Time is running out. I’ve got to make her head over heels for me, like I am for her, by the time she’s wheels-up and headed back to New York.

I’ve got a plan in place, my option B, but it may be going too far. I push away my plate of uneaten food and remember how fast she was to try to get away from me tonight. This is an extreme measure, but one that has to be taken.

I walk away from the bar and look down at my watch. I think she’s had enough time to get to her room, so I can go up. I take the elevator to the top floor and stand in the small hallway. There are only two doors on this entire level, and I have zero guilt about putting her next to me. I look longingly at the door to the right. I walk over to it, and for a second I stand there and debate knocking. Maybe I could try again. I could try to keep my shit under control and let her see that I’m not just an asshole.

Pressing my palm to her door, I take a breath and then let it drop away.

“Stick to the plan,” I whisper to myself and then turn, going into my room.

When I get inside, I take off my white polo shirt and linen pants. I walk to the bathroom, turn on the shower, and step right in. The beat of the cold water is painful, but it’s the only thing that is going to keep me from trying to find release. Again.

I’ve rubbed myself almost raw with as many times as I’ve tried to sate my need for Madeline. I never really cared about doing it before, but since the first night I saw her, my fantasies have gone wild. But the sad thing is, my greatest fantasy about her is probably the least erotic thing I’ve ever jerked off to. I’ve got this vision of her sitting across from me in a coffee shop while I just hold her hand. The sight of her smiling at me gets me every time. Her goddamn smile. That’s all I want. And it’s all it takes to send me over the edge.

Thinking about it now has my cock throbbing under the ice-cold stream, and I grab the soap, giving in to the inevitable. I close my eyes and there she is. She’s wearing a sweater that has fabric bunched up around her neck, and she’s holding a mug of hot cocoa. I reach out and place my hand on the table, palm up, and she puts hers in mine. She looks down at where our fingers are joined, and then for just a second I think she won’t look up at me. But she finally does, and when her beautiful brown eyes find mine, I’m lost in the fantasy.

I stroke myself in long, tight movements, imagining it’s what the inside of her little curvy body will feel like. I feel myself swell and throb as I get closer to climax.

And in my mind she’s right across from me when her full, pink lips part and she smiles at me. Her whole face lights up, and she looks as if she’s in love. She’s looking at me like I feel for her, and the moment is too perfect.

I cum in the shower, letting the thick seed roll down my shaft and over my hand. I keep pumping to the image of her smile, and the pleasure that runs through me isn’t enough. My hand is unsatisfying, but it’s better than nothing. When it comes Madeline, I think the only thing that will ever be enough is when I finally have her under me.

I finish up in the shower and get out, thinking the cold shower was counterproductive. Once I’m out, I dry off and head to the bed. Throwing back the sheets, I climb in naked and lie on my back, looking up at the ceiling.

I go over the plans in my head for tomorrow, and though I should feel a little guilty, I can’t seem to find anywhere inside me that does. I would do anything to have Madeline. Tomorrow, I cross a line I won’t ever be able to uncross, but I hope that, for the both of us, it’s the right decision.

Chapter Three


I stare at myself in the full-length mirror and debate my choice of swimsuit. I brought two with me. The first is a simple one-piece black swimsuit. I’ve owned it for a few years, but it’s comfortable. The second one is a white two-piece that I’d picked up before coming here. A last-minute grab to remind myself why I’m taking this trip.

I’m here to find myself. Try something new and have an adventure. Not be the normal me who just goes through the day-to-day motions doing what I thought I should be doing, because that was what I had been doing. Never wanting to be too much trouble for anyone. I am thankful for my brothers and all they have done for me. I am always trying to make sure I don’t do anything to upset them or further interfere in their lives. Heck, I still ask myself if they would’ve opened a security firm back in New York if it wasn’t for my parents passing. Someone had to come home and take care of me. I hated thinking that I might have made them leave something behind to do something that they hadn’t wanted to. That’s why I picked a college I knew they would feel safe and happy with. I knew it was where Mark, my eldest brother, wanted me to go. It was close to home, and it was an all-girls school, so I went.

But now we we’re all old enough. I don’t want to be anyone’s burden anymore. I also want to step out of the little box I’ve let myself be put in. It’s a pretty box, one I’ll always be thankful for, but I want out. I want a life of my own choosing.

I turn a little, eyeing the mirror. The lady at the swimsuit shop promised me that the white wouldn’t go all see-through when water hit it, but I’m a little more worried about the strap around my neck giving way and my boobs popping out. I look sexy, I think to myself. More like a woman than an innocent girl.

Maybe I’ll get to lose some of the innocence before this trip is over. Kenton’s face pops in my head again, making me groan. I head back to my luggage and dig out things I might need today for the outing I planned at the front desk, putting the items into a small waterproof bag.

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