David's sergeant told James that his brother was right and finally used his cool head for once. David just replied I just don't want anything to mess up this case. it means that much to me and yes I do think I know who killed her and no I'm not going after the person but my heart wants to.

She spoke up then and asked are you telling me one of your fellow officers is the father. Mary Rose caught onto what he was saying. She got the prettiest smile on her face and asked David are you saying you might be the baby's father. David answered yes but I don't think I am I know I am., and the paternity test will prove it. A young man came running into the building. He was stopped immediately. he was pushed against the wall and asked where he was the night before until early morning. He was told you know you are killed her, and the young man shook his head while showing a lot of grief and said no she's my sister.

He saw David and yelled he's the killer I saw him a few months ago at the other clinic where she worked and just now. He wanted to go after David but James and another police officer stopped him. David told him if he calmed down he could prove he didn't kill Kendal. He told him he was on a all night stake out and just gotten relieved John cried and asked then who did kill her? The sergeant told him what she knew to be the truth that she didn't know but they would catch the killer by using good solid police work. he told them that he knew Kendal had some good news but she was afraid if it got out her life would be in danger didn't know he was going to be an uncle until after the baby was born when Kendal called him and told him about his nephew. he asked if he could see his nephew and what was going to happen to the baby.

David told him that his nephew was under a protection order until the paternity test revealed who the father was and he brought out the baby and let him set on the stairs and hold him for awhile. The man from upstairs came down to speak to the sergeant. She said the one of the officers noticed her intercom light was on he told her the manager was on the same cruise as his father and her daughter should be here any time to gather up the mail. When the manager's daughter came in She told them that when her mother left for a few days she had a tape recorder the tenants could leave a message for her if something would go wrong in the apartment. Mary Rose followed her into her mother's apartment and listened to the tape from the night before. She received the tape recording.

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