She informed them of who she was and that she could use two or three men to help her move furniture into her apartment. They informed her they could do that on their lunch break. She agreed to meet them in the apartment's basement. As she was heading back to the tunnel she saw a baby crib and mattress with a sign that stated to be given to the Red Cross for whoever needed it. She needed it really bad so she pushed the crib through the tunnel to the freight elevator and took it to her apartment. She cleaned it with rubbing alcohol then closed the door after she opened the little window to let the smell of the rubbing alcohol to dissipate quickly.

Kendal met the men and showed them the furniture she wanted. She informed them that she s also had picked this white four drawer chest a drawers and that needed to be taken up first, followed by the sofa, coffee table, last would be the little kitchen table. They did exactly how she wanted done and still had time to eat their lunches before going back to work.

Dr. Shepherd showed her around the clinic while the trucks unloaded the furniture and kitchen utensils. Yes this clinic wasn't as big but the staff would be dealing with a lot more dangerous clients but the good thing it was more of an outpatient clinic. He noticed the crib was gone. He asked if the red cross had picked it up. Kendal stated no but I knew somebody who could really use one. Dr. Shepherd smiled while nodding his head. Kendal didn't say anything else but she didn't need to. Copyright 2016 - 2023