"You can't forget, vampire. If we must touch, it's got to be brief. Otherwise..."

He dragged his gaze from her chest to her face. "Don't want to hurt you."

Tenderness bloomed anew within her, along with the strongest desire she'd ever felt. "I believe that."

"You'll touch them for me."

It wasn't a question. Powerless to deny him, she raised her hands to her br**sts. As she petted them, pressing them together, his eyes grew even more excited, frenzied even.

"That's it, Daniela."

She knew her br**sts were small, but right now they felt heavy, lush. When he stared at the peaks and ran his tongue over one of his fangs, she gave a little moan.

"Let me see you play with your ni**les."

Danii had lots of experience touching herself. She brushed her thumbs over them again and again until they puckered tight.

"Daniela!" His fist moved faster. "Spread your knees." Once she did, he commanded, "Touch your sex."

Without hesitation, she slid her hand down her belly, slipping a finger to her folds.

His breaths were coming more quickly. "Are you wet?"

"Very," she murmured.

Another groan. "I wish I could taste you, lick you." His voice had grown huskier. "Show me where you'd want me to kiss you."

Getting caught up, she spread her knees even wider, then circled a finger over her clitoris. "Here."

"Slower. Rub it slower."

She lazily flicked, gasping, "Like this?"

"Ah, God, yes!" His eyes were awash in black as he stared, his fist pumping faster.

"What would you want me to do to you?" What would a master seducer like?

With his free hand, he drew the pad of his forefinger along the sensitive slit in the crown. "You'd run your tongue over me here." When more drops of moisture slicked the swollen head, he spread them around with his thumb. "Tasting me, before you sucked my shaft between your lips."

The idea that he wanted her to know his taste made her mouth water. She yearned to lick him there, then to take that broad crown into her mouth, suckling it so deep...

When her tongue dabbed at her lip, he groaned, "Almost don't want to know what you're thinking."

He seemed to be going out of his head with lust, stroking himself over and over. Gaze locked on her busy fingers, he fondled his heavy testicles with his other hand. When his brawny chest heaved with exertion, sweat lovingly trailed over the rises and falls of his bulging muscles - the most erotic scene she'd ever witnessed. He switched hands as one arm grew weak.

Visibly frustrated, he reached out. "Just want to touch your hair." She held herself still for him, and he wrapped a long strand around his palm. Bringing it to his face, he inhaled deeply. "Your scent drives me mad." He made hoarse sounds of pain, but he still couldn't come.

Daniela didn't want to see him suffer. And he was in agony, stroking so fast she could barely see his hand. "You're going to hurt yourself." She knew that the more she healed, the colder she would become. Right now, his touch wouldn't be as excruciating as usual. "You have to touch me, vampire."

He shook his head. "Lie back and open your thighs. I'm close. If you come for me..."

The Valkyrie nodded, then lay back, wantonly spreading her glistening sex.

He would give anything to feed his c**k inside it. Anything.

When she undulated her hips, he could see how ready she was. Her abandon aroused him like nothing ever had.

For hours, he'd been kept on edge. Now to see this? "Need inside you so bad, Valkyrie."

Her lids went heavy and she panted, those tight br**sts bobbing.

"Bury myself so deep in you," he grated. "Fill you with my seed... I wouldn't stop until you begged me." When he cupped and tugged his sac, she masturbated faster.

"Inside. Slip your finger inside." Once she did, he leaned down to rasp right at her ear, "Fuck yourself with it." He drew back to watch. "Does that feel good?"

"Ah, yes!"

"Then another finger inside."

Her voice was so sexy as she cried, "I'm about to... come." Lightning bombarded the mill.

"Thrust faster, harder. Don't stop till I tell you."

As she began to cl**ax, she arched her back, crying out. Her thighs fell open in utter surrender.

Eyes riveted to her sex, he gnashed his teeth, tortured with need. He helplessly f**ked his fist as her orgasm went on and on. Her head thrashed on the bed, her body writhing to the motion of her fingers.

He still hadn't told her to stop, wouldn't. He was tormented; so would she be.

"Murdoch, I can't take more!" Finally, she curled on her side, still trembling, her hands between her thighs.

When the tremors eventually relented, Danii gazed up at him. During her pleasure, she'd heard him growl in pain. Now he was in even more misery.

"Vampire, just touch me!"

"Don't want to hurt you."

"Kiss my br**sts." She went up on her knees, cupping her br**sts to him in offer. "Put your lips on my nipple."

"Valkyrie," he bit out in defeat. He leaned down, about to press his mouth to her flesh.

She steeled herself against the coming pain -

With a ragged groan, he pulled back, forcefully shaking his head.

No. No more of this. Her hand shot out and covered his fist around his shaft. She cried out, and he jerked from the shock of cold.

The contact was scorching, a firebrand against her, even as he grated, "Cold... so cold!"

Tears welled. "Don't stop, Murdoch!" Keeping her hand on him took every ounce of will, like holding her hand to a flame.

Burning, burning, her skin seared. Pain, dizzying...

"Going to come!" His tone was awed as he began to ejaculate. "Ah, God, finally! Daniela... "

Through tears, she watched him bucking into their hands, his every muscle strained in anguish. His expression was agonized, those fangs sharp and glinting.

When his seed erupted from him, he yelled to the ceiling. His massive body in throes, he came onto the bed, pumping out his jets of se**n so hard she could feel them.


They lay back, both gulping breaths.

Murdoch was struggling to recover from the most pleasure he'd ever experienced - and the hardest, most powerful ejaculation he'd ever imagined.

The release had been mind-numbing, but perhaps all immortal sex was better. If one had stronger senses, then why wouldn't sex be heightened as well?

With one need met, another instantly screamed within him. He'd lost blood the night before and hadn't come close to replacing it. He could still smell hers all around them.

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