“Neo said Zephyr’s inviting his own family,” Cass said, unaware of Piper’s cynical thoughts. “Neither of us even knew he was still in touch with them.”

“His relationship with his mom is pretty complicated.” Zephyr had taken Neo out to lunch and told his best friend the truth of his past, so Piper didn’t have to sidestep the issue, but she didn’t want to get into it too deeply, either.

Cass whistled softly. “You can say that again. I’m not sure, but I think Neo might have been better off losing his mom to an overdose than to a better life. That had to do a real number of Zephyr’s ability to trust.”

To love, as well, but Piper wasn’t getting into that. “Between our two families, there will be less than two dozen guests. You’ll be okay with that, won’t you?”

“I am.” The satisfaction and shy pride in Cass’s voice was a truly lovely sound. “My agoraphobia is so much better now. I’m not about to book a concert tour, but my new agent isn’t pressing for one, either.”

Piper laughed.

Then silence fell for several seconds. It wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, but she felt like she wasn’t supposed to break it.

“I wanted to offer to play at your wedding, if you’d like.”

“Are you serious? I thought you didn’t perform anymore.”

“It’s not a performance, it’s a gift. I’m…” Cass’s voice trailed off then she took an audible breath. “I’m working on a song for you both.”

“As in composing us a song?” Piper asked in shocked awe.

“Um…yes. Is that all right?”

“That’s fantastic. I don’t know what to say. Thank you seems so inadequate.”

“I’m really happy to do it. Zee helped Neo see what was important and stopped the stubborn idiot from breaking my heart.”

“Zephyr did?” Piper asked in even more shock.

“Oh, yes. I think men are just smarter about other people’s relationships than their own.”

“Maybe not all men.”

“But definitely our men,” Cass said emphatically.

Piper wasn’t sure she considered Zephyr hers even though they were getting married. “Is Neo smarter about others then?”

“He knew you were special to Zee the minute he told us he was bringing you to dinner. It took Zephyr considerably longer than a single comment to figure out you were special to him.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

“Are things okay with you two?” Cass asked delicately.

“Better than. He may not love me, but he wants me and really wants me to be the mother of his children.”

“You do love him, though.”

“So much.”

“That’s good. I think Zee deserves lots of love and a very special woman like you. Maybe he’ll learn to trust in love by living with it and the positive results of it on a daily basis.”

Piper was certainly hoping that was the case. “Thank you. Ditto Neo about the love of a special woman, even though I’ve just recently become convinced he’s human.”

Cass’s laugh was sweet and light. “Don’t worry. He just figured that out himself recently.”

“You’re awfully good for him.”

“And you’re fabulous for Zee.”

“I’ll try to be,” Piper promised.

“Just be you…that’s all he seems to need.”

And even without the love, Piper thought Cass just might be right.

She had to hope so, because losing Art had devastated her. Losing Zephyr would kill her.

The day sped by as Piper tried to catch up on her work while still coming to terms with the huge changes in her life. Little more than two weeks ago, she had just acknowledged the fact that she had fallen in love with a man who, while having sex with her, did not consider himself her lover. Now, she was pregnant with his baby, engaged to be married and moving in with him.

Love her or not, she trusted Zephyr to be faithful. Her billionaire tycoon was nothing like her ex.

If anything, she felt like she was the one luring Zephyr into marriage under false pretenses. Only she wasn’t. She’d told him she loved him, so it was no secret she had to feel guilty about. Just because she was getting the deepest desire of her heart, or at least its twin, didn’t mean she was taking advantage of anyone. Zephyr wanted to marry her; he wanted their baby as much as she did.

No matter how fortuitous this pregnancy was for her, giving Piper a chance at a lifetime with the most amazing man walking, she had not gotten this way on purpose. Zephyr knew it, too. He even felt responsible.

So why did she still feel as though she was pulling a fast one on him?

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