She struggled to hold on, to think of other things, but she yearned for release, getting closer with each clever caress of his finger and firm tug on her nipple. She dimly realized her hips were arching wantonly to his finger, but she couldn't stop them.

"Spread your legs more."

Every second of every day in the past, she'd fought not to think about the needs of her body. Now it seemed there was no fight, there could be no fight.

Her knees fell open wide.

He groaned around her swollen nipple. "That's it."

Losing control...those impulses arose.

Yet she was helpless to act on them. He'd seen to that. "Cadeon..."

Faster, faster, he rubbed his finger over her now throbbing clitoris, dipping it to her sex to rewet it. "I'm going to put it inside you, okay?" he said against her breast, beginning to delve that finger.

With a moan, she accepted defeat. This was too delicious, too overwhelming for her to resist. "Don't stop..."

Inch by inch, he filled her until it was all the way in. At the same time he stirred that finger deep inside her, he began slowly circling his thumb over her clitoris. He rasped, "Does that feel good, baby?"

Mindless, she thrashed her head on the pillow. "Yes, yes!" He was going to do it, would make her climax. The first man ever to. "Just don't stop, please..."

"Not until you've come for me."

"Oh, God," she cried. "Oh, yes!"

"That's it, Holly. I've wanted to see this for so long...."

Her climax overtook her. Her eyes flashed open in shock at the almost frightening intensity - stronger than anything she'd ever felt before. Wet, clenching, going on and on, until she arched her back and screamed with pleasure....

Seeing her coming was the hottest thing he'd ever witnessed, making him so hard he feared he'd join her before he even got his c**k out.

As he wrung every ounce of pleasure from her, her tight sheath squeezed his finger, milking it so hungrily over and over again.

Lightning flared outside, the thunder shaking the room.

Finally, she whimpered, "No more," and pushed his hand away - just as his watch alarm went off.

Leaning up over her, he snatched it from the bedside table, crushing it in his fist to silence it.

When he turned back to her, he saw that she hadn't rushed to cover herself as he'd expected. Her hair had come loose. Her sweater, skirt, and panties remained where he'd left them.

She was beyond caring. This was how he'd always wanted to see her - unlaced, drugged with passion until her prim façade shattered. She was panting with heavy-lidded eyes, her swollen ni**les wetted from his mouth.

Those blond curls between her legs were damp from her orgasm, and his c**k strained for them. He ran the heel of his palm along his shaft, asking, "Will you ease me, Holly?" His voice was hoarse.

When she bit her lip and nodded, he yanked open the button fly of his jeans, shoving them to his knees. His c**k sprang free, pulsing between them.

Eyes riveted, she sat up, murmuring, "But I don't know how. I don't want to hurt you."

"You can't hurt me more than I do right now. Just touch it."

Holly tentatively raised her hands to his shaft. At the first contract, he hissed in a breath, and involuntarily bucked. All he could think over and over was, My female has her hands on my cock.

She began to run her soft, soft hands over his heated flesh. When his cockhead grew slick like it had last night, he groaned in bliss. Using her forefinger, she daubed the moisture, spreading it in circles on the crown. "That's so good, baby," he rasped. "Now, just stroke it for me."

She didn't, instead continuing to explore with whispery touches when he needed fast friction. When she dipped her other hand to cup him, hefting the weight of his ballocks, he yelled out in fresh agony, hips rocking uncontrollably.

"Wrap your fingers around it! I'll do the rest." He attempted to calm his tone. "If you understood the pain..."

Taking her hand, he had her grip his shaft. "Ah! Better..." he groaned once he could grind into her fist for relief.

He reached down to rub her tight little clitoris. With his other hand, he kneaded her br**sts, one then the other.

She ran her face against his torso, moaning as she kissed him there. She had the sexiest moans - short, sharp, each one laden with need, making him crazed to sate her.

I could take her... He could be f**king her in seconds. She'd let me. Though he desperately wanted inside her, he couldn't do it. He would change, going fully demonic.

And then he would know for certain that she was his.

So he bucked harder, reaching farther down to cup her sex, fondling her with his whole hand. She squeezed his shaft, beginning to pump it until his hips stilled, and she took over.

Stroking his female while being stroked. Nothing has ever been this good....

Her eyes slid shut as she started coming again, giving him more of those maddening moans.

His demon instinct recognized her as his own, roaring within him to claim her. As she quivered on his palm, he began to turn but fought it.

"Holly, you're going to make me come so hard...keep going." His breaths heaved, his body tightening like a coil. "Keep - ah, f**k!"

Release... He roared to the ceiling in a blinding surge of pleasure. Though he didn't ejaculate, the orgasm continued on and on, relentless, until he had to shudder away from her grip. Falling back on the bed beside her, he stared at the ceiling in amazement. For nine hundred years, he'd been waiting to pleasure his female.

And then to be the first to show her this...? He felt a pure masculine thrill recalling how her silvered eyes had gone wide with surprise right before she'd gone over the edge.

At last, to have this shared experience between them - it felt destined, momentous.

When he faced her, she said, "Cadeon, you didn't...?"

"Rage demons don't ejaculate, not until we claim our fated female."

"So that's what you meant by how you would know." When he nodded, she said, "I didn't do anything wrong?"

"No, love." He leaned over to nuzzle her ear. Even after his mind-numbing release, her scent had him stiffening again, his c**k distending against her pale thigh. "Of course not."

"Very good, then." She pulled her clothes into place, then rose with a firm nod. "That was pleasant, Cadeon." She might as well have dusted off her hands. "I'll just freshen up, and then we can get on the road."

As she sauntered into the bathroom, all he could do was blink in disbelief, lying on the bed with his damned pants at his knees. He felt...used, finally understanding how he'd made nine hundred years' worth of females feel before. Copyright 2016 - 2024