and lowered so the staff could water them. Pictures of families was hung on the white concrete brick walls and area rugs laid on the red brick flooring in front of the fireplace and in between the two tables at the other end of the room.

The facility's chapel on the second floor had the most beautiful stain glass windows facing out into the garden area would be staffed by volunteer men of the cloth of different faiths. Kendal had prayed in the chapel for guidance. The rest of the second floor except for the staff's break room and nurses station was the where the resident's rooms was located at.. The next day the kitchen staff arrived and started unpacking the kitchen utensils and setting up the kitchen. The food items would be arriving the next day.

The dining room had several long tables situated with benches on both sides of the tables. Most of the building walls was painted white with one exception the children's in door play room was white with painted rainbows of all colors , flowers , even a Noah's ark. Kendal wondered who would be watching children while they play in that room. She was glad that the playroom was an open area with no doors attached.

On the west side of the second floor was the men's ward. It was separated by big heavy fire proof doors. that opens and closes automatically. In between was a hall that had the security guards station and their office where their cameras of every public part of the clinic with the exception of residents and staff quarters. Kendal room was on the women's quarters. Copyright 2016 - 2023